Sylvanas #Dehaka patch (03/29/16) by Pimpolhoman

Sylvanas #Dehaka patch (03/29/16)

By: Pimpolhoman
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2016
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Build: Whitering Fire Build

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Build Top

Tier 1 - Overflowing Quiver

This talent doubles the damage of your Withering Fire on the lane, because every minion that dies gives you an extra shot if you are in range to shot on another enemie.

Tier 2 - Whitering Barrage

This talent gives you one more charge and lets you fire charges 33% faster. While it won't be so impactful now, it will be very important when you get access to Windrunner on level 13. Then, you will double cast Haunting Have to have 3 times more Withering Fire charges and to chase/poke enemies down.

Tier 3 - Barbed Shot

This talent gives you 3 times more damage on minions, mercenaries and structures. Coupled with Overflowing Quiver, you can clear a minion wave really fast. Coupled with Windrunner on level 13, you can solo Mercenarie
Camps really fast and without losing any health.

Tier 4 - Wailling Arrow

This heroic abilitie gives you a nice burst damage, but, more important, also gives you a 3 second silence advantage upon enemie team. Because of this you can safely double cast Haunting Have to chase down enemie Heroes while you shot all your 18 Whitering Fire charges.

Tier 5 - Windrunner

With this talent, you can solo any Merc Camp really fast, by almost instantly firing more than 18 Whitering Fire charges. It also gives you more power on Team Fights, by refreshing your 6 Whitering Fire charges two times, while also giving you the mobility to poke/chase your enemies.

Tier 6 - Evasive Fire

We talked a lot about how you will be firing Whitering Fire all the time. Because of this, you need this talent. You will have the extra mobility to poke/chase enemies with Whitering Fire and Auto-Atacks. You will also have the mobility to escape dangerous situations, so you won't have to be afraid of teleporting more agressively with the double Haunting Waves.

Tier 7 - Bolt of the Storm

The safe blink of this talent lets you go even more agressive with the double teleport from Haunting Waves when you are chasing enemies with Evasive Fire and Auto-Atacks.

Pros Top

[*] From level 1 to 6, you have a decent waveclear. And once you hit level 7, you have an explosive waveclear

[*] A well timed silence from Wailling Arrow can completely shut down certain heroes like:

  • Tanks reliant on abilities sustain, like Artanis, Chen and Dehaka
  • Heroes with strong disengages like Falstad, Zagara and Zeratul
  • Frontliners reliant on escape abilities, like Anub'arak, Muradin and Leoric
  • Heroes with strong channeling abilities, like ETC, Lili and Nazeebo
  • Assassins reliant on abilitie damage, like Jaina, Kael'thas and Li-ming

[*] Once you hit level 13, you can solo any Merc Camp really fast

[*] You are a high mobility hero, with many tools for chasing and escaping

[*] Hibrid DPS, with decent single target burst damage through Whitering Fire and decent sustain damage through auto-atack

[*] Not mana hungry

[*] You are great on pushing structures, since you can stun them

Cons Top

[*] Low damage output once you are 0 Whitering Fire charges

[*] Squishie

[*] You can't aim your burst damage properly, since Whitering Fire always target the closer enemie hero

[*] High skillcap hero, because of double Haunting Wave and Wailling Arrow skillshots

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