FullMetal Thrall build (Updated for Leoric Patch) by FullMetal

FullMetal Thrall build (Updated for Leoric Patch)

By: FullMetal
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015
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Threats to Thrall with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Anub'arak Anub'Arak is pretty squishy for a tank. You can 1v1 him if you avoid his stuns.
Tassadar You just need to avoid the storms against Tassadar and kite if he uses Archon.
Chen Chen is a nuisance against you. You usually can't kill him, but he can't kill you either.
E.T.C. ETC can't kill you without help from his team. Use your Sundering if he uses Mosh Pit.
Malfurion Avoid Malfurion's Entangling Roots and you will be OK.
Muradin He is only a threat with teammates around. Try to avoid his stuns.
Murky You can outsustain Murky's constant harass.
Diablo Diablo is just a piece of meat against you. Don't try too hard to kill him. Just ignore him if he stays in your lane.
Gazlowe Just avoid his turrets and his heroic (Windfury out of it) and you should be fine against Gazlowe.
Nazeebo Use Sundering against his Ravenous Spirit at first sight.
Sonya You can 1v1 Sonya easily if you kite her Whirlwind.
Kerrigan You can usually 1v1 Kerrigan due to your sustain. Just avoid her stun.
Azmodan Specialists with high lane pushing power like Azmodan are a bit annoying. I would suggest changing lanes in the early game. In a teamfight you can kill him with the help of your team.
Arthas Arthas has high sustain, but you can usually outsustain him.
Tyrael If Tyrael targets you with his heroic and you are overextend you are pretty much dead. Play more cautiously against him.
Abathur Abathur can't outpush your lane. Beware of the Illidan/Abathur combo though.
Raynor Raynor can knock you back, but you can burst him fast enough if you can land a root. Try to pop his Adrenaline Rush first though.
Tyrande Just stay back when she marks you and then go in for the kill. Use Windfury to avoid the stun.
Li Li Don't use your Windfury when you are blinded by LiLi and you should be fine.
Falstad Be careful not to overextend against Falstad, because he can kite you pretty effectively.
Rehgar Rehgar can kite away from you with his Wolf form.
Sylvanas You usually can't kill Sylvanas alone. Don't go in YOLO, cause you'll get an arrow and 2.5 seconds silence in the face.
Zeratul You can usually take a good trade against a Zeratul, if you time your heal to trigger after his burst.
The Lost Vikings 1v3 is madness even for Thrall. Play defensive against them and they can't kill you.
Brightwing Brightwing can take you out of the fight and help others burst you down when you go in.
Nova You don't have enough time to respond to Nova's burst, so you need to keep your stacks of Frostwolf Resilience high if you see her approaching for a gank.
Stitches Beware of the hooks if there is a team backing Stithces up.
Uther Divinestorm in the face.. Enough said!
Tychus Tychus is hard target to kill and he can kite you effectively, so don't pick a fight without backup.
Sgt. Hammer If you see Sgt. Hammer in siege mode use Sundering to stop her.
Valla Valla is a really difficult target to kill alone. She has high kiting potential and plenty of damage to kill you. Use Sundering to separate her from the rest of her team.
Zagara Zagara can kite you and deal damage at the same time. She can also push a lane like crazy. It's a bad hero to go against.
Jaina Jaina can burst you down in no time without giving you time to trigger your Frostwolf Resilience.
Illidan To counter Illidan I would suggest going for Earthquake. Try not to use Windfury when Evasion is active.

Introduction Top

Who is Thrall?

Thrall (birthname Go'el), son of Durotan, was the Warchief of the restored orcish Horde and ruler of the red land of Durotar in Kalimdor. Before the Cataclysm, he was Warchief of all the Horde, but temporarily gave leadership to Garrosh Hellscream in order to lead the Earthen Ring's effort with Farseer Nobundo against the Twilight's Hammer cult and elemental imbalance afflicting Azeroth.

Basic Analysis Top

In Heroes of the Storm, Thrall is a melee assassin that utilizes high survivability and constant harass to beat his opponents.


