Swiggity Sylvanas - Lane Clear and Lane Push by PeptoBismol

Swiggity Sylvanas - Lane Clear and Lane Push

By: PeptoBismol
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2015
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Build: All push all the time

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First off - Talents Top

Ok guys, here is my second guide. These talents are quite unconventional, which is why you should change it to your liking. This is just a guide you guys can follow. Barbed Shot is a must if you want to push. I am 99% sure that Withering Fire cost zero mana. It holds 5 charges, but using on cooldown will let you push SO easy. Black Arrow is your trait. Stuns enemies and structures. You can take down 2 towers at the same time with Paralysis , allowing you to click between them. Mercenary Lord is not needed, but it helps if you are going to jungle and get camps. And with Sylvanas, you can easily do this. Life Drain and Unstable Poison are viable as well. Then again, that tier is not the, so that is why having that extra bruiser damage is helpful. Possession. It definitely helps,but you may need to be doing it on cooldown. And if you pick it, do not kill the enemy minions, or you will not be able to push as well. Splinter Shot is amazing for your late game push. It spikes it so much it is crazy. It's unbelievable how well this works in combination with the next talent, Cold Embrace. The vulnerability paired with the dagger; the damage is out of this world. Dark Lady's Call is the only choice if you take Possession and this will increase damage, health, and will allow for you to take control of mercenaries with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Tips and Strategies Top

Since this is a push build, that is your main objective. However, you can't stay in lane the entire game. You must help your team with objective, or else they will blame the loss on you. Early game, this is important though. You want to push at least past the first town in 5 min, or however fast you can. If you are in a 2v1 lane, you will have trouble. This is the one deficit of this build. You are highly vulnerable to enemies, so make sure to keep your distance. Along with this, getting caught in cc is the end, UNLESS you have you Haunting Wave which well let you escape when your health is depleting. Other than this, I am not going to put any threats because I feel any champ with cc is a threat, so just incase be extra careful when trying to trade or hold your lane.

Conclusion Top

This guide is meant for people who want win quick, and to strike silently. Sylvanas can be extremely powerful in lane, and if used correctly can push a lane all the way to the core in under 20 minutes. Good luck, and get pushing.

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