(Team Curse) Crs Gazwaz - DPS Nazeebo by Gazwaz

(Team Curse) Crs Gazwaz - DPS Nazeebo

By: Gazwaz
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2015
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CrsGazwaz plays heroes of the storm professionally on (TeamCurseGaming) as the specialist/assassin role. He has dedicated himself to understanding the aspects of multiple heroes such as Nazeebo and applying their traits at a high level of play.


Nazeebo AKA the "Witch Doctor" is a mage like specialist, who best represents the balance between sieging and skirmishing. He brings a little bit of everything to the table making him very versatile hero. Nazeebo is not the most nimble hero but what he lacks in mobility he makes up for in range. All in all Nazeebo is the most solid specialist that I have played to date.

-siege capabilities
-Strong fight capabilities
-Late game scaling
-Long ranged

-no base line gap close
-Skill shot dependent
-High cool downs
-vulnerable while channeling Ravenous Spirit

Combat Trait-Voodoo Ritual

Voodoo Ritual - Nazeebo's, auto attack and abilities apply a DOT effect on targets hit. If the target dies while still poisoned, Nazeebo will regenerate a percentage of his health and mana. In order to maximize the sustain, you will want to apply your auto attack to targets just before they die.


(Q) Corpse Spiders - Nazeebo, lobs a vase at target location, dealing impact damage and summoning 3 spiders that last for 4 secs. This ability will help you apply Voodoo Ritual to multiple targets, scout out unknown areas, and potentially zone enemies.

(W) Zombie Wall - Nazeebo, summons a ring of zombies after a short delay at target location. Since this ability has a delay to it, it is best to lead the enemy into the wall or use it as a follow up CC. Some heroes can escape out of the zombie ring so prioritize those who can't(list below for priority targets). Once you trap an enemy inside, you will want to follow up by casting Corpse Spiders, and Plague of Toads within the ring.

(E) Plague of Toads - Nazeebo, summons five toads in a cone who leap outwards towards the target location. This is best used for sieging, pushing waves, or clearing merc camps. The frogs created are very easy to dodge, so if the enemy is not locked down than it will be hard to land this ability on them. When attempting to hit a target with this ability, it is best to cast it on them from melee distance.


Only a select few men and women among the umbaru tribes can ascend to the hallowed role of witch doctor, for they must possess both a history of battle and a talent for communing with spirits. The latter ability belongs solely to those born with the touch of the Unformed Land – the invisible realm where the umbaru believe the spirits of the dead dwell once they have left Sanctuary behind.

When a man dies, witch doctors feel what they suspect is the breath of life leaving his cooling body. And, when calamity or genocide sends hundreds to their graves at once, witch doctors can sense their trembling and shrieking from beyond.

Witch doctors cannot cover their ears to the voices of the spirits. As the sounds of disquiet grow louder, their choice is made. They must restore the balance between their world and the Unformed Land, or watch the torment of generations past for the rest of their lives… and forever after.

During the last Harvest Nazeebo defied his peoples' laws and stopped an opposing tribe from taking the life of his master because he knew the truth. Nazeebo knew that the elders had lost contact with the spirits and truly knew nothing of the Unformed Land that lies beyond their reach. The elders were using the laws and traditions of the Umbaru to further their own power and were not offering any spiritual guidance to their people.

Nazeebo encountered others and planted the seeds of doubt in the minds of other Witch Doctors to help his people on the proper path to the Unformed Land before he set off on his own personal journey to the lands of the West where a great evil was rising that threaten not only his own tribe but all the people of Sanctuary.


YES: Voodoo Ritual
This talent significantly increases WD ability to survive. This is a farm type talent and has no cap on the scaling. You will want to focus on getting as many targets afflicted with your poison before they die in order to stack this talent as much as possible.
NO: Death Ritual
This talent will increase the amount of heath and mana received from Voodoo Ritual but overall the talent falls off very fast and is easily outdone by Death Ritual
NO: Demolitionist
In terms of effectiveness this talent does not offer as much as the others.
This talent is good if the enemy team has a low chance of getting you. If they lack nimble assassins and you are on a map with a lot of merc camps i suggest taking bribe. But if the enemy team is packed with heroes that will seek you out and kill you, than defiantly take Death Ritual.

