Tychus the auto turret by Oshauki

Tychus the auto turret

By: Oshauki
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2015
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Build: Autto turret

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First guide Top

This is my first guide and it's a bit rough. I hope to get it more updated in the next few days when I have time to learn. any suggestions/critisism to coding or the guide itself would be appreciated.

Tychus Top

I've noticed that Tychus has slipped from being one of the best champs to pick in rank. I feel like this build, similar to raynors new meta build, is powerful and not exploited yet. He act's like an auto turret and once he gets going he starts to shred warriors. I recommend testing this out in QM for a few matches because his positioning is important along with farming globes. The only talent im iffy on is his 6th talent stoneskin. The shield is helpful but Lock and loaded adds movement speed that helps kiting and chasing champions down. You can essentially chase them down and auto attack them indefinitely. I only chose stoneskin because it saves from burst champs and it helps those that are learning map presence and positioning in fights by having a fail safe.

Tychus's abilities Top

: His trait is nice when fully running but take's a bit to get going. Luckily his run and gun ability
allows it to be fully running, but use it wisely because your position is most important for this build.
: I don't use this ability that much except for chasing for a sure kill or disengaging from a losing fight. I don't use this on waves because I don't want to over extend by pushing on the wave. I usually auto attack the mage for the health globe and pick the rest of the wave off as I see fit for lane control.
: Love this ability. Does a decent-ish amount of burst damage but can help position heroes away from or towards you. I save it for kill shots or positioning someone away from me. This ability can save your life and the extra dps isn't really needed for tanks/warriors.
: This ability allows full dps output right away. use it wisely because it can put you in a bad position, or it can save you from death. I usually use it to engage situation but I go tangent to the hero. Learning how to go tangent to a hero is very helpful for dpsing with Tychus and, with any hero, dodging abilities from heroes like Kerrigan or Jaina.
: I rarely choose this ult and only do so if their is a E.T.C on the other team or for maps with objectives that result in long team fights. The reason I use this against E.T.C is because I save the grenade stop his ult.
: This ult is picked over 95% of the time. His increased range is too important to pass up. This hits a-lot of assassins that think they are out of range from damage from his auto attack and annihilate. Ragnarok missle's should be used for control than dps. slowing enemy champs that are coming to you or teammates helps their survival and dps output.

Talent choices and why Top

: Makes him weak early game but helps his survival greatly. I recommend farming them between lanes, once you get some farmed up you can stay in lane indefinitely.
:This got a nice buff and works really well now. With his third talent this starts to proc fast and puts a decent amount of dps out.
: Increased speed has a great synergy with his second and 5th talent, problem solver, that really starts to lay into those beefy tanks.
: I prefer this ult than the other because most assassins are to far to auto attack. The increased range with the added damage from the talents really puts some hurt on the back line.
: Shreds tanks and really helps out the dps output.
: Burst damage is popular because of how deadly it is. This helps you survive some of those attacks along with winning a duel. The more health globes you have the better the synergy it will be with this talent.
: The increase speed and range makes you a deadly force that no tank can stand. With a little vision any spot is yours for the taking but use that ult wisely on assasins. mini-gun auto attack for warrior/tanks.

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