Tassadar: Indirect Support by Buwaro_Elexion

Tassadar: Indirect Support

By: Buwaro_Elexion
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2016
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Build: Support and Control

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Threat Hero Notes
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Murky Not overly threatening, even with Octo-Grab. Simply apply dimensional shift before the stun but after he charges. With practice, this will become easy. Also note that Oracle makes Easter a lot more interesting...
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  No Threat
Nova Dangerous, but Oracle will reveal the real Nova by placing a red eye over only her, and her Tripple Tap is ignorable with Dimension Shift.
  No Threat
  No Threat
The Butcher Has the potential to use two devastating abilities to get beyond your dimension shift.
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Introduction Top

Tassadar Is no Lt. Morales or Brightwing, he is his own, special support, much like Tyrande, although rather than directly add to the basic attack damage of allies, he has the potential to slow, even stop enemies and open them to large amounts of ability and basic damage with his Force Wall. Along with providing protection, rather than healing, to allies, Tassadar has the (potential) task to completely control the enemy's field, dictating when who can cross to where.

Talent One: Top

Conjurer's Pursuit A commonly available perk, useful in the long run. However, with the build I have shown above, it is not needed.

Overload A nice ability, as any range buff is nice. However, a range increase doesn't help in a prolonged team-fight, as this build is created for.

Psi-Infusion A lovable mana regeneration skill, in early games it will prolong your stay on the front, and in late game, when combined with Second Strike, it can greatly extend your stay and on rare occasions even profit mana. Greatly preferable for maps in which team fights are expected to frequently occur, such as the shrines and the temples.

Reinforce Structure A powerful skill, providing a large boost in durability of your structures, when used correctly. Even if not used properly, Khala's Embrace allows for the normal shield value to stay behind when used in conjunction with this talent. A nice second idea, if you feel like you may need it on maps such as Dragon Shire or the Shrines.

Talent Two: Top

Leeching Plasma A strong pick, when combined with Khala's Embrace. It allows you to make a passing shield on someone as each of you return to lanes, and the recipients will leech health from minions as they target your minions. In a prolonged fight, depending on the map and your familiarity with it, Healing Ward is acceptable as a replacement.

Mental Acuity A handy skill if you think you're dealing with a Tyrande who will use Shadowstalk, or you are otherwise faced with an overwhelming amount of stealth.

Healing Ward A powerful healing tool, provided it can be protected effectively. If you doubt you cannot place it properly, it is recommended you attempt to use it in bots first and practice there until you are comfortable with it, or simply take Leeching Plasma for the moment and worry about the ward later.

Promote A useful skill without a doubt, but does not fit the theme of this. It is ideal for maintaining a strong lane presence, healing and then reducing incoming damage for a minion, as well as increasing it's damage output. With a shield atop of this, you become a somewhat threatening character at such a low level. Not highly recommended, but certainly doable.

Talent Three: Top

Khala's Embrace A definitely powerful talent, allowing for the entire team to have at least a little damage tolerance when you part ways with them, and it also combines well with Leeching Plasma.

Deep Shift Useful, but dependent on the situation. Dimensional Shift CANNOT be ended prematurely, so this is 1.5 seconds of additional waiting for healing, damage, or a force wall that could be too late if used with this. As long as you are mindful of this, surely you will be fine. It does do well on maps in which stealing objectives is possible, such as in the Garden of Terror and in Blackheart's Bay.

Static Charge This provides additional damage output for yourself, and yourself alone. The visual cue could make it worthwhile against a Nova, but I find it lacking, given the aim of this build.

Caldown: MULE A classic ability, allowing for repairs of a building after the enemy has retreated or died. Not particularly good when compared to the other options at this level, however. A shield, even without Reinforce Structure, will still soak some damage for your buildings and if the problem is merely minions, you can clear them away yourself.

Heroic: Top

Archon A powerful skill, although I rarely select it. It provides a decent self-shield at it's initial cast, and it will stack with your shield as well. This can allow for a way to mitigate a burst of damage easily. However, this also allows for more damage and splash for around half that damage to nearby targets. Overall, it is nice, but lacks the character of control that it's alternate has.

Force Wall A powerful skill designed to deny enemies escape (however some can still leave even if the path is entirely closed, namely Li-Ming), or even keep enemies apart just long enough (such as a Lt. Morales, especially when she uses Intensive Care). With such a short cooldown on it's own, rivaled only by passives and Napalm Strike, It allows for rapid control of multiple locations, and in some situations even open enemies to two stops if the map permits it, and your team provides some manner to slow the enemies. This is not a matter of what it won't do, but rather a question of how will I put it to use next? Please note that you cannot stop bosses and boss-ified players (Player-controlled Garden Terrors and the Dragon Knight).

Talent Five: Top

Distortion Beam Allows for some minor control, slowing enemies for more damage by your allies, and is more reliable than the exhibited pick for this level, but it lacks some of the control value of Shrink Ray.

Prescience A powerful wake-up call of a safety net. This will keep you alive, but again you cannot cancel this prematurely, and it can trigger at an inopportune moment. It does combine with Dimensional Warp however, so you can make use of it to heal similarly to Raynor.

Scryer Not bad, and can turn your Oracle into a sprint if you will, but it simply is not as controlling as other options, and this build is aimed at total control.

Shrink Ray A wonderful skill, allowing for a heavy speed reduction, and more importantly a heavy damage reduction. In case of a Triple Tapping Nova - Shrink sniper. In the event of a fire-spitting Diablo - Reduce demon. The uses are endless, it comes down to your use of it. It is unfortunate the damage reduction doesn't get added to your damage healed total...

Talent Six: Top

Evasive Shielding A nice way to either aid in chasing or fleeing, but other than that it won't do much good for the team.

Dimensional Warp Healing and you run faster than a horse. Very nice if you wish to steal the objective from the enemy, such as seeds in the Garden of Terror or coins from a dead player in Blackheart's Bay. Combines well with Prescience.

Resonation A great skill, and if you have two supports, namely yourself and a Malfurion to serve as your battery, I would gladly recommend this and Overload as a special case, allowing for easier chases for weakened and fleeing enemies.

Second Strike Combines well with Psi-Infusion, and also Static Charge. The damage will not stack, but if the free is cast as the paid ends, you can continue damage against a stationary target, or cast both in different places and spread the love around.

Final: Top

Twilight Archon Not an option in this build, but nice if you did select Archon as your Heroic.

Force Barrier I actually will need to turn this down. Unless you feel the extra second of exposure will kill them, and it probably will unless they run away sooner than even bots do, I would recommend a different skill to keep your team from running, unless of course someone else has taken Storm Shield as their Final, in which case I find it rare that two are needed and this is an acceptable Final for you. The range boost is also nice.

Storm Shield Its effectiveness scales with who you are with, but ideally you can keep your warriors like Diablo and Johanna up for a large amount of time, with their shields rarely being depleted by nothing other than time.

Rewind Useful, but your skills are not that vital by comparison to others who have this as an option. And because of the same cooldown as it, Storm Shield is much more acceptable, even if it doesn't make you invulnerable like a re-winded Dimensional Shift would, or last as long as a normal shield.

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