Team fight Valla-Spam the W's! by Hammy

Team fight Valla-Spam the W's!

By: Hammy
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2015
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Build: AoE Valla

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Overview Top

This build is mostly what I use in every game that I play. I mainly like to build this way on Valla because I can ensure everyone in a team fight is taking damage, and can buff my own auto's to do more damage via the frostshot and executioner talents in the mid game to late game.

Early Game Top

In the early game your job is to soak experience in a solo lane. In general I try to not waste too much mana trying to bully someone out of lane like I would with the Tychus Q/W combo. Instead I will just soak towards my side of the lane and be careful not to overextend. Early game you will pop to a gank if you overextend or chase for a low health kill in lane. I try to just stay alive and don't miss exp and if my team shows up to gank, then help. Otherwise I generally play pretty safe.

Mid Game Top

Once we have reached mid game I still tend to sit in lane for a little bit. Up until level 6-10 I really don't have a reason to leave my lane outside of a tribute on curse or a team fight that has broken out nearby. Once we hit level 10 and I get my ult I will roam to the nearest lane, objective or merc camp and attempt to force something with the ultimate advantage that we have. If there is no level 10-9 advantage I will at least attempt to get a gank off nearby in order to create an advantage.

Late Game Top

In the late game your job is to group with your team in the infamous "deathball" and do as much damage possible without dying. Obvious statement is obvious but there are certain things you must do in order to be as efficient as possible in a team fight. Below are a couple of things you can do within team fights in order to ensure you live and pump out the DPS at the same time.
-Positioning: Make sure you are always in the back line of your team no matter what the situation is in a team fight. If you are in the front you will get locked down by anybody with a stun or root and will die immediately unless your team can make you invulnerable by any means. Just spam your abilities and get off your auto attacks on the nearest target, there is no need to chase unless your team is significantly ahead and winning the team fight.
-Effective use of Strafe: Make sure not to use strafe too early in a team fight. It is best to wait for the other team to blow their ultimates and disables so that you can get the entire duration of strafe off to maximize damage. Also make sure to not dive straight into the middle of the team fight with Strafe. Although it may seem tempting to do so, it is likely that you will get stun locked into death because you just dove straight into the middle of the other team. Stay on the edge of the Strafe so you hit a couple, but are far enough away so you do not get jumped on.
-Use of Vault: There is no reason to vault into a team fight, ever. ALways use vault to get away from whoever is diving you in a teamfight. The longer you are alive, the more damage you do.

Conclusion Top

This is by no means the best build in any way, nor is it a build that I see many other Valla's use. I simply feel that this build supports mine and my team's play style. This build is generally used for our AoE comps so that the other team is slowed for AoE damage to hit for their full durations and to decimate the other team in an instant. We are also capable of chasing down runners after a successful teamfight with the use of multishots slow, which is always nice.

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