Monitoring the Ice King! by Yigma

Monitoring the Ice King!

By: Yigma
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2017
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Welcome! to the wonderful world that
is Arthas! My name is Yigma and it is a pleasure to have you reading up on my most loved hero in Heroes of the Storm
I have gathered a tremendous amount
of knowledge that I would like to share with you. Feel free to leave a comment
on what you would like to see added in
this guide. Enjoy!

Categorized as a melee warrior Arthas can not only withstand large amounts of damage but also deal it to his victims in a blink of an eye. He is acknowledged by the community as the introductory hero to learning everything there is to know about the warrior role. Let us start by looking at his abilities!

Death Coil: Unless in a heated team fight against enemy heroes, cast this on range minions in a lane to clear waves quickly. Can be casted constantly due to its low mana.

Howling Blast: Because of its slow travel time, I suggest casting this against heroes after they have used their escapes, for example: ( Vault) or they are nearing death.

Frozen Tempest: A superb tool for clearing a minion wave and imposing a threshold that threatens any poor enemy hero that dare approach and get slowed by this ability.

Frostmourne Hungers: Constantly have this activated and inflict this upon minions unless in a team fight against enemy heroes than synergize it with your other abilities.

Talent Build

"The One True Build"

Arthas ever since his hero conception hasn't had too many complicated drastic overhauls to his toolkit or his talents. This renders his talents selection easy to understand and quite simple to theory-craft around. Also being one of the first few heroes introduced in the Heroes of the Storm, many high end players and teams have tested him thoroughly and have figured out everything he has to offer. Therefore, there is only one talent build involving our masked king of ice. Remember, this talent build is to be enforced with a very aggressive play style.

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Tips & Tricks

"Go Full Out or Go Home"

Unfortunately, because Arthas doesn't have a single escape spell, once you will decide to engage fights you can't retreat successfully without dying. You must do the most damage possible and quickly. Also, in order to get the maximum damage, his abilities need to be casted in a quick succession with Howling Blast being the first one when initiating. If you fail to land your intended target with this spell, it is not worth to continue engaging.

Tips & Tricks

"Instant Strike"

A really effective and time sensitive trick that can further improve his damage through burst damage on unsuspecting targets. This trick revolves around his unique trait ability: Frostmourne Hungers. Its simple, while auto attacking someone (preferably a hero) wait for your sword to swing at targets than after immediately active your trait to have you next auto attack strike the same target twice as fast.


This section will highlight which heroes you can absolutely counter also which heroes can be troublesome to you & to some extension your team. The most popular and picked heroes will be looked at. The following heroes are in order of priority and importance.

He excels at countering very effectively these heroes:

Malfurion: You will see this hero quite often in a game & taking him out or even simply disturbing this hero is beneficial. Because he doesn't have an escape ability, this makes him an easy prey to eliminate in a team fight.
Auriel: Another high value asset to the enemy team that doesn't have any escape abilities, this makes her a very perfect target to eliminate for you.
Gul'dan Most likely one of the main damage benefactors of the enemy team. He also has no escape tool and a low health pool. This is a desirable target for you to take down.

Unfortunately, these following heroes counter him:

Tychus: This hero gains an added advantage when he encounters heroes with large amount of hit points, like yourself. If you ever have to face him, he must be eliminated quickly, if not possible catch him by surprise.
Lunara: Similar to the previous hero, she can quickly chip away at your health all the while slowing your movement speed ensuring she gets more auto-attacks off. Be sure to pay attention to her on the battlefield.
Falstad Similar to the previous hero, he can quickly chip away at your health and can escape easily a dangerous situation. Fortunately, he does not have a long lasting slow, if he ever decides to attack you.


If you would like to see more of the hero featured in this guide and learn additional information about this hero. I highly suggest you watch the following video stream.



Q: How long have you been playing Heroes of the Storm?
A: I was one of the first few people invited in the Alpha and have been playing since then.

Q: Are there any other variations to the talents?
A: It is possible, however, they are not the most optimal or consistent.

Q: How often is this guide updated?
A: This guide is updated every month.

Q: I think I noticed an error?
A: Let me know, in the comment section below.

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