D - Frostwolf Resilience

Frostwolf Resilience is the reason Thrall has such survivability and sustain. This ability stacks 5 times and at the fifth stack heals you for an insane amount. When you play as Thrall you need to keep track of your stacks at all times, but most importantly when you are about to initiate or join a fight. At this point, it's best to have 1-2 stacks, so if you get focused right away, you will have the option to heal by casting your Chain Lightning and Feral Spirit.

Basic Abilities

Q - Chain Lightning

Thrall depends on his Chain Lightning for poke and constant harass in the lane or when he is low on HP in a teamfight. Try to use this ability as much as possible, because you get 3 stacks of Frostwolf Resilience from it if you hit the maximum targets, but always be aware of your mana points.

W - Feral Spirit

This is one of the abilities you initiate a fight with. Try to root squishy targets first, like a carry or an assassin. If your team can follow up, it should be an easy kill.

E - Windfury

Windfury is your biggest heal and your biggest damage ability. It is also the only means of escape for Thrall, so you need to use it cautiously. Try to use Windfury when you know that you can get the maximum amount of melee hits on your target (for example after a stun).

Heroic Abilities

R - Sundering

This is your second form of initiation. If you see an opening on the enemy team, use this ability to take the positional advantage. If you hit a 5-man Sundering, it's good, but if you can separate the carries from the rest of the enemy team and get a clean kill, it's better.

R - Earthquake

Earthquake is more of a support type ability. It utilizes positional advantage by movement, but it lacks Sundering's damage. If your team needs to protect their carries and let the enemy team initiate on you, this is the go-to heroic ability.


To be successful with Thrall, you need to find the balance between going in for a fight and getting out of it. Thrall might be a very self-sustained hero, but you will get bursted down in teamfights. Positioning is key to winning. Try to stay beside your main tank hero and go in when you get the chance to kill someone important. Use your Windfury wisely, both for killing someone and escaping. Keep track of your Frostwolf Resilience at all times, so you will know when to expect a self-heal.

Talent Explanation Top

Level 1

YES: Rabid Wolves
Rabid Wolves is usually better than any other talent here. It offers you more sustain and faster stacks every time you are using your Feral Spirit.

SITUATIONAL: Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder is mostly used for sustaining your mana pool. If you feel like you are going to be mana hungry in the matchup you are facing, you can use this talent to restore your mana. Still, it is not that reliable because it depends on you landing some auto attacks after using Chain Lightning.

NO: Block
Block does not offer not nearly as much survivability as Rabid Wolves. You almost never pick this talent, except for the extreme circumstances you are facing a Nova (if you are sure she will go for Anti-Armor Shells that is).

NO: Seasoned Marksman
The extra damage from Seasoned Marksman here is not worth losing sustain for and it doesn't offer that much to Thrall's playstyle, even in the late game.

Level 4

YES: Envenom
Envenom is the safe choice here. It offers you that extra damage and burst you need to kill someone and it is usually a great counter to stealth heroes.

You are usually choosing this talent for the same reasons you are choosing Rolling Thunder. You get a little less mana back from it, but it is more reliable. And now that Envenom received a minor nerf, it is picked more often than before.

NO: Ride The Lightning
Two more enemies hit with Ride The Lightning is not even close to the damage Envenom offers and it is not effective damage, so you can kill someone. Never pick this talent competitively.

NO: Spirit Journey
I don't think this talent offers anything to Thrall. If you can't land Feral Spirit before, this talent won't change that.

Level 7

YES: Wind Shear
Wind Shear is the absolute best talent here. Windfury is your main source of damage, so a 4 second reduced cooldown on it, is pretty damn good.

NO: Follow Through
Follow Through doesn't offer as big a damage increase as Wind Shear because it depends on you landing auto attacks between spells. This talent is not worth picking.

NO: Frostwolf's Grace
This talent offers you some extra heal, but it is not enough to make it better than Wind Shear.

NO: Stone Wolves
This talent is garbage. It adds 0.5 extra seconds to the root effect, which is nothing compared to other talents.

Level 10

YES: Sundering
I usually go for Sundering as my heroic. It offers a really great initiation method. You want to hit it in a way that can separate the carries from the rest of their team, so your team can kill them first. Even if you can't do that, a 5-man stun with Sundering can usually win you the teamfight.

Earthquake is also a really good heroic, but it depends more on your team composition. It's one of the best crowd controls in the game and one of the best anti-initiation abilities. For example, if you have a Sgt. Hammer on your team, Earthquake can give her time to kill the enemies, while in siege mode. It is also a great counter for Illidan.

