Team Fight Falstad/sustainability by Mr.Z

Team Fight Falstad/sustainability

By: Mr.Z
Last Updated: May 22, 2015
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Build: Team Fight Falstad

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This build starts off with power throw increasing the slow of you're hammer, therefore you can harass easier and make it harder for enemies to pursue you. Then i go into flow rider to reduce the cool down of you're dash ability so you don't have to stay in sticky situations. Since falstad isn't the tankiest person this and another talent come in handy. Then you just have you're ultimate. This next talent increases the slow of you're hammer again making it harder for people to hurt you as you contribute to the team. Now, this latent is the one i was talking about being useful, it increases movement speed after you're barrel roll so even furthermore it makes it easier to get out quicker. Lastly you simply increase you're attack speed.

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