The Spear cassia build by Lasondo

The Spear cassia build

By: Lasondo
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
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Build: Spear Cassia build

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Introduction Top

A Little About Me: I have been playing HOTS a little around the release of tracer, but really got more into it during heroes 2.0 I don't really play ranked yet so I can't talk about that, but this was a build that demolished teams in quick-match with it's high burst for the entire enemy team.
pros and Cons: Since this build is focused around Cassia's Q ability it will require you to hit the skill-shot, it is also weak against teams playing around it by staying spread out so the Q does not hit them all at once. It's pros however are plentiful, it has range, burst damage, splash damage and with the level 13 talent, cool-downs will be easily manageable.

Talents Top

Important talents:
level 1: This is what not only builds up the damage for the spear, but it also grants you a second charge at the end of the quest, which can essentially double your burst
level 13: This will help keep your charges of the Q off cool-down, and with already a very short cool-down and 2 charges you can chuck these out very quickly and with seemingly no end if you keep hitting enemy heroes.
level 16:
Optional talents:
level 4: I went with this because I found it difficult to focus and actually blind the enemy before attacking them, so I just went with classic regen, but I think that ring of the leech would work just was well if you remember to throw down the blind
level 7: Because of how little I use fend to avoid putting myself in harms way I just went for bonus movement speed to catch up to fleeing enemies and landing the Q on them to finish them off.
level 10: I went with Ball Lightning just because the build works well with clumped up enemies, so Ball Lightning could capitalize of off this. I could see Valkyrie working just as well
level 20: Same for level 10 honestly, I want to keep the Ball lightning to keep going and dealing damage to clumped up enemies, while both the valkyrie upgrade and the auto attack upgrade are single target.

Gameplay Top

Early Game: In this portion of the game you want to focus on building up that quest while laning, You want to constantly harass your opponent by hitting them with your Q, and if you get the opportunity try and finish them off, but your focus is the quest completion.
Mid Game: At this point you should be around halfway or near the end of it. With more survivability you can start to roam and help your team out more in the other lanes, trying to finish the quest up if you have not. During objectives is where you can get the most damage and quest stacks, but you are not yet at the power level you need to be to deal a ton of damage.
Late Game: with your level 13 and 16 talent in tow you are ready to deal the high splash and burst damage to the clumped up enemies, and even if they are not close together you can deal a lot of damage over time with multiple spears hitting them at almost no cool-down. When the enemy forms around an objective is the best time for you to deal your damage. At this point you just stick with your team and be prepared for team-fights.

Matchups and Counter play Top

There are simple ways to play around this build, such as staying spread out a good distance since the spear Cassia throws goes in a T like direction, straight than to the two horizontal directions from the spear, so tons of damage can be prevented by staying away from the spear. Other ways to counter it are spell shields, dodging abilities such as teleport and other means of protection. Matchups against heroes such as Illidan who can easily get up close and deal a lot of damage are not favorable since you want to be able to choose the engagement range with your ranged attacks (but in the case of Illidan you can just walk away because of your trait), or enemy heroes who can displace you such as Stitches or Artanis will counter you since getting put in the middle of the enemy team is never ideal, and Cassia does not have many means to protect herself against this displacement.

Conclusion Top

In conclusion this is a fun build to try, it works very well against grouped up enemies and can still pack a punch against single target because of how much damage and how often you can use your spear. You mainly have to make sure you hit your skillshots so you can keep the spear off cool-down and deal tons of damage.
Also I don't know where to put this but this but I want to put this guide up for the competition, it said I had to mention it somewhere to enter, so here it is.

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