Thrall - New way of playing by Thiau

Thrall - New way of playing

By: Thiau
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2015
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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas He has no dmg , you can heal off him with no problem and if he picks zombies you get easy Q heals.
Azmodan Huge slow target with no burst . If he picks zombies easy Q heals , if he makes a stack build , Again your Q fill heal most of the dmg with no problem .
Chen He cant do much to you or your team , especially after you put heroic down .
Kerrigan After she jumps in , she will never leave if you put your heroic on top of her . She is more squishy than you , she cant survive in front lines .
Nazeebo No burst no escapes , if he cross your heroic radius he is in very bad spot . You can easily heal his dmg when ever he tries to kill you .
Sonya She cant 1v1 you and she cant out sustain you in team fight . At the end you most likely will do more dmg and tanked more dmg than this warrior .
Stitches He is slow , once he gets slowed he cant catch anyone . Only gorge is annoying .
Illidan Just wait until dodge ends and he dies in one combo most of the time .
Anub'arak Only thing that will stop you is his stuns , otherwise you get easy Q heals from bunch of beatles and you can burst him down with some help .
Diablo His rush helps him bypass your heroic but it still does not help him at all , once he is in you can just hammer him down .
Johanna Her CC is good and all but she has no dmg and quite long CDs , after blind hammer her in the face .
Murky He is annoying , thats all .
Rehgar He has a hard time positioning himself inside your heroic , it often ends with delayed heals from him . If he picked lunge he will get into your slow , then just burst him down .
The Lost Vikings Early they will be a pain , later its easy to heal boats dmg and theres plenty of targets to use your Q.
Tyrael His heroic can screw with your positioning , but most of the time it will end up with him dieing while his team tries to walk over your pit of doom (heroic) .
Abathur He cant do much against you , annoying thats all .
Tyrande shes not a big deal but her heroic could force team fight away from your heroic .
Nova Not much problems for you , but your heroic wont effect her , still you can chase her down with E if needed .
Tassadar Shields will absorb alot of your dmg , and then he can just phase away . Not very dangerous tho .
Zeratul He wont have problems with your heroic , most likely you wont even catch him and he can use void prison how ever he wants . if you put your Heroic b4 void prison , most likely enemy will walk into your heroic to get closer to you so it can go ether way . If you catch him he is dead .
Brightwing If he gets blink heal he will be traped in your heroic . If he picks gust , they could disengage away from you and your heroic .
Raynor Q build can keep you away , banshes still deals ok dmg . No escapes , if he gets too close it will end badly for him .
Li Li Blind is good , a bit of burst healing and sustained , she wont be in your heroic radius much . Not as much of a thread as some other supports tho .
Falstad That mobility helps him run around , skills deal quite a bit of dmg and he can feel better around you than others .
Zagara summons can give you hard time healing up especially early . Still more summons = more targets for Q .
Gazlowe His ultimate can screw with your position , enemy wont even need to enter your heroic then and make you step out of your confort zone .
Valla Mobility and strafe , if she does not fail at positioning she will b decent opponent .
Tychus Odin range and a bit of mobility will keep him at good distance away from you . Heals and shields on him will help to survive your burst .
E.T.C. All the stuns and dmg reductions on him will make it hard to attack him . Threat of getting mosh pited is huge .
Jaina Them slows and dmg . Your gap closer is negated by her . Only better thing is that you can kill elemental and heal off of him .
Malfurion That root limits your movement , and he can heal more than you can deal dmg if your team cant finish targets off .
Sgt. Hammer Good range and good dmg . Most likely they will never engage you and be on kite all the time . So it will be hard to catch him or his team in your heroic .
Uther That shield will save alot of people from your pit of doom . his CC is good too .
Kael'thas That range and pheonix . You most likely will never reach him and his pheonix will zone you out.
Muradin First talent 50% atck spd slow and you dont have burst anymore . Very tanky a lot of CC , have to find a way to play around him .

Introduction Top

Hello , my nick name is Thiau and i will try to write a guide for Warchief of the Horde Thrall.
This is first time i am writing a guide and English is not my native language , don't expect anything fancy .

Most of people want to know how good a player is B4 looking at the guide .
I have about 1200 games played , about 700 HL games more than half of them in rank 1 . Thrall is not even lvl 9 and i have about 40-50 games on him . I am not an expert with him and i am not some kind of a pro player . If you really like Thrall and want to play him and make most of what he can give , This guide will be different view about this hero and every Thrall player should try and look how to make him work . Maybe this is the way , maybe it is not , i leave the answer to you after you give this a try .

