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Tychus Gundam Siege

By: ArmoredBear
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2015
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Threats to Tychus with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla Can chase you down with High DPS
Kerrigan High DPS that will force you to run
  No Threat
  No Threat
Nova Can catch you off gaurd in the back of a fight and kill you before you can escape.
Zeratul Can catch you off gaurd in the back of a fight and kill you before you can escape.
The Butcher He will stun you, and he will kill you. Period


Tychus has been my favorite hero for a while now. He is a great mix of high DPS and damage dealing CC. However, using Tychus is all about positioning. The last place you should be is in the front lines, especially late game using your Odin. Let's get started and I'll go over tactics as we go!


Armor Piercing Rounds

Armor Piercing Rounds is the first talent you're going to want to pick up. The main target of your Overkill will now take 20% more damage. This is great for focusing heroes early game and structures as well. Tychus' gun is great for doing siege damage mixed with his structure melting grenades 'Uncontrollable Excitement'.

Although you have the power to now melt away your opponent and level cities, it's important to note that you do not have much health. If you are alone and attacking enemy structure, you are extremely open to assassination. Tychus does not have the mobility to get out of hairy situations. Stay back, melt your opponents and keep an eye on your map for enemies when alone attacking structures.



I see a lot of guides that run Spray 'n' Pray here. SNP is a great skill, but for my play style, it normally doesn't do me as much good as Melting Point. SNP will help you attack your opponent from a slightly greater distance, and is nice when mixed with Lead Rain to run down opponents in late game. But Tychus is no tank, if you chase to far, you're going to get ganked by that "guy that's almost dead and I know I can kill him if I go just a little further" his friends that are literally just waiting for you and he's running to them screaming to kill you.

Go melting point. It's amazing for pushing lanes alone and obliterating structures. Even with the recent nerf, your grenade will cut through structures and minions like butter. Not to mention, on all maps that require minion kills to collection skulls, seeds, tokens, You're going to burn through those guys and collect tokens like a little Pokemon trainer with infinite master balls.



Okay we're gearing up for the main point of this build. To make you a giant Hero slaughtering Gundam/Odin. First Aid is amazing for pushing solo lanes and if you do get entangled in a hero battle, you can mash 1 and GTFO. This is the extra help Tychus needs to stay in long battles and later fuel your Odin for more successful rampages.

You aren't any help to your team if you're already dead. Survivability is everything, even if it means letting that almost dead guy go.



It's finally time. Pick up your Gundam. You're attack range has now doubled and you have 3 new skills

Fire a forward Line of missiles starting from closest to you to the end of the firing line

Fires missiles in a set circular area with about a 3 second delay time.

Similar to Tychus' regular 'E', allows you to make a short bursted movement in the direction of your choice

Follow these play rules for most effective odins:

1. Call your Odin away from the main fight. Preferably right before the team fight starts. DO NOT initiate with Odin, that's the tank's job and you'll die so fast it's depressing

2. Stay in the back of your teammates. Always have the fight in front of you. Your attack distance is doubled and you are still squishy. First aid will help you if you find yourself in the wrong positioning.

3. Your temmates may try to get behind you for obvious reasons, you're an enormous death machine. But you're all damage no health. Use your 'E' skill to stay in back and melt your opponents.

4. Use 'W' directly in front of you if opponents get to close. This will drive them back or push them behind you which is perfect position to be killed by your team.

5. Use 'Q' to hit your enemies as they run in fear. I try to hold on this skill sometimes to pick off those running or about to die.



Breaking the usual mold again here, we pick Problem Solver. Problem solver increases your basic attack damage in proportion to half of your maximum health. Mixed with your Odin's doubled attack range, you're going to be sitting pretty as you snipe your enemies with devastating basic attacks from a distance. I find this especially useful when focusing down tanks. Lead Rain is a great alternate pick if you're already ahead and don't need the extra damage. LR will give you some extra CC for your team to capitalize on when rushing down a hero.



Stoneskin is normally the best option here no matter what build. With us pushing Odin here, SS is key. This goes along with first aid to keep you alive when enemies get around you, stuns catch you etc. When the going gets tough, press 1 & 2 and you are good to go in a team fight.

This is the last piece of the survivability puzzle. Stay back, use when necessary. I try to hold onto this to use with Odin unless absolutely necessary.



This pick is entirely situational. If you're surviving well, which you should if you are staying back, Nexus Frenzy is the way to go. However, if your team is struggling or you find yourself getting ganked, go with Bolt.

Bolt will help you save First Aid and Stoneskin if you bolt out before getting hit too heavily. Big Red Button is not as useful as it seems for this build. Many times the nuke will not land since it's slow. The only benefit is longer Odin time but I feel more DPS is greater than more time.

Good luck. Have fun!

Early Game Top

Early game is all about pushing your lane. Tychus is easily focused so it's important to hang back and wait for a clear opening to hit the structures.

Make sure to keep a close eye on your map for incoming enemies. Tychus will EASILY be picked off if you're found too close to the enemy structures. As long as your safe, Tychus can do some serious damage, he's not just an assassin. He can level a structure in no time.

Team battles are also something Tychus is great at if kept at the right distance. Always make sure you have an escape route while laying down your fire. If a high dps gets close to you, you're done if you can't get out of there immediately unless you have first aid or stoneskin.

Otherwise, use overkill to bringdown your enemies, then use your grenade to knock them back into you. Time it just right with the distance to get the grenade in front of them as they run and they will be knocked back to you. Giving you the chance to keep on firing into their helpless bodies.

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