Sylvanas, the cancerous pusher by SinofGreed

Sylvanas, the cancerous pusher

By: SinofGreed
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2015
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Threats to Sylvanas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Tychus unless he is in odin, you can kill him so easily. you outrange his q and can dodge his grenade. he is a free kill if he is alone.
Anub'arak just dodge the knock up, you are mobile so it isnt hard. you can 1v1 him and win since you have better sustained damage. just dont stay near him if he ults.
Illidan Easy game, easy life. the hunt can mess you up if it is a good illidan. otherwise, use your q when he uses his evade and then fight like normal. It helps to understand his cooldowns and his q range.
Abathur hes not much of a threat. i have stunned forts and killed him behind his walls before. a good aba can turn your long lasting fights around and kill you.
Zagara she can counter push you. you can kill her creeps. it is the most boring lane you will play
Tassadar he can be a pain if his team is good. he can engage with his e get a good amount of damage off you. the issue is his shield, he can stunt your push or dps against heroes in lane.
Tyrael if he decides to take his charging ult, he messes your day up. it then comes down to your team following up or you escaping and not fighting him at all.
Muradin muradin can pop avatar and stun you, preventing your escape and ult. this is irritating.
Kerrigan if the kerrigan gets the drop on you, you are dead. you will be cc'd and you wont be able to teleport away. otherwise, if you dodge her cd's . you can all in her with your e and then kill her. she isnt too tanky. if she takes maelstrom, take the Evasive Fire talent to kite her around. Try and dagger the wave before she engages, so you can heal while you are cc'd. this is a match up of skill vs. skill. whoever counters the best wins.
Jaina She is strong only if you cant get to her. usually, you can burst her and avoid her spells. Frost elemental will f you up, if she drops it, that is your time to bail.
Nova This comes down to your team, she can be easy to deal with because you can blow her up. Or she will instakill you before you can react. You are dps and she is burst, it tends to go that way.
  No Threat
Zeratul Seriously, a good zeratul is a nightmare for anyone without cc. not much to say, just try and predict when he will be all ining you so that you can get by your team.

Talents Top

Level 1 talent:
Either take With the Wind or Barbed Shot. I take With the Wind on games that I will be fighting heroes more often than creeps during objectives. On maps like The Haunted Mines Bay, I take Barbed Shot; The clear in the mines and the clearing of the mercs is too much to pass up on.
Tier 2 talents: I almost always take envenom. This is largely situational. Sometimes I will take Ranger's Ambush to help me clear camps faster or to fulfill an assassin role.
Tier 3 talents: For the purpose of out playing, I always take Life Drain. But, for games where you have good healers or you feel relatively safe, you can take Unstable Poison. This is amazing when you are laning. You can clear waves super fast and burst people who are standing on the wave.
ULTIMATE CHOICE: Never take possession, it is horrible. Wailing Arrow is just way too strong to pass up.
Tier 5 talents: This is a tricky one. There are 3 viable options. If you are shoving a fort all game or you are playing haunted mines, take Splinter shot(only if you took Barbed Shot). Overwhelming affliction is good utility for both you and your team. I usually take Evasive Fire, this and Life drain are what i use to make those outplays i referred to earlier.
Tier 6 talents: This are all good options, i always take Cold Embrace. This spell should be an ultimate, it increases your team's damage against affected targets by 25%. This is a short lived team wide damage buff. Blood for blood is usually used for burst, but since Cold Embrace outshines it by so much in terms of damage, you will only take BFB for chasing or escaping.
Tier 7 talents: If you are going up against a bunch of assassins, take deafening arrow. It messes them up in fights. Otherwise, for the sake of outplaying these scrubs, take bolt of the storm.

Ability strategies Top

Q: This ability can be used very quickly and while moving. I use it both for stunning mercs to aid my clear and for trading hard in lane while moving around to avoid the enemy's retaliation.

W: This is primarily used for escape. It is dark in color so it often goes unnoticed by enemies, I usually shoot it off to the side over walls so they cant anticipate me using it. It goes through walls so shooting it into a wall will make it very difficult to spot when you use it.

E: This ability is powerful because of it's utility and range. I use it once per wave to counter the mana cost. i always use it on heroes. When you get the 2 utility talents for it, it becomes a nightmare for the other team.

R: Wailing arrow devastates squishies and supports in team fights. I can often hit 3 or more people with it. It is also useful in skirmishes. This goes over walls, use it to flank and turn fights around.

If you take envenom, stack it with your dagger for more dot damage and the 25% damage increase.

Game strategies Top

Most of the game you will be pushing. Some objectives aren't worth fighting for, since sylv can push equally hard with 1 merc camp and her passive.

You are a bully in lane. You are an assassin's worst nightmare. The only assassins to watch out for are the stupid stealthies(I'm lookin' at you zeratul mains)

When you decide your team needs help fighting, be sure to flank with your ult and immediately dagger the priority assassin. When the team is silenced, they turn tail and run. This is great, your team chases and you can spam your q's while moving(free damage). Usually, depending on team comp, this will win you the fight. Immediately go get a merc camp and push, or finish off a low fort.

Most of the maps are in your favor, I am 14-1 on garden of terror on this account, it is my best map. Most winrates for my with sylv are 65%+. But, since this isn't my main, I AM playing with people that are slightly less experienced than I am. The ONLY maps you will have problems with are the two new ones. The temple one is way snowbally and is more luck with matchmaking than anything. The spider one is good for you, most people just don't know how to play it well yet.

Remember your heal, in lane toss it on minions and then start a fight. I have killed full hp vallas by predicting their spells and staying mobile, when i go into the fight at 20% hp. Just be smart. Remember the fight can last 30 seconds if you need it to, the longer the better; you are a dps hero and can heal assassins' burst. Drag fights out and you will always win. Just not against nova or zera. you have to use your escape to reveal them, then you die.

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