Unconventional Works... by Adorak

Unconventional Works...

By: Adorak
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2015
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Talent selection and reasoning Top

Let me start off with, I am not a professional gamer, but I am pretty good...I just recently started playing as Illidan and have used several builds I've found. All of these builds seem to favor the same talents and I was out to find something different and maybe even better. So whether you are a seasoned Illidan player or brand new, I ask you to give my build a shot. Now lets look at my talents and why I chose them:

First [Shadow Shield]:
This is kind of a no brainier for me, since Illidan can be very squishy and though he can escape fairly easily, being able to hold your ground longer will result in far more kills during team fights.

Second [Marked for Death]:
I chose this simply for the extra damage output. That immediate damage after a dive on an enemy that has a lot of escape can make the difference between a kill and someone getting away.

Third [First Aid]:
Just like Shadow Shield, I'm looking to grab a bit more sustain while laning and team fighting. Also helps a lot against heavy damage heroes in 1v1 scenarios.

Fourth [The Hunt]: Now mostly everyone will disagree with me here, because Metamorphosis is so powerful. Personally I just find something fun about having total map mobility and its great for taking out those solo laners trying to lane longer than they should.

Fifth [Lunge]: Another unconventional talent, but there's nothing worse than that enemy who is just far enough away that prevents you from closing the gap. This is also nice to jump in team fights, to reach healers and ranged hiding behind their tanks.

Sixth [Second Sweep]: This is another favorite of mine. I'm sure you've been in the scenario where you blow all your cool downs on someone and just don't have enough to finish them off....you find yourself waiting for skills to come off cool down and yet they just aren't quick enough. With an extra sweep, you will surely wipe down mostly anyone 1v1 and easily clear out multiple enemies during team fights. Just don't forget you have it...

Seventh [Nowhere to Hide]: Mainly to top off [The Hunt] and give you that global mobility that could be ever so useful on maps like the Dragon Shire and Cursed Hollow...Again, for me, its just a fun way to play. So give it a shot.

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