This game is full of bugs by Mermeoth

This game is full of bugs

By: Mermeoth
Last Updated: May 18, 2016
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Build: So many bugs in this game

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Build: Oh not the Li-Ming again..

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Build: My team need tank

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Intro Top


This is my second guide. Hopefully you will like it.

Anub'arak is very good hero. His main strength comes from his excellent control. Although he is best played as CC god, he has few more viable specs. The one I enjoy most to play solo is sustainable tank thanks to his bugs.

-obviously, he is tanky
-nice cc
-quite mobile
-strong late game
-nice sustain (very hard to take down if enemy lacks of damage)
-good pusher and jungler
-owns minions to tank towers or jungle
-still strong 1vs1 late game

-lowest health of all warriors (other warriors have mostly about 30% more hit points, well with exception of Rexxar who has Misha to do the job)
-not so tanky if nuked (can be taken down very quickly if enemy team has huge spikes of damage)
-your bugs are are prone to aoe damage
-rather low damage
-weak early game

Abilities overview Top

Trait: Scarab Host - This is what is going on in this spec. Bugs. With every ability you also spawn small bug for 10 seconds. These bugs have low damage, they are prone to aoe and they work like minions. They will prefer to attack minions which actually can be good because they will stay out of combat and they will continue heal you. For some reason sometimes they will abandon you when you are clearing mercenaries instead of helping you. However if you are fighting somewhere in jungle with enemy hero, they can add nice dps to you.

Impale (Q) - This ability does damage and stuns everyone in it's path. It's quite slow and thin skillshot, however if aimed well, it can change course of battle. Also it can help you catch up someone or disengage fight. Cooldown is 12 seconds.

Harden Carapace (W) - This ability gives you shield of short time. It can soak some damage, but I spam it often just to create more bugs because ability is quite cheap and with short cooldown - 8 seconds.

Burrow Charge (E) - Straight charge partially underground which does damage and stuns shortly after surfacing. This skill is good for both - engage or disengage fight. Catch up enemy or run away. You can charge thru most walls. Best way how to us it when engaging fight or chasing someone is surface right after you passed your target. If timed well you can not only stun your enemy, you will also knock him slightly closer to your allies and you can start bodyblock. Cooldown 14 seconds.

Talents Top

This build is trying to utilize bugs. That means we have to improve our Scarab Host as much as possible. Skipping some key talents makes this whole build completely useless and thus I won't be explaining every single talent. However I will explain viable alternatives.

Level 1

Assault Scarab - Although all other talents sounds good we should to take this one. More damage your bugs do = more they heal you. Also it will help you to push.


Regeneration Master - Bugs are little unreliable and sometimes he more sustain even out of combat also it increase your hp once you reach 30 stacks. This talent I consider as really good alternative.

Dampen Magic - This talent will be very handy if you have reliable healer, thus you don't need sustain yourself so much and when you are facing dangerous spell casters like Li-Ming

Level 4

Legion of Beetles - This is key talent to our build. This talent spawns another bug every 8 seconds which is exactly what we want - more bugs. Also you can save more mana when laning because these automatically spawned bugs will help you with sustain.

Level 7

Leeching Scarabs - Another key talent. This one is what makes this build awesome. 50% of damage done by your bugs goes to your health. That will help you a lot if you have many scarabs with improved damage attacking something. Also it will help with your sustain.

Level 10

Locust Swarm - This heroic ability is highly preferable. This ability will help you stay healthy during team fights unless you are nuked. It will help you also win 1vs1 fights and it's also great ability to push. Spread of your locusts is little low so you should be close to your enemy to maximize its effect. And it gets even better once you reach level 20.


Web Blast - This ability is very good during team fights because you can disable single enemy for quite a while. However it's a less compatible with this build then Locust Swarm

Level 13

Burning Rage - This talent will help you do more damage. You should be better to nuke someone down. Push faster. Do better damage during team fights.


Bed of Barbs - This is nice alternative talent, which will help you do more control. It also can help to improve damage

Urticating Spines - Slightly less appealing alternative. Similiar to my first choice, this talent makes you do more damage, this one however in more "bursty" fashion. It is certainly better talent to bruise your enemy, while it lacks pushing power of Burning Rage.

Level 16

Beetle, Juiced - Okay, this is the Beetle build, as such this talent should have good synergy with previously picked talents. More bugs are always welcomed and this talent is now much more interesting than it was before. Also this pick keep beetle playstyle simple.


Epicenter - This is seriously good choice. Imho it might be the best choice even for beetle build, because of area increase and cd reduction, it can make your Burrow Charge (E) absolutely awesome tool to CC and escape. However be sure you can handle this ability, if you want to pick this talent.

