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Tyrande Rework Talents

By: truemrfu
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018
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Level 1 Top

1)Celestial Attunement: semi cleanse, if they have a lot of CC pick this. It doesn't work against root, so think Malfurion or Thrall, also continuous CC like E.T.C. mosh or Arthas slow aura.

2)Kaldori resistance: pick if they have a lot of spell damage and roots that you can't cleanse.

3)Moonlit arrows. The added CDR may make your healing stats better, but you will mitigate more damage with the other 2. Only take this if they have almost no mages, only roots for CC, or you just want to have more healing stats

Level 4 Top

1)Ranger: the extra damage on this is not really worth it compared to the other talents, but the added CDR on you Q is where this talent gets its value. In a pinch you can almost totally reset your Q charges in a team fight if you are able to pierce multiple enemies. Which also resets whichever talent you took at 1, either spell armor or cleanse. Pick this if you will need extra burst healing or more charges of your lvl 1 talent.

2)trueshot Aura: this talent is strong when you have at least 2 auto attackers and your team not just range, but bruisers like thrall or artanis as well. The extra damage is also nice.

3)the damage of this quest is good, especially when they have your trait applied. But the main reason I would take this is if you have a single target blowup comp, or you are against Mephisto. The added range is very good for when your tank engages on their backline, often you will be far away and may miss time your stun if you have to take the extra time to step up. Against Mephisto I may also take this, you just time his warp back and drop it where is shadow is. You will not only complete your quest quickly, but will signal to your team where he is and stun him for them to follow up.

Level 7 Top

1)mark of mending: the self healing is very good for Tyrande to be able to easily deal with poke damage and making sure you can save your Q charges for your allies. 2% is pretty good healing, and 4% self healing when atacking targets with your trait allows you to survive a Tracer or Genji dive for a few extra seconds

2)Elunes Chosen: Can be very strong when paired with a dive hero like Genji, Tracer, or Mephisto. but Only if you can coordinate their engagements with you casting it. It can also be good for burst healing a single target. But if you get blinded it's totally useless. It may still be more healing if you take Mark of Mending and mark the person they are attacking.

3)Everlasting Light: to many times in crucial situation you need to cast both you heals on the same hero, and this talent gets no value. The only time I would suggest this talent is if the enemy team can never focus the same target and just pokes. This talent has very good out of combat healing, but games aren't won out of combat.

Level 10 Top

1)Starfall-I suggest this talent in almost all situations. The damage is ok, the slow will help with heroes that have any executioner like talents, but the main reason is the CDR on your Q for each hero it. With whatever talent you took at one, you can turn around a fight just by dropping this on your ally that is getting focused, and spamming q on that hero.

2)Shadow stalk, the only time this talent will get more value is if you are coordinated enough to utilize the stealth either as a gank tool or as an escape, or if your team isn't going to spend a lot of time in 5v5 fights, like against a strong macro comps like solo support Abathur

Level 13 Top

1)rangers mark: If you took mark of the mending most likely take this talent as it reduces your traits CD and increases its duration. Allowing your whole team to heal more.

Harsh Moonlight: the damage mitigation can be very strong against melee assasin or buisers, especially if their self sustain relies on their damage. If you try to use it on a ranged assasin, you are very likely to miss them. The slow is also very good to chase assasins with no escape (Raynor), or tanks with no engage (Garosh). Also if you didn't take the cleanse at 1, the slow on a Garosh it may save the life of an ally who got hit with Groundbreaker.

3)Quickening Blessing: The passive 10% move speed bonus is very good for helping you sustain auto attacks while staying at a safe range, the 20% boost for allies is also very nice. If you see little value for the other 2 talents this is a nice, safe talent.

Level 16 Top

1)Empower: 7% of a health pool is a good chunk of damage, especially coming from a healer. This talent will help you finish off fleeing heroes, and works very well against heroes with high health, and armor.(Garosh, Stiches, even Uther). The CDR also pairs very well with Harsh Moonlight at 13. It Doesn't do much for ranger at 4 since the Activatable pierce has a separate Cooldown.

2)Huntresses Fury: the Added cast range on the trait is good if you have kill targets on the enemy backline and find yourself being zone away during fights (great with stun range at 4 as well). The duration increase also pairs well with mark of mending at 7. If you took rangers mark at 13 and are able to stay in range to auto attack the targets with the trait, this talent may not be needed. Also the splash damage on trait targets is a nice bonus.

3)Darnassian Archery: I would only suggest this only if either you have the micro ability of a master level Starcraft player, or you will be doing long fights near only heroes, or you are secondary healer. Being able to studder step, while targeting only heroes, And also throwing Q's on your allies, is Very hard. Not only that, you will be encouraged to not attack anything else, which will reduce your overall healing output.

Level 20 Top

1)Iceblade Arrows: the attack speed boost on this alone is worth taking to increase your healing. The added effect of damage mitigation is just overkill. Also, the damage mitigation stacks with Harsh Moonlight at 13, so you can reduce the damage of a hero by 80%, and with good micro, also have another enemy at 40% reduced damage since the 2 second duration is long enough to alternate attacks between 2 heroes.

2)Eyes of the Huntress: if you followed this guide and took Shadow stalk for the correct reason, this talent may win you the game. Against a comp that wants to pressure all lanes, revealing them all every 80 seconds may negate that effect. Also the bonus healing on a global healing ult means you are also strong in any fights you do take.

3)Celestial Wrath- this ability pairs very well with Powerful AOE spells. The 15% armor reduction can make a big difference, like on a Jaina Ring of frost, or ETC mosh. This will help make sure all enemies caught in it die during the CC.

4)shooting Star-the increased attack range is nice, and may help you keep you Q off cooldown, and the free lunar flares are nice, but the fact that it shoots at a random target limits this talents viability. Unless they nurf Iceblade Arrows, I would always choose it over this talent.

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