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Azmodan - True Evil

By: izzack
Last Updated: Apr 24, 2015
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Overall Top

Azmodan is underrated champion, because many people can't or don't know how to use him to his full potential. That's why I've made this guide to explain every single ability and utility.

Abilities Top

First let's talk a bit about his glorious abilities.

General of Hell His trait is General of Hell. This is what makes bad and good Azmodan. It has global range and people tend to forget about this trait. It has 30 sec CD and you should use it as often as you can. Use it on a lane where no enemy heroe is in, so that lane gets pushed and they have to respond to it. To use it its full potential, use it on a full wave of minions, that are about to clash with opponent's minions.

Globe of Annihilation This is his iconic ability. Early on it doesn't push the lane that match, but further the game goes, the stronger it gets, even more with our first talent I'm going to talk about a bit later. Preferably you want to poke your enemy before the fight begins, as it has very long range, or you can use it to push the lane you are not in.

Summon Demon Warrior This ability is pretty much weak and kinda useless for teamfight. But it gives you vision, so you can use it for scouting. Or you can use it for a lane push you are in. But don't use it too often, especially before teamfight. This build for Azmodan is a bit mana hungry, so you don't want to run out of mana.

All Shall Burn Amazing ability. If someone goes for you, you will either scare them off, or just kill them. This ability makes Azmodan unbeatable in 1v1 IF...IMPORTANT IF...they can't disrupt it. Don't mind roots for example, it doesn't distrupt your ability, but stuns, displacement abilities or polymorphs do. Don't forget you can press E again to stop casting this ability if need be. Don't forget, that you can't use or cast anything else when this ability is channeling. PS. I call this ability Illidan's betrayer. Because this ability is his doom if he tries his HOGO FOGO, JUMP HERE, JUMP THERE stuff. Killed so many of them when they thought too much of themselves.

Black Pool Azmodan's power would be somewhat weak, if there was no black pool. Place it under yourself watch your Q and E to do its work. With black pooled Q you can perrish full wave of minions and deal insane poke dmg. Black pooled E is even more insane than on its own. MUHEHEHEHEE

Talents Top

Taste for Blood You need to learn the correct timing to kill a minion with your Q. Needs a bit of practise though, so don't get put off. After level 10 it's wayyy more easy to get stacks with blackpool. It has insane punch when you have black pooled Q with for example 150 extra dmg. =)

Bound Minion You want to use your trait (D) on a melee minion who is about to die, as it makes him full health with even more health, and even increased dmg. Simply amazing

Infernal Globe That burn over time isn't that amazing, but that faster casting and travel time better choice in this tier IMHO

Black Pool That's when you get scary and insane teamfight beast...

March of Sin Finally that talent you will be waiting for most. You can move and start chasing those running cowards who thought they could pick on you.

Blood for Blood Try to use it on their tank before you start casting your E. On tank because it's gonna steal most health from, and slow them down. Before casting E, because when you do start casting, you can't use it unless you stop it.

Storm Shield This is such an insane talent...if you can cast it in time for other 4 team players, can turn the tides.

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