Undying Despair by APlasticBag

Undying Despair

By: APlasticBag
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2018
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Build: Unrelenting Attack

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Threats to Leoric with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Azmodan Azmo can be a threat to Leoric if built properly. Especially if Azmo has been fed.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Rexxar Wrexxar poses a threat due to the nature of how is character is played. If played properly he can control Leoric.
  No Threat
Tracer Due to Leoric's slow attack speed and tracers high mobility landing your abilities and keeping them going to get the most out of them is very unlikely.
Varian Varian is OP{ in the current meta, that if played properly and built properly Leoric stands no chance against him.


In this Heroes Of The Storm Master Guide video I am gonna show you how to build and play the Undying King himself Leoric. Now Leoric plays a lot like Artanis if you have ever played him. I mean that in the sense that he is most effective when played very aggressively. The build that i have made i have found to not only be the most effective but also the most practical way to play Leoric.

How To Build & Play Leoric | Masters Guide


    • Ossein Renewal
    • Kneel Peasants
    • Willing Vessel
    • Entomb
    • Hardened Bones
    • Mithril Mace
    • Spectral Leech


    • Ossein Renewal grants you 30% of your health in healing over 5 seconds. This can be used at full health making it look like you're not losing health, which can affect the psychology of the other team. In addition this can be used in a pinch and it pairs nicely drain hope. It really shines when Leoric is taking less damage with Hardened Bones and Willing Vessel. Ossein Renewal makes team fights incredibly powerful as it makes you very very hard to kill paired with the ability to spooky ghost away with this talent you can expect to rarely die while being unrelenting in damage and sustainability.

    • Kneel Peasants is just an easy way to do 100% more damage to enemy non heroes. Which in turn makes you earn more xp, which buffs your team too. It's just another way to help win the game. Plus it makes you both a good team fighter, and a good solo laner.

    • Willing vessel increases leoric's healing to 25% of his health with a boost of 5% extra when he complete the ability on the enemy. This means paired with Ossein renewal means you are now potentially able to heal through an additional 60% of your health. that's like having 8k health when only having 5k actual health. And don't forget you are being attacked for this earning tank xp, and you’re doing decent dmg (most of the time i beat out assassins in dmg)

    • Entomb, This pick is the best of the two, March Of The Black King is almost pointless sure it does burst damage and when paired with its final pick it can be deadly i have definitely used it, but the amount of situations you gonna get in that you can take full advantage of it, versus the ability to section of heroes to focus them. Or stop oncoming heroes with a giant wall etc has way more practical advantages over just being able to do a bit more damage then before and potentially get stuck and die.

    • Hardened bones just pairs in so nicely with the rest of the build its almost uncanny. Hardened Bones gives you 20 armour with it lasting on you for 3 seconds after drain hope completes. So while you have 8k health while only possessing 5k health you now take 20% less damage then before. Making you even tankier and harder to kill, while beefing out the damage.

    • Mithril Mace is simply something that takes your previous picks and makes them more OP by increasing Leoric's attack speed up to 30% of his regular attack speed. This coupled with Kneel peasants and the next pick Spectral leech means he is doing more damage to non heroes even quicker, and stealing health quicker from enemy heroes with the next pick.

    • Spectral Leech, Everytime Leoric hits an enemy hero, he does more damage by taking 2.5% of their maximum health and healing himself for double, so while hitting a tank with 8k health he is receiving about 200 health per