Blood for Blood - This talent fairly improves your 1vs1 strength. It can also help you and your team with chasing. However fighting 1vs1 is not main point of this build. Sometimes I prefer to take this talent if enemy team is composed by ability based damage dealers like Jaina or Kael'thas who I need to take down quickly or when enemy team is composed from heroes with high hp pool

Level 20

Rewind - This talent is back in this game and it seems to me best talent, because practicaly it makes you able to cast all your abilities twice. That means twice more cc, twice more shield and twice more bugs and we always want more bugs. Also you are able to use Burrow Charge (E) for engage and then you can use that once again for disengage if you are going down quickly. Simply awesome talent.


Hive Master - This talent increase your damage and sustain permamently. It's fairly good talent, however its power fades away next to Rewind. This talent might be better if you want to keep play Anub'arak simply.

Cryptweave - No real reason to take this talent. Rewind add more cc than this talent and it also add more utility.

Hardened Shield - This talent helps against nukes. If you play as true tank and disengage is not an option, this talent might be best choice.

How to play? Top

Early game (Levels 1-6)

As I said Anub'arak isn't exactly strong in early game. You lack of sustain. Your bugs are not doing anything. You will probably get kicked in your beetle (_._) if you try 1vs1 and you won't do much on lane. However! Anub'arak is strong in ganking. Since heroes are usually easy to get down early game, you can use your 2 awesome cc abilities to lock somebody down and kill him/her/it. I recommend you to try gank instead of laning early. Of course don't forget to be ready for objectives of map because those place are often contested and that's where first team fight are fought and Anub'arak shines most.

Mid game (Levels 7-19)

Once you reach level 7 your sustain gets much better thanks to Leeching Scarabs. Now you should be able to lane as good as at least every average hero. Also it's good time to start capture some mercenary camps. When you reach level 10 and pick Locust Swarm you should be able to push enemy base even when single enemy hero is defending. Minions or your beetles should be tanking towers and you can freely take down gate/tower/fort. With Locust Swarm activated you should be able take down buildings down quite fast and healing from this ability and from your beetles should be enough to withstand damage from single enemy hero without problem. Don't forget to use your abilities to spawn more beetles, increase damage, disrupt attack of enemy hero, clear enemy minions and for escape if more enemy heroes arrive for defense. Of course never forget about map objective.

Late game (Levels 20+)

When you get your Rewind. Your presence in team fight should grow even more. Late game Anub'arak is very strong thanks to his cc and high sustain. If your team follows you, go tank enemy towers by yourself, your beetles should also help you. In team fights unless enemy team has high damage you should be able to take a lot of damage before you give out. Combined with shields and/or heals from allies you should be able to tank even when pushing or team fight gets very long. Tanking mercenaries should not be problem. Late game I usually try to stick with my team. However if you team is not doing well in team fights, it might be better if you try to push by yourself.

How do I team fight?(Levels 20+)

Well I usually start with Impale (Q). If I miss I usually wait for cd and try that again. If I hit somebody(and it's not only enemy tank) I follow with Burrow Charge (E) and then quickly Harden Carapace (W). Use your heroic ability then Rewind and Impale (Q) and Harden Carapace (W) again. Second Burrow Charge (E) I don't usually use right away. I keep that for while. If I see we are dying I use that for escape. If I see enemy is running away I use that to catch up and for stunning and bodyblocking enemy.

How do I 1vs1(Levels 20+)

Although Anub'arak is not best damage dealer, he is able to pull out deadly combo. If I meet single enemy and it is more squishy hero like some of assassins, I start with Harden Carapace (W) right away and use my Locust Swarm if enemy is not running away. I don't want to waste my heroic ability for no reason. Then I engage melee fight without using any other ability. Anub'arak should be okay, with Locust Swarm activated he shouldn't be going down quickly and enemy hero's health pool should steadily drop down. Now enemy hero might realize it's not going well for him and he can try to escape. That's probably good time to start with your stunning combo. Use quickly Impale (Q) and Burrow Charge (E). Rewind. And again Impale (Q) + Burrow Charge (E). If you have enough time you can use also Harden Carapace (W) to increase number of your beetles. Most of enemy heroes usually die. It's even better if enemy is not running away and you can use Harden Carapace (W) before fight then again during fight and once again after Rewind.

Outro Top

Okay and that's it.
If you have read up here I thank you for your time.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and you have learned something ;)

Once again I repeat: english is not my first language nor I am good expressing and explaining in my first my language anyway :)
At least I did my best to use colours to make text easy on eye. I hope it readable.

