The butcher; The Highway by Abraxus

The butcher; The Highway

By: Abraxus
Last Updated: Jul 2, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: The Highway

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Talent 7: Nexus Blades Top

This Talent will help you catch up onto your enemys whilst also allowing you to gain more HP back from your W.

Talent 6: Blood Frenzy Top

The passive Fresh Meat stacks up to 25 in this Talent Build so when you go in for your W you can gain more HP before they run off under their Fort.

Talent 5: Crave Flesh Top

This talent when your W is casted on your enemy you gain 30% movement speed so if you killed someone before hand and W'd your next target you can catch up and then Q for the slow.

Talent 4: Furnace Blast Top

The talent Furnace Blast complements this build nicely as You can cast it when going in on a Team fight, and it deals AOE (Area Of Effect) Damage to all of the enemy's around you which may help to finish off a kill and get on that final push to their core.

Talent 3: Final Assault Top

This talent increases his E range by 33.33% and it lunges at them when close in range this then allows you to close the gap between you and the enemy if they are under a fort.

Talent 2: Cheap Shot Top

This Talent picking should be self explanatory however for those who don't know The Butcher comes packed out with a stun on his E so the combination EQW is E for the stun, Q for the extra damage and W for the heal.

Talent 1: Victuals Top

This is my suggestion with The Butcher, GO with this talent as when you roam and you didnt get enough HP off your enemy you can kill some minions and gain a lot of Hit Points.

The Freeway Build Top

This build is used when first starting out as Butcher as he can have a lot of sustain, so when in the laning phaze (the first five minutes of the game) i tend to roam using me Mount and then go in with the combonation of E, Q, Then W as the E lands the stun, Q the damage and slow and then the W allows you to heal off your basic attacks.

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