The Mother Awakens by Valenko

The Mother Awakens

By: Valenko
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2018
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Intro Top

Hi, I'm an anonymous player who just loves playing Zagara, as I find she is one of the strongest heroes in SoloQ due to the solo push and the pressure she can put on the enemy team. This team will focus on

Zagara class is Specialist. The goal of Specialist is to help their team by pushing lanes, which is Zagara most powerful asset. Unlike her Zerg fellow Abathur, Zagara is always in the fight to push her lane with her summons and her ranged attacks.

Abilities Top

I think one of the first things to know about Zagara is her combat trait, . Creep Tumor is an activable ability that will make a Creep Tumor lay, generating Creep around it. Three Tumors can be stocked at the same time. When she is on Creep, Zagara gain 20% in her AA range, and she and her summons will move 20% faster. Each Tumor will last for four minutes and will reveal the area around them. is the first thing to master as Zagara as they will allow you to see the whole map, making you great for calling teammates to be careful.

Zagara's Q , will launch a Baneling that will inflict 86(+4% per level) damages to the enemies it hits. This ability can store up to 4 charges and one charge will stack every 3 seconds.

Zagara's second ability, is her strongest push option in my opinion. Every fourteen seconds, Zagara will be able to summon an Hydralisk that will last for eight seconds and dealing 68(+4% per level) each second. As one of her summons, the Hydralisk gets the speed boost from the Creep Tumor.

Zagara's third ability is and a strong option to her kit as well as her primary damage spell. With a cooldown of twelve seconds and a mana cost of 50, Zagara will drop a drop a Zerg Pod, dealing 147(+3% per level) and summoning two Roachlings, dealing 29(+3% per level) during 8 seconds.

Overall, Zagara's abilities focus on taking down quickly the enemy Structures while staying on her Creep, far away from the Structure's range.

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