The Immortal God by Daylagos

The Immortal God

By: Daylagos
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2016
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Build: Strength in Unity, of your build.

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Keeping it Simple Top

No Flashy coding, just simple math, and a perfect unity of a build. The only way to die is to go OOM, try to run, or get hit by 3-4 ultimate abilities at the same time.

The Foundation:
Shield Overload 20 sec recharge, 4 sec faster for each basic attack
Twin Blades two basic attacks = instant 8 seconds off Shield Overload each use.
with a 4 second cool down that equals (8s twin blade) + (4s recharge) + (8s twin blade) = 20s
BOOM Recharged shields.
Triple Strike increases that to 12 seconds off for each use.

Pair this with:
Templar's Zeal and Psionic Synergy
1 Target: 20s - 12s - 4s = 4s sec recharge
2 Target: 20s - 12s - 8s = 0 Instant Recharge

Finalized with:
Shield Surge and Force of Will
Artanis can stay in a fight and receive constant shields as long as you are basic attacking "anything". You NEED to be basic attacking though, if you stop and run even for a second or two, you die. Stay in the fight and die with honor and glory. You will be Witnessed shiny and chrome. (IF you die...good luck that happening)

The Perk:
Tier 1: Amateur Opponent 150% to ALL non-heroes, this includes bosses and siege, and allows Artanis to be one of the few that can solo a boss after lvl-13 with Triple Strike and push a two cannon gate. This makes him especially lethal at soloing merc camps and at lvl-20 when you receive Force of Will Artanis can literally solo a core even if contested by one or two heroes.

Key Notes Top

Things to Remember:
Phase Prism takes 90 mana, and is of no use to this build. Only use it if you really feel you have the need, otherwise save your mana pool for Blade Dash and Twin Blades.
Purifier Beam can be cast ANYWHERE on the map, cast it every second it is up to help a team mate finish off a kill, or peal a tank or healer from a team fight while you are being sneaky and taking a boss or a merc camp.
Blade Dash should always be used when in the best position to maximize DMG.
1: If assaulting a gate position yourself at the edge of one cannon and dash parallel to hit the gate and 2nd cannon all at the same time, preferably with minions in the way as well.
2: With Merc camps, position yourself to hit every Merc on both charges to maximize your take down time.
3: To get the most out of Psionic Synergy, maneuver to hit 2-3 heroes each time if possible.

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