Thorific Anub'arak - Indepth guide for the CC Machine. by Thorsten

Thorific Anub'arak - Indepth guide for the CC Machine.

By: Thorsten
Last Updated: Jun 2, 2015
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Introduction Top

Basic Analysis Top

In the Nexus, Anub'arak is one of the best initiators which can easily well prepare fights for his allies.

D - Scarab Host

Scarab HostIs the main reason, why is Anub'arak such a great opponent for every enemy hero. Basically, whenever you are on lane, and whenever you use ability, a beetle which will attack your enemy will spawn. Beetles ain't do much damage alone, but when they are unfocused, and your enemy is paying attention to your body while four of your little children chops him and that are thanks to your talent build very dangerous .

Q - Impale

This is just a great AoE stun. Whenever Anub'arak lands great skillshot, knocking up 2 or more enemies, he just opens a path for Burrow Charge and it's very easy to egt your target. Thanks to it's long range and AoE it might be one of the best initiating skill in game. Anub'arak is just great at ganking, whenever you walk through the jungle, and then, while hidden in fog of war, uses Impale quickly followed by Burrow Charge, your opponens is de facto dead.
W - Harden Carapace

Low cost tiny shield is great for engaging. You don't need an ability shield, because this is just enough to block one ability. And thanks to your build, now usage of Harden Carapace unleashes AoE spikes that deal some damage. So when Anub'arak focuses a target, succesfully landing Impale and Burrow Charge, accompanied by damage from Harden Carapace, you are able to instantly deal to enemy assassin/support/specialist about half of their HP.
E - Burrow Charge

Another one excellent AoE speel that every initiator needs. Easily landable skillshot which can interrupt annoying ulties, like Li Li's Jug of 1,000 Cups or E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit . Due to possibility to get through the walls, Burrow Charge can be used almost everytime. And not just to engage. When you are in serious trouble, just fake that you do have a cooldown and the get outta that place in style!
R - Web Blast

And with this spell, you are now officialy crowd control machine. As described below, Web Blast has such great potential that i can humbly say, no other ulti has. You can use it to help your team from getting caught, to engage, to disable anybody, to just catch enemy assassin which is away from his team. Uncountable uses and every battle, usage of Web Blast is different. It's hard to describe what should you do, but what you shouldn't is to throw it into enemy team when they are sticked together. 8 second stun is just great thing, but because it's easy destroyable, it would be useless to do so and throw it into enemy team.
R - Locust Swarm

This one is great abililty aswell. If you need to tank enemies,and your team is capable of destroying enemies, be sure that you use this one. Using Locust Swarm just a second before you engage will grant you temporary immortality. Unless they've got level advantage. When Anub'arak stays in the middle of enemies, he is for sure a problem. But only a temporary problem. So if your team is not able to finish your foest during those 8 seconds, you are probably going to die. Web Blast is much better spell, because you disabl one target from fighting, and while focusing another, your team gains strong advantage 4v3.

Build Guide - Level 1 Top

Anub'arak is a massive tank. And yet he is still capable of being a strong 1v1 fighter aswell as one of the best initiators. Picking Impale which boosts your's Scarab Host damage, will only become a great advantage in the game and thats why i would recommend it.

Picking this one will help you with chasing opponents, initiating and covering your team. Although, it's worthy only if you are starting to play Anub'arak, because if you know how to create a perfect possition, you know how to get behind an enemy, or you know how to initiate and how to land skillshots, this one won't be really necessary. Due to slow casting Impale enemies in the back lane will juke your skillshot anyways.

Take this only if you want to fast trade and don't want to stay long in the fights. You'll get great sustain, but it's kinda unworthy. It's only suitable for build number 3 - Heal yourself, Minion

Terrible option. Your Harden Carapace is nothing special and it's usable only for you. Increasing duration when you will get all the hate when you initiate is just unworthy..

Build Guide - Level 4 Top

What a magnicifent feeling to command a whole legion of Scarab Hosts. Linked to recommended build, spawning these little annoying beasts every 8 seconds is actually very usefull. While fighting 1v1 you have instantly 4 beetles, which are all hungry for your oponent, and because of their enthusiasm for Anub'arak, they chop the flesh out of your enemy, and you are capable to trade with enemy, while dealing a half of his HP. While fighting another warrior, it won't be so one sided, but you'll win trade anyways. Scarab Host is very usable while engaging, because when you land your ablility/impalce Burrow Charge combo, you'll stand in the intimite zone of enemy assasin or specialist, and you'll instantly deal tons of damage equal to his half or more HP!

Once again, it's usable when you are starting to play Anub'arak. The range is great thing, but you can get close because you are a tank. You just have to land the skillshot and profit.

Dealing AoE damage with basic attacs is just useless. When you get into the fight, you often face 1 or 2 opponents, and your [[ability/scarab-host] will do the work for you. There is no use for this skill.

Even though it's great to get lowered damage while clearing camps, it's completely useless when playing Anub'arak. using abilities to clear it down, your Scarab Host will once again tank all the damage.Useless.

Build Guide - Level 7 Top

Finally! Your tiny shield from Harden Carapace will be usable. Witch this talent, you'll increase the damage done while forucing enemy back line. Now you are abe to clear bruiser camps, safe trading and great initiating.Reccomended.

