Tassadar Healing Build by Demonic_God

Tassadar Healing Build

By: Demonic_God
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2017
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Tier 1 Top


Templar's Will
- If you feel like you are going to be focused a lot by the enemy taking this talent might be an option, because you can attack them from a longer range.

Khaydarin Resonance
- Taking this talent makes your shiels last longer and have more value, This is really handy if you take Adun's Wisdom at Tier 5 because it give you the ability to dish out shields like crazy.

Tier 2 Top

Khala's Celerity
- This talent is optional, it really depends on your team.

Khala's Embrace
- Taking this gives you team the ability to heal themselves, and with the Tier 1 talent they have more time for doing that.

Khala's Light
- This talent is optional, it really depends on your team.

Tier 3 Top

Psionic Projection
- Taking this talent gives you the ability to stay further on the backline whilst stil supporting your team with shields and damage.

- Take this talent when you're getting chased a lot. (I would not suggest it).

Mental Acuity
- Tanking this talent is smart when you are playing against stealth heroes.

Tier 4 Top

- This helps you to have more sustain, believe me you'll need it.

Force Wall
- Take this if your team is very squishy and you want to keep the enemy team on a distance. This also works if you have a lot of range heroes in your team.

Tier 5 Top

Deep Shift
- Take this if you are being focused and feel like you need more and better escapes.

Adun's Wisdom
- As noted atTier 1This talent works very well withKhaydarin Resonance because you get the ability to dish out more shields at a faster rate. (Make sure you use Oracle a lot if you take this talent).


Tier 6 Top

Phase Disruption
- This talent tier is focused more on damage than support, i think this talent is the best pick beacause being able to deal 25% more damage is very helpfull. (You should use your Psionic Storm a lot in teamfights.

Psionic Echo
- as sad this talent tier is focused on damge, this talent is optional, keep in mind that the damage does not stack so don't place them on top of eachother.

Focused Beam

Tier 7 Top

Twilight Archon

Force Barier

Prismatic Link

Shield Battery
- This is the only talent that is support-based, so that's why you should take this, it helps the sustain of your entire team.

End Top

I would like to thank you for looking at and possibly using my build, I am deffenitly working on more builds for different heroes.

Also please forgive my spelling, I am from Holland.


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