Level 13

YES: Grace of Air
You mostly want to pick Grace of Air here, which gives you insane amounts of self-healing when you use your Windfury. With this talent your survivability and sustain are almost doubled.

Spell Shield is a generally good talent, but due to the Frostwolf Resilience mechanism, it is not picked often here. You may pick it when the enemy team has high crowd control and stuns, so they can't burst you down.

NO: Restless Wolves
The cooldown reduction from this talent is irrelevant. You mostly want to land Feral Spirit at the start of the fight to get a clean and fast kill. After that, it doesn't matter if you can land another in half the time.

NO: Giant Killer
Giant Killer has really bad synergy with the slow attack speed that Thrall has, so it's not worth picking even when you are facing two tanks.

Level 16

YES: Tempest Fury
This talent is the best in this tier and the reason Thrall can burst people down (if you can land the third Windfury hit that is). Except all that, Windfury now refunds twice as many stacks of Frostwolf Resilience for even more sustain and healing.

NO: Forked Lighnting
A second Chain Lightning doesn't offer nearly as much burst or sustain as the previous talent.

NO: Ride The Wind
The increase in movement speed is not worth it, because it still won't help you land a Windfury easier without a stun or a root.

NO: Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood basically offers the same thing Tempest Fury offers, but at a longer cooldown. That's why you don't see it picked often.

Level 20

YES: Nexus Blades
I am usually going for Nexus Blades here, for the damage increase, but mostly for the slow. If you can land an auto attack on someone, their kiting potential becomes significantly decreased.

SITUATIONAL: Bolt of the Storm
If you feel like you are getting targeted in teamfights and bursted down quickly, pick Bolt of the Storm. It is a generally good talent and a great escape mechanism when everyone tries to kill you.

NO: Worldbreaker
You usually want to be near when you land your Sundering, so this talent just offers anti-synergy. There is no reason to pick it over the other talents.

NO: Earthen Shields
The shields are good, but you mostly want to use your Earthquake for positional advantage. The two previous talents usually offer more than this one. You can pick this talent in the extreme situation that you have no supports in your team.

Build Breakdown Top

Even though Thrall has fallen out of grace with the last nerf, the Sylvanas patch balanced out some of those nerfs. Thrall is slowly but surely making a comeback in Hero League as well as in the competitive scene. This build is the most common in competitive play right now and here is the breakdown.


  • High survivability and sustain both through Rabid Wolves and Windfury.
  • Both heroic abilities are really good for different reasons each.
  • Great potential at bursting and brawling against squishy targets.


  • Depends on crowd control to land his burst damage.
  • His escape mechanism through Windfury is also his biggest damage.
  • He is quite mana hungry, if he gives up his mana regeneration talents.

This build gets its power spikes at Level 4 with Envenom in the early game and at Level 16 with Tempest Fury in the late game, so you should keep an eye out for those two important talents and for the right time to pick a fight.


  • The first and most important variation in this build is the Heroics. You need to pick the most suitable one, depending on your team composition and on the enemy team. Basically, as I said before, you are mostly using Sundering when you want to kill one or two important targets from the enemy team, usually their carries or for a general damage ability and stun. On the other hand, if you want to counter the enemy initiation and protect important targets on your team Earthquake is the way to go.

  • The next variation depends on how well you can manage Thrall's mana pool. If you believe that you will have mana problems, then I suggest switching out Rabid Wolves for Rolling Thunder (gives more mana back but depends on auto hits) or Envenom for Mana Tide (gives less mana back but it's more reliable).

  • The last variation lies in the Level 20 talent. Nexus Blades offers a good lockdown of your target with the slow and a significant damage increase. Although, if you feel like you are getting focused right away and you can't escape, I would definitely suggest going for Bolt of the Storm. This talent offers a great escape mechanism in dire situations.

Youtube video soon to come...

About Me: Top

My name is FullMetal, I've been playing Heroes of the Storm since the Alpha release and I've reached Rank 1 both in Hero League and in Team League. Right now, I am playing competitively as a Warrior (tank) and shotcaller for my team, Elysium Gaming.

You can find me here


You can find my team here


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