Tunneling Gazlowe by Deraba

Tunneling Gazlowe

By: Deraba
Last Updated: Jun 5, 2015
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Build: Is there any fort? Not anymore

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Introduction Top

Hey there, my nickname is Deraba (Sorry for my bad English) and I'm here to present you one of the funniest and strongest jungler in the game. You only need the proper Build and you'll start taking forts and camps like there is no tomorrow. Besides that, I'm a casual player since alpha and recently I found this build working amazing when taking a whole lane in less than 1 minute, making enemy team recall because the pressure, and that's why I'm here.



More than decent solo lane early in the game, just E+W to clean the waves with no risk
High damage Deth Lazor to cath low hp enemies off guard
Ability to take any camp solo with no need to go base at any time
High pressure if your team manage 4v5 defending
Can discourage enemies to teamfights with Xplodium Charge
Turrets are just selfexplanatories. TOO GOOD!!
Mana sustain with Salvager
Goblins 4ever


Not that good in teamfights
No real scape
Need the team to be aware of his strengths and weakness



Best option here is Regeneration Master. Grants enough life regeneration to sustain while taking mercs and bosses while makes you harder to take down in teamfights. Still have to take care of burst damage.

Level 4:

Superiority is the way to go. Once you hits this levels, start fast clearing waves and make calls for a camp since you still need damage help, but you can take every single merc camp with little help and return to your lane, giving your team extra exp towards mid game.

Level 7:

Here there are 2 or even 3 options:
Engine Gunk: Really good for teamfights. Not the main purpose of the build but makes you valuable when you can't take camps or split.
First Aid: Here you can find the way to survive small skirmishes and late game (late here is level 22+) this abilities has proven to be good to solo bosses since they start hitting too hard even for you.
Calldown: MULE: Good to repair structures in between mercs, since you want to use its cd as much as you can and you are going to move all around the map

Level 10:

Must have: Robo-Goblin. Here starts the serious bussiness. This time you can start soloing everything. All camps in the are your mains target here. Secure your side and then try to steal the ones on enemy side. The pressure of all that merc going towards enemy nexus and the exp they grant should give you enough power to snowball. Moreover, if you manage to split you dont even need the wave with you, since your turrets will make the job in forts (u'll need both turrets). Just take care and know when to retreat or you'll probably die. Still a worth but not so much.

Level 13:

Turret Storage gives you more power to solo camps and still be able to push forts, since you will no longer wait for cd and in teamfights another turret to deal with is usually enough if they are not properly focused.

Level 16:

Long-Ranged Turrets gives you more teamfight pressence and makes solo bosses easier, since you no longer have to worry about the boss taking down the turrets when the AoE. Moreover the slows for so far is premium and the enemy team should start seeing that tiny turret as a serious threat.

Level 20:

Mecha-Lord is Gazlowe final form. if you manage to duel any warrior in 1v1, you should win. If any assassin disrespect you, show them their death timer. Here you hit 500+ dmg at a very high speed. Here not only structures will cry finally. Take them unaware and make them fall like trees.

Final Chapter Top

Hope you have enjoy this mini guide to Gazlowe. More work on it as soon as possible to make a better guide ;)

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