Yeah. It's great to slow 'em down. but when you suddenly appear behind the enemy, then you throw him up into the sky with abililty/impact and your team is going to deal some damage to him, there is no need for slow. Usable only for chasing.

Four beetles. Tons of healing. Usable only for Heal yourself, Minion build.

Why would you need to run a little bit faster? You got mount for this purpose. And when you get caught, use your Burrow Charge to escape. Not recommended.

Why would you do that. USELESS.

Build Guide - Level 10 - Ultimate Top

When staying in the middle of the fight, facing 5 foes, they wont be able to kill you. If they're not 5 levels ahead. Use this just a second before you initiate the fight, because when you are going to use Burrow Charge to engage, you'll probably get silenced, stunned, or polymorphed, and won't be able to heal at all. Although it's great ulti, i would not recommend this one. Damage is often denied because of enemy heal, and you are not that easy to kill to heal yourself like that.

This one is just perfect. Zoning the engaging enemy like Illidan, catching side fighting enemies like Sylvanas, denying their healers like Li Li and Malfurion, silencing E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit. I could continue in this speech. When you use it correctly, you will be the MVP. Disabling enemy hero for 8 seconds from a fight is just great ability. But untill you'll get into it, it might take some battles. Dont use it to initiate. because your enemies can easily destroy it. Engage with your abillity/impact and Burrow Charge, and when you will see that team is having problems, web one of those 2, eventually 3 enemies that causes most damage. When they are ok, keep fighting and keep your ulti prepared. When support is helping front line enemy assassins which are getting your team into trouble, use it to get him , zone or kill the assassin which you have focused and help your team. This is just so usable ulti that i could speak about it for hours. Strongly recommended.

Build Guide - Level 13 Top

Your enemies shall burn! Following approved build you already deal a lot damage because of your Scarab Host and ability/harden-carapce. Now you will manage to deal even more. While fighting off enemy back line it's just epic.

Not even this upgrade will revive your ****ty Harden Carapace. Not recommended.

They may have be your beetles, but thats all the fun. Why would you shield them, when noone is not focusing them anyways, and they ain't Monstrosities to be that dangerous. Useless.

You can handle some damage and you use that tiny amount of shield from your Harden Carapace. There is no need to pick this one.

Build Guide - Level 16 Top

This is the best choice. When fighting enemy back line, you can now finish alone your focused foe. When fight is not being peachy, you can eat some HP of enemy tank and leave or use Burrow Charge to escape and reinforce your friends.

It might be good to slow enemy attacks, but they'll damage you with abilities anyways. They wont have that time to deal damage to you with auto attacks. After great engage it becomes useless, because you just rape them. Not recommended.

Nope. Nope. So much nope. Even if it's fun to watch 'em grow, it's completely useless.

Impacting is fine. When you land it great, you don't need bigger impact, because you will get them anyways. Not recommended.

Build Guide - Level 20 - Advanced Ultimate Top

Using this after engaging is the best choice. They wont be able to deal much damage to you and 4 seconds are just enough to turn the fight at your side. Recommended.

Usable only for the Initiator build. Your combo is enough already, but if you want to rape them really hard. Jump through the battlefield and stun your enemies.

Basic 8 seconds are enough. Increasing by 4 seconds is unworthy, you won't take care of your web spinned enemy anyways.

Usable only for fun. Otherwise useless.

Early game - Level 1-10 Top

There you are. Anub'arak player. At spawn, hanging with your buddies.

In the early game, you should accompany specialist, or a great pusher, because you are going to roam anyways. Use your abililty/impact and Burrow Charge to get clueless enemies from behind.

Keep pressure at all lanes , get camps, from level 7 get bruiser camps, and continue untill you reach 10.

Mid Game - Level 10-20 Top

Keep getting camps. Now you have to initiate the fights for objectives, so tell your buddies that you and only you are the one, who's gonna start fights. Try to land combos from side or behind. Control the battlefield and make your teammates accompany you when fighting for objectives. If you'll be succesfull, your engages and great usage of Web Blastwill provide your teammates level advantage.

Late Game - Level 20-30 Top

Now you are extremely important. Follow the needs of the team and choose wisely your battlefield. When you will find a place to fight, engage, unleash the beast inside you, and use your sticky Web Blast to win the fight. With Web Blast you should always focus on target that deals the most of damage.

Pros and cons Top

  • Ultimate initiator
  • Lot of CC
  • Ability to tank even without Locust Swarm
  • High Damage
  • Disabling targets from fight with CC and Web Blast
  • Burrow Charge provides great escapes
  • Trading potential while fighting vs. one enemy
  • Great camp clearing

  • High cooldowns
  • Needs a lot of team support, when engaging
  • Not greatest sustain, especially when playing against long ranged enemies like Valla
  • Anub'arak is very mana hungry
  • Useless after bad engage, due to high cooldowns of Impale and Burrow Charge
  • Skillshot dependant , whenever you miss, you need to wait for your cooldowns to recharge

About Me Top


My name is Thorsten, rank 1 player. I've been playing since October, 2014, and I've gained a lot of experience during this period, which i want to share with you now.

If you liked this guide, leave a comment and tell me which hero should i make guide for next..

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