YES: Gathering Power
Overall this talent adds on to Nazeebo's ability to siege and burst by directly buffing his damage. It also buffs the creatures damage that WD summons. (Do not take if the enemy team is likely to kill you)
I highly recommend this talent if the enemy team is full of heroes that are going to hunt you down. This talent will help you duel them when they pop out at you. (Take if the enemy team is likely to kill you)
NO: Spider Cluster
This talent is good for increasing poke. It will extend the duration of your spiders and increase the number of them. But overall it is not the maximum dps increase.
NO: Promote
This talent does not fit this current build. promote would suit a push build instead.

YES: Gidbinn
Gidbinn directly buffs all of WD base abilities and indirectly buffs other talents taken in this build. Overall this is just to strong of a choice to pass up.
SITUATIONAL: Mercenary Lord
I suggest taking this talent exclusively on the map Garden of terror. If you get a camp to split push a lane and take the terror to another, the camp can do a lot of work on it own while the enemy is attempting to defend against you and the terror.
NO: Fresh Corpses
This talent only provides a 50% damage boost to Zombie Wall. The damage boost is not very vital due to this spell having low base damage to begin with and it's main purpose is to be for CC.
This talent does not make the cut for this build.
NO: Clairvoyance
A talent more geared for the role of a support player.

YES: Ravenous Spirit
This talent is devastating when used on squishy heroes that lack escapes. It also applies the DOT effect from Voodoo Ritual. The best thing about this ult, is that it can be cast from a great distance away. You will want to make sure you are in a safe spot before you channel the ult or it will get interrupted.

NO: Gargantuan
The gargantuan is good for jungling and it is decent for pushing, but overall it is an AI that you cannot control, so until you can this talent is not so good.

YES: Rewind
This talent will maximize the damage and CC output of WD base abilities.
This talent gives WD a much needed escape. If the enemy team has multiple assassins and other heroes that will potentially kill you frequently, you will want sprint.

NO: Dead Rush
This talent is more for a push based WD not for a dps one

NO: Toads of Hugeness
Another talent that would be good for sieging, but not for fights due to how easy the frogs are to dodge.
NO: Ice Block
A nice talent to stop damage instantly, but you can use Sprint in more ways which makes it the better option.

YES: Leaping Spiders
This talent offers great damage and utility, the spiders now aggressively leap at nearby targets which makes this a great tool for dismounting enemy heroes or picking up the last couple hits to secure the kill.
NO: Infested Toads
This talent increases push and siege capabilities, but it is not the best option for dealing consistent damage.
NO: Specialized Toxins
This talent offers an increase in damage, but not an increase that is as significant as Leaping Spiders
This talent is good for if you are getting blown up and having a hard time staying alive.

YES: Annihilating Spirit
This is a quality of life type talent, and overall it makes getting the ability off much more simple.
SITUATIONAL: Bolt of the Storm
If the enemies are very nimble and get easily infiltrate your position, than defiantly take this talent.
NO: Humongoid
Once again the ultimate that this upgrade goes to is best used for pushing, so this is a talent that just does not fit this build.
NO: Swift Storm (Deprecated)
This talent just does not provide much of a worthy upgrade when compared to the others.


Early game

Before the game begins you will want to open up the score bored and analyze the enemy team. After you should discuss with your team what lane you will be in. You should attempt to get a camp before the objective spawns if possible, this way as the objective spawns you have something pushing on your enemies while in battle for the objective.

Late game

As late game comes about there will be in increase in team fighting and objective play. As Nazeebo you will need to position yourself behind but also away from your team. You need to be in the proper spot to ult and not get interrupted. During fights you will want to make sure you focus your ult on the damage dealers of the enemy team. Even if you don't kill them and only zone them out, this will prevent them from killing your team.


Watch out for Diablo, he will save his Apocalypse to interrupt you when you cast Ravenous Spirit. This can be countered if you have a healer to cleanse you so you are immune to the stun as it goes off.

The ability Zombie Wall has a delay when caste, you can use this to your advantage by leading people into it. You can also use this during a push to block enemies by putting the wall on the enemy gate so they are trapped from getting out or in.

The talent Leaping Spiders is a great tool for dismount enemy players.

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