I will tell a short story why i decided to make a Thrall guide .
As of now Thrall is one of the least played hero and is considered low tier . I was one of the people who considered Thrall pretty much useless almost in all team compositions . For hundreds of Hero league games at rank 1 i considered Thrall as free kill and even now most of the games he is just a walking meat . It turned out that when i tried him for free week , i won a lot of games and found different way to play him . I think this could be a way to rise Thrall from low tier to at least mid to high .

New play style Top

Lets face it Thrall is not the best assassin . We tried to make him work and play him as other melee assassin , but simply there are better choices .

So i found him a new role , A support . Not the healing support , more like Tyrande , Tassadar.

So this is the new way of playing him , imagine that you are a support - Tassadar or Tyrande .
Stay in the back line and help out other assassins . Help comes in all kinds of different ways , for example get tanks attention away from your ranged assassin .
You will no longer rush in front line and try to do what Illidan does , instead you will destroy everyone who gets too close to your back line and that includes tanks .

This is very important , you can not play him as another assassin , your new role is support for your back line .

Talents Top

Quick look at talents and what it achieves before we look at team fight situations .

LvL 1 - Thrall is all AA dmg , so farm AA dmg .

LvL 4 - this makes your Q into full heal . Makes your line phase much better . Now you can sit in line almost all game and never need to back so more marksman stacks for you . 6 sec 660 self heal at lvl 20 .

LvL 7 - Most of the dmg and healing will come from E with this build , so we want E as much as possible .

LvL 10 - This heroic is rly strong . The radius is huge , it will block the way between both teams . Slows by 70% that is rly close to root enemy hardly can walk in it , only thing that will let them wall away is :
It pulses 3 times , first pulse as soon as you use heroic , slow lasts for 3 second then enemy has 1 sec break and then it pulses again . 3 sec slow - 1 sec break - 3 sec slow - 1 sec break - 3 sec slow . More about it later .

LvL 13 and 17 - Both of them combined at 20 adds to 1678 dmg , 1320 healing in 3 hits and thats without marksman.

LvL 20 - This upgrade will give everyone in the circle 15% shield , 3 times in 8 seconds . Too bad it does not stack ;D Quite alot of shield for one talent . Best case you can get 225% of shield , ofc that probably wont happen , but your tank most likely will get max shield amount 45% and quite some of the dmg will be absorbed from each of your team mate .

Why and How it works Top

Now you have huge slow and 3 hit burst dmg/heal this is how you will control the battle .

Use your heroic in the middle of fight and now you made a line where if enemy decides to engage they will have restricted movement allowing you and your team walk freely while whole enemy team is at turtles speed . Add a lvl 20 upgrade and you have huge aoe "heal" that helps your team with extra health . Now you are like Muhammad Ali , running in the ring like a butterfly while enemy is trying to catch up to you . Add a kael or hammer in the mix and you will sting like a bee while enemy is trying to escape this zone of Turtle walking .

While the heroic is up , any melee hero that is trying to get to your back line is struggling to catch them , there you come with your 3 hit burst and good AA dmg , on top of that if tank or melee assassin tries to hit you , you simply heal up .

This way you start to mitigate the dmg and healing . You will be running around hitting your 3 hit combo and healing all the dmg that they throw at you . You will make enemy team waste dmg on you and your job will be to support Main assassins with dmg and CC while keeping yourself alive .

There you are , a hero who runs around eats all this dmg and heals it in the matter of second and you cant ignore Thrall or the burst will get you sooner or later while the ultimate is blocking the possibility of jumping on one target .

6 sec Q CD - 660 healing
8 sec E CD - 1320 healing

In 18 secs you can heal up 4600 dmg and deal up to 6350 dmg .

Your job is taking dmg instead of others while self healing and supporting with dmg , all that and keep the fight under control with your great CC .

Only looking at healing numbers you can absorb more dmg than a Tassadar or tyrande could and you have more CC while keeping DMG numbers close to them . No vision tho ;D

Counters and Maps Top

One thing is clear , Thrall is still not Must pick . He has team compositions like most of other heroes and sometimes its better not to pick him against some heroes .

First Maps :

All maps are fine except haunted mines .
In all maps there hardly is any place bigger than your heroic , it always blocks the passage and you can freely run around .
Haunted - cant really farm marksman , you can pick block but still its hard to put good heroic while golem is in the way . So while pushing or defending its not that great . Still can work .

Heroes that gives you a hard time :

Heroes that work good with you :

You Are good against :

All melee heroes , heavy enemy melee teams are just best for you . Assassins with no escape will walk into your heroic and never leave it .
Kael , jaina , tychus will have a good time attacking targets with 70% slow . Hard to miss skills when target can barely move .

Ending words Top

Well i hope i did not miss much , will be updating what i missed and trying to make all the flashy things that other guides have .

Try this play style for thrall , look if it is achieving enough to be viable and HF .

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