Tank Burn, Turns Team Fights. by tskmaverick

Tank Burn, Turns Team Fights.

By: tskmaverick
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2015
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Intro Top

Hey all TSKMaverick here. I wanted to build a guide for Valla since many of us purchase reaper of soul and many of us have purchased her either with gold or money due to her relatively low cost, and high input into the team.

First I'd like to talk about the strategy. This build is to be used to keep Valla out of harm while outputting an extremely high amount of damage to the beefy tank enemies. Why attack the tank enemies you might ask? Well this build pressures healers so much to the extent to often allowing your other team assassins push off enemy assassins as well as potentially even killing the enemy tank (which I'll explain dps output later). Tanks are the easiest targets to attack given that they are the ones in the front of the battle, which also makes this high output damage build ideal.

Pros/Cons Top

    Highest DPS outputs to targets.
    Targets are tanks, which are easy to reach.
    Pressures healers.
    Keeps you out of danger.

    Weak early game.
    Poor AOE damage

DPS Analysis Top

So many of you are pretty suspicious of this build. Why attack the tank? We should be pressuring enemy assassins instead right? Well opposing teams generally try to protect their assassins. Supports and tanks will always use their stuns and slows for anyone approaching their own assassins. This build will keep you at range to have a consistent stream of damage that never stops.

Your DPS:
Valla's DPS for this build doesn't become really effective until level 13, so we will use level 13 and 20 as a bench mark. Let's use Stitches as our example for our DPS output since he is an extremely high chosen champion. At level 13, in a 25 second team fight, Valla is able to get out about 15 autos (mathematically it is 17, but we would want to shoot off a hungering arrow as well) and would output the damage listed below:

Level 15 Damage:

    15 Autos Base: 136 * 15 = 2040
    Manticore Bonus: 5 * 68 = 340
    Searing Attack Bonus (3 autos): 3 * 68 = 204
    Giant Killer: Stitches Health level 13 is 4180. So 4180*.015 = 62.7 * 15 (15 autos) = 940.5
    So the total of all this damage is 3524.5 in about 25 seconds.

Understanding that we are putting out 3500 damage in about 25 seconds, which we have found team fights can easily last this long on certain maps, is an extreme amount of healing that a support would need to make sure they keep up with.

Level 20 Damage:
    15 Autos Base: 199 * 15 = 2985
    Manticore Bonus: 5 * 99.5 = 497.5
    Searing Attack Bonus (3 autos): 3 * 99.5 = 398.5
    Giant Killer: Stitches Health level 20 is 6000. So 6000*.015 = 90 * 15 (15 autos) = 1350
    So the total of all this damage is 5231 in about 25 seconds.

Conclusion Top

I have found a lot of success using this build with my team that I play with. Knowing this, however, is a big factor in the success of being able to burn tanks down. We have, often times, been able to kill tanks quickly and be able to completely turn team fights.

Thanks everyone for reading! Please feel free to leave comments and let me know if you like this build.

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