Leave a comment, rate this guide. I would like to know what do you think about this guide.
And cya in Nexus ;)

Notes Top

*10/11/2014 guide created

*2/12/2014 Patch - 17/12/2014 guide revisited
Rewind removed from Anub'arak

Imposing Presence added to Anub'arak
New level 16 talent.

Harden Carapace (W) - Shield reduced from 120(+30) to 90(+22)

Locust Swarm - Heal reduced from 10(+2) to 10(+1,5)
Now he is even less tanky :(

*15/1/2015 Closed Beta patch

Resurgence of the Storm - Removed from game

*10/2/2015 Closed Beta patch

Locust Needles - Damage increased from 35% to 50%

Impale (Q) - Stun duration decreased from 1.25 to 1 second

Persistent Carapace - Duration bonus increased from 2 to 3 seconds

Chitinous Plating - Shield bonus reduced from 50% to 40%

Burrow Charge (E) - Cooldown increased from 14 to 16 seconds

Epicenter - Impact area and Damage bonuses reduced from 100% to 85%

Web Blast - Duration increased from 5 to 8 seconds and Cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds

Cryptweave - Now channels for 4 seconds to increase the duration of Web Blast for 4 seconds. Usable once per Web Blast cast

Rewind - Is back at level 20

Hardened Shield - New talents at leve 20
Activate to reduce all incoming damage by 75% for 4 seconds; 60 second cooldown

Now these are some interesting changes

*13/5/2015 Patch

Trait: Scarab Host

-Beetle A.I. has received several improvements.
-If Anub'arak is attacking an enemy when a Beetle is spawned, the Beetle will also attempt to attack that target.
-If Anub'arak is not attacking anything when a Beetle is spawned, the Beetle will attempt to find a nearby target to attack.
-Beetles will now attack and pursue a target found this way until that enemy dies, or the Beetles lose track of the target (through teleporting away, for example). Only then will the Beetles return to a lane.

Impale (Q) - Casting delay removed

Burrow Charge (E) - Casting delay significantly reduced

*21/7/2015 Patch

Trait: Scarab Host
Beetle Movement Speed reduced by approximately 16%
Beetle damage reduced from 8 (+2 per level) to 7 (+1.8 per level)

Locust Swarm
Damage reduced from 20 (+8 per level) to 16 (+6.4 per level)

*18/8/2015 Patch

Imposing Presence
Attack Speed slow reduced from 50% to 40%
The Attack Speed slow will now be removed when attacking a target that has not learned the Imposing Presence Talent

*17/5/2015 Patch

Health increased from 1926 (+4% per level) to 2026 (+4% per level)
Health Regeneration increased from 4.01 (+4% per level) to 4.22 (+4% per level) Health per second

Dampen Magic added at Level 1.
Mercenary Lord removed.
Spell Shield removed.
Imposing Presence removed.

Locust Needles
-Area damage increased from 50% to 60% of Basic Attack damage.

Assault Scarab
-Beetle Basic Attack damage bonus increased from 25% to 30%.

Beetle, Juiced
-This Talent’s functionality has changed, and now reads as follows:
-Every third Basic Attack against enemy Heroes spawns a Beetle.

Bed of Barbs
-Moved from Level 7 to Level 13.
-Damage increased from 26 (+4% per level) to 46 (+4% per level) per second.

Extended Spikes
-Now also increases Impale damage by 25%.

Harden Carapace (W)
-Shield amount increased from 260 (+4% per level) to 300 (+4% per level)
-Cooldown decreased from 8 to 7 seconds
-Mana cost decreased from 35 to 30

Persistent Carapace removed.

Symbiotic Armor removed.

Urticating Spines
-Moved from Level 7 to Level 13.
-Area damage reduced from 105 (+4% per level) to 80 (+4% per level), and deals double damage to enemy Heroes.

Chitinous Plating
-Moved from Level 13 to Level 7.
-This Talent’s functionality has changed, and now reads as follows:
-While Hardened Carapace is active, taking damage from enemy Abilities decreases its cooldown by 0.75 seconds, up to 3 seconds maximum.

Shed Exoskeleton
-Movement Speed bonus increased from 25% to 30%.

-No longer reduces the cooldown of Burrow Charge, but still increases range by 20%.
-Now also increases Burrow Charge damage by 100%.

-No longer increases Burrow Charge damage, but still increases its impact area by 85%.
-Now also decreases the cooldown of Burrow Charge by 4 seconds per enemy Hero hit.

Locust Swarm
-Mana cost decreased from 100 to 75

-Channeling will now occur automatically while Anub’arak remains near the Cocooned enemy.

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