Sylvanas - Withering Away The Lich King Build by Killcrit

Sylvanas - Withering Away The Lich King Build

By: Killcrit
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2015
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Build: Withering Wind Of The Storm

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Build Overview Top

Break free and serve your wrath with an arrow onslaught. This build is skill based, suited for those with good hand/eye coordination with the ability of making quick decisions, reaction time, and can burst down just about anything... The build completes at 16, the tier 7 pick is pretty optional.

This build will give you some ridiculous 20+ withering arrow stack shots at 16. Can you pop your way thru the enemy to unleash them all?

Tier 1. Take With the Wind
    Range, Your spamming your Q, take the extra range, its trumps Valla's ult as well staying your distant in the fight's are key.

Tier 2. Ranger's Ambush
    When you Teleport on your banshee's your stacks replenish.. Fire, port, fire again...

Tier 3. Shade Form
    This will help you unleash your wrath and prevent basic attacks and whatnot from disturbing your annihilation, as well as help keep you alive and cause confusion to the enemy on your attacks as the
    blinking around the screen in different areas will have them guessing

Tier 4. Wailing Arrow
    Purely for more DPS and help change a Team Fight Outcome.

Tier 5. Splinter Shot
    Your spamming your Q, why would you not want to double the damage output :D

Tier 6. Windrunner
    You remember your Tier 2 pick? Here's the rotation for ultimate mayhem
    basic attack until you get a good sense of destruction, cast your (w) virus, then cast your banshee's, quickly followed by bursting your Q's (hold down so they all fire) then teleport to end of your banshee's, your now replenished, cast your banshee's again, quickly unleash your Q's, and do it again... Over time with extra minions kills and whatnot, you be blasting some 20-30 arrows into they enemies face... Watch Raynor melt, watch stitches fall over backwards, and finally
Watch the LICH KING fall to your knees.

Tier 7. Optional
    An optional pick to help get your tasks done with more survivability, team fight help, or perhaps more siege if your team needs... use your head... It's one of the three.

Team Comps Top

The build in general has been great in team comps.

Here are some benefits I have seen so far... Will add as I get more experience.

This is a great build with Stitches, because Sylvanas DPS output will triple with Heroes being in minion packs with her virus, Heroes tend to stay here to avoid Stitches hook, they will either take damage from you.. or stay outside the minion packs.. where Stitches can hook them, which is what you want.

So far, the Sylvanas, Valla combo has been very impressive, working with her has done great things, this may change as not everyone has figured out a defense approach, as the character is new.

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