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Sylvanas Build

By: DizzyDwarf
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2015
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With the Wind Top

I use this talent to get off extra damage at a much higher range. I don't need to stay still while attacking so I can always stay on the move but I am still always able to be a threat and deal damage.

It is also a great move for running from a hero, the range lets you hit the enemy hero off mounts before they are even near you (very useful). You can also deal extra damage to them while escaping, a great tool in my mind.

Paralysis Top

I use this talent to lock down towers and mercenary camps for a longer period of time. I can easily take giants without taking a single point of damage from being able to lock the down, it is also a great talent while with an ally taking out a bruiser camp.

I also use Paralysis to lock down towers, forts. It adds extra damage dealt to the enemies base in the long run getting you high siege damage.

Unstable Poison Top

Unstable Poison is a great talent use with your Shadow Dagger (W) to easily get a enemy minion wave down, further pushing your minions towards the enemies base.

Wailing Arrow Top

A great talent for when an enemy is running or behind there fort where they are just out of reach. You can easily execute it for severe damage and it usually ends in the enemy or enemies dead.

Splinter Shot Top

Splinter shot goes well with the first 3 talents picked, it gets you extra damage on your Withering Fire (Q) dealing even more damage to enemies and camps.

Cold Embrace Top

A great talent to use in team fights. When you execute it it increases damage dealt MASSIVELY. When executed correctly in can result in a few enemy deaths, a great talent in my books.

Deafening Arrow Top

A nice talent to increase your Wailing Arrow (R) to get even more damage done to the enemies.

Thanks! Top

I'm new to making builds and new to mobas in general. It may not be the most effective build in the world but I have lots of fun using this build and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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