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tajit's Azmodan Siege Guide

By: tajit
Last Updated: Oct 8, 2014
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Build: Siege With A Twist

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Azmodan is a great Siege and last hit kill on Heroes with less than one bar of health remaining. This build focuses on keeping Azmodan out of Melee and in-range Ranged fighting. Because Azmodan's Q ability has quite the range on it, it's the perfect ability to focus on and maximize.

By taking Sieging Wrath in the first tier, you are already maximizing damage done even in the beginning. This is the perfect tier ability to take as you don't need to have the fog of war revealed to cast. Simply make sure that your target is within the circle on the screen (or you can look on the minimap) and click. It's especially useful if the enemy heroes might already be in the grass in your lane.

If your team is looking to engage in the jungle in the very beginning, make sure you stay out of the fight but in range to use your Q. Maximize the distance so that you can maximize your damage.

Because there is no good talent for a Siege build for Tier 2, go ahead and just buff out your D spell. If you're maintaining your range, occasionally buff out a minion with D to give the minions a slight edge over enemy minions.

Taking Infernal Globe in Tier 3 enables you to cast your Globe of Annihilation faster and the travel time is faster as well, meaning you don't have to time it as much as before. If an enemy hero is retreating, you still need to time it though.

Take Black Pool for your Heroic talent and keep it on cooldown since it's a 20s cooldown. Try to use it strategically though. If your team is entering a team battle, maximize your range, cast Black Pool underneath you and then watch your enemies health pools drop.

Moving on from here, take Blazing Demons for your Tier 5 talent. This will give the next talent a slight edge.

Take Battleborn for Tier 6 which enables you to summon a Demon Warrior every time your Globe of Annihilation deals damage, increasing the overall damage you can do to an area if it doesn't die immediately.

Finally, take Fifth Circle to buff out Black Pool; giving your abilities an additional incentive: 40% slower movement and attack speed.

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