The infinite healing dragon by Nhilios

The infinite healing dragon

By: Nhilios
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2016
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Build: Healing Dagon

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Threats to Brightwing with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
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  No Threat
Tracer Because you are squishy , and tracer can stick on you forerver , you will have a hard time if you are playing against her.
  No Threat
Anub'arak Due to his cocoon he can stop your healing and can put you in bad situations.
  No Threat
  No Threat


Hello everyone , my name is Nhilios and I'm a main Brightwing player who is Currently rank 1. The reason that I made this guide is that I love playing her so much. In no other MOBA I played support or even liked it. But Brightwing is SO MUCH FUN.



- Heals everyone in an erea. - No burst heal.
- Not manna dependent to heal. - No real CC.
- Can use Blink Heal as an escape. - No mount (slow movement speed)
- Can teleport to the team. - Not much DMG.
- Easy to play / master.
- Extremely fun to play


At level one I take the Unfurling Spray . This because it increases the range of ur healing . In other words you can stay furthur in the backline and still heal the front line.

At level four I take the Manic Pixie . This because I can heal a specific target even more. So you can keep ur assasings longer alive.

At level seven I take the Mistified , Phase Shield is viable aswell but I don't like its as much Mistified because this increase your healing to your whole team instead of just shielding 1 target. But thats more of a presenal favor.

At level ten I take the Blink Heal , This is just standard for the healing dragon :)

At level thirdteen I take the Shield Dust , this because (again) I can keep the assasins longer alive.

At level sixteen I take the Hardened Focus , This because my lvl 7 talent which will proc more and the lower cooldown on the polymorphs.

At level twenty I take the Revitalizing Mist , This because it will massiveling increase the healing ammount you will give to your allies.

Gameplay Top

So how to play with Brightwing , First of you want to stay safe and heal your team , so I reccomend to stay in the middle of your team so you can heal everyone with sooting mist , and use Pixie Dust on lower hp assasins to heal them even more. When your team is falling low in hp you can go in and peel a bit until you are half hp and then use Blink Heal to teleport back to the backline and start healing everyone again. Your only use my polymorph on targets we caught ofgaurd OR when an enemy jumps on your assasins.

In general you should just stay pretty safe and keep your assasins alive.

Now for people thinking ("Do you never use your Phase Shift ?") . yes I do but I never use it to heal or something. Only to teleport me to my team.

NOTE: In some cases you can use it to get vision to spot stealth heroes if you pick the Level 4 tallent Peekaboo!

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