That's the stuff! (Zarya patch) by Ponyboy

That's the stuff! (Zarya patch)

By: Ponyboy
Last Updated: Jun 18, 2017
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Build: AA Mow em' down

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Build: Overkill Gun em' to bits

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Build: Unlisted talents

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Info Top

Hello names Ponyboy, here and in HotS, and this is my first guide and I thought I would do it on one of our reworked heroes, and Tychus is one of my favorite heroes after his rework. He can cause huge amounts of damage, and is probably one of the best people to deal with high health heroes like Stitches thanks to his new trait. He has pretty damage on the move, area damage, and mobility thanks to his abilities, but he really only does damage, with little in the way of inhibiting the enemy without taking the talents that give them, and he only has one so he isn't good at in anyway. But if what you want to do is just plain damage with a huge gun, Tychus is your man.

Abilities Top

Overkill is the ability to use of your target is running away or to deal with a foe in a group of minions if you don't want to waste a grenade on minions and one hero or bounce a hero into his own tower range so you cannot get to him.
Frag Grenade is your main area damage ability and does a nice bit of knockback. Good to use when you have a few heroes in area to hit them all or buildings, minions, and a hero in area.
This was your minigun spin up and dash ability, but now all she does is dash you in a direction and whatever you choose for level 1 trait.
Was the trait that made your attacks need to spin up, now is on command giant killer at the very start of the fight. This is great, really helps you nail that high health hero in the first objective grab and run the enemy team away.

Level 1 talents Top

since the damage reduction one is gone, it's a 2/3 choice now.
Bit of a funky one, gives you a range boost to your attacks after you use it. Works well to shoot at the guy you want to shoot at without getting in the middle of the enemy team or catching a runner. Now I would say its the best choice in an aa build now that damage reduction is gone and this will allow you to make sure your in range of who you want to kill.

Ok, but not my favorite, you move faster and faster as you collect more regen globes. Not a good choice on maps like Dragon Shire where you will be too busy doing things to collect globes. I would take this in an Overkill build as this will keep you in range easy.
My least favorite of the bunch, with no benefits during a fight, it only really gives use for dashing in, gunning a bit, then running, but if you do it right then they should be running, not you. you want faster, choose Dash.

Level 4 talents Top

Again, 3/4 pick, so it's up to you.
One of the new quest style talents, gives an attack speed boost for every hero takedown and gives a big boost when you reach 15. Might just be the best since you will get more healing from That's the Stuff! without having to worry about it taking too long to activate the healing part
Not the best pick to be honest, the other ones will work better as you will either be able to take more advantage with Master Assassin or just have more time with In the Rhythm.
This can be stacked up to ridiculous levels giving you at the very least 2 secs more and possibly up to 8 or more if the match is long with about 6 as a standard. With how That's the Stuff! works now, this might not be the best anymore since if this gets built up too high, you might miss out on the healing affect until its too late
Not my usual but still a picker. you may get them down quicker, but if you don't have that damage boost when they are running away like they most likely will be when they are low enough to not get the boost, is when you will need the boost. But it will also get high health heroes down way faster in the start and then someone else can kill them, so it can work well. With it's new boost, it can whittle down people even faster and you can go from person to person from highest to lowest health, so go for it if you want, but you have to watch very carefully when they get too low to have it work on them.

Level 7 talents Top

not my favorite anymore, but not bad. You can fit more enemies in. Simple but effective
The new best one, when your stunned or rooted is when people will focus on you so the damage reduction will be rather nice. If your facing a stun heavy team take it now.
I can see this being somewhat useful against a long ranged person like Chromie or Li Ming, but the rest of your stuff is rather mid ranged and that's where your going to be in most situations. If you can kill them with a grenade at long range you can kill them at mid too

Level 10 talents Top

My preferred heroic, gives boost to range, damage, and has some nice AOE abilities. the Q one has a ridiculous range, and can kill a last dregs fleeing hero rather easily. Makes it rather easy to get body blocked though, so don't use in a tight area. It also makes it very easy to be hit by skill shots, so try to be behind people when you use it and don't pick it against dive heavy people. Now also gives you resistant so you feel like a huge missile toting mech.
About the same as Commandeer Odin this one sets down a drill that you can aim with R. It is rather easy to destroy so set it just behind your team and it can be rather easily moved out of, but if you have someone on your team with extensive slows this works rather well and can knock people down fast.

Level 13 talents Top

This got a rather heavy nerf sadly. With it now only healing you after Minigun is over with its no where near as usefull as it was. Its still the best one in this tier though since Neosteel Coating has too long a cooldown and Spray 'n' Pray is just not all that usefull.
Nice to have if your facing a team of casters, but I would still recommend That's the Stuff!, as this only works for 3 seconds and has too long a recharge to really get mileage out of it in comparison.
If your going for a Overkill dominate plan, it's ok to take, but it's not my dominate build usually.

Level 16 talents Top

If you took Concussion Grenade take this certainly. This heroes whole thing is hero health percent damage, and the increased area can get you 3 or more heroes in the AOE. You could take anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of the enemy teams health at once if you get a bit of luck.
Like earlier, a good one to pick if your going Overkill playstyle, or if you picked Relentless Soldier and not Concussion Grenade.
Not as good as Armor Piercing Rounds, as there are better people that you to slow, stun, ect., but if there are none, you can take this, but that shouldn't happen except in a rather rare QM.

Level 20 talents Top

In a AA build, this is probably the best one to go with. You have a rather fast AA and it adds up with your trait. Heck you can pick it up with any build if you want, it works well. Master Assassin buffs this even more if you took it
If you went with Drakken Laser Drill, this helps a lot with it and if you have a teammate to root people in place, have them use it on whoever is being focused on by the drill to boost it even more.
Not Really necessary, but not bad. The time boost is the only real benefit from this, as the nuke part arrives after so it will miss a lot as people will be trying to move out of the area, be hit by the main missiles, then be out of it for the nuke.
I really don't pick this one, you do get more chances to get the benefit you got from your level 1 trait, but you give up a lot more damage for it, so not the one I would recommend.

Builds Top

Build 1 AA

This is my main one, it focuses on taking high health heroes down as fast as possible so either they will run or you will kill them, both giving you an advantage in getting objectives or keeps. Given the amount of health % damage you can do, this works rather well.

build 2 Overkill

Overkill is no longer your best source of damage, but against lower health teams, this build kills and keeps you mobile to help dodge skill shots. I don't pick it the most, but I have a couple of times and have made and seen it do good things. Also good against blind heavy teams since that won't stop Overkill

build 3 Unlisted talents

This isn't a build actually. this is just to see the talents that I cannot get to show up on the talent breakdown sections that are not on another build.

Using this guide Top

Like any guide, take everything I say here with some salt, as you and I and everyone else has different ways of playing, we will all be playing in different scenarios, and with different people. The way I like to use guides is to play what it recommends, then if I like it, tweak it a bit to get it where I want it if I think it needs tweaking. Give what I'm saying a whack, see if you like it, and if you don't start changing things up. I wish you good luck with Tychus and in all your battles.

Patch Changes Top

Patch April 12th
Boosted health and health regen from 1669 to 1836 and 3.48 to 3.83 with 4% boost a level to each.
Damage boost from trait from 1.5 to 2%
Master Assassin changed from 2 to 1 boost and 10 stacks to 15
The Bigger They Are boosted from 3 to 4%
General boost with slight nerf to Master Assassin and slight boost to The Bigger They Are, so level 4 talents are all rather close to equal, so still choose what you want.

Patch September 13th
Relentless Soldier was changed to lowering stuns and roots duration by 33% to lowering damage by 25% for 3 seconds, so a nice little boost.
I also changed stances on a couple of talents from tier 2 and 3

Patch September 27
Health increased from 1836 to 1925
health regen increased from 3.8 to 4
damage reduction talent from tier 1 removed
Commandeer Odin grants resistant for entire duration now
Press the Advantage range increase increased from 25% to 35%
Combat Tactician cooldown reduction increased from .75 to .8 seconds an attack, but still rather worthless I think
All in all, about the same, but damage reduction loss stings.

June 18 update
Rather nerfed since last update, with That's the Stuff! only healing after its completed now hitting Tychus rather hard. the rest are little changes that really don't affect much.

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