The Health Quest! by darkprophet

The Health Quest!

By: darkprophet
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016
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Build: The Health Quest!

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Tier 1 Build stacks
With this build you build stacks either with minions or grouped up with your team in team fights. The longer you are alive the more stacks you generate, but a hero kill = 10 minion kills. So not worth it to chase alone unless your gonna get 2 kills out of it.

Tier 2 Jump around
This hero is great at hopping around the map and does burst damage while jumping. Strap on your Jordans and hit the sky! Able to jump great distances like Tower of Doom buildings.

Tier 3 Heal with knives
Start swiping anything that moves... or doesn't! Walls, minions, mercs, hitting heroes when you come in contact with one when your group is close. By this tier you can be immortal . . . if played correctly.

Tier 4 Supersize me
More health... um yes please. by level 10 you and another character (not naming names) can take down a boss working in tandem. Have fun with that while its still working.

Tier 5 Run away
So the enemy got you on the run... well you can now safely manage to escape with your life in those 3 v 1 trials. grats!

Tier 6 Jump Jump Jump Around!
just keep hitting that dive key man! sweep in between for positioning and evade in between CD times to stay alive while your teammates nuke em down. That dive is stronger the second hit!

Tier 7 Final Form
You game lasted way too long. why are you here. well now your a mega beast that can destroy anything with ease. Do you take on camps? NO... go do AI, lol , Finish the game you scrubnub. kill those heroes and nuke the core! Nuke Harder!

My first guide.
on April fools day.
Darkprophet /micdrop

PS someone fix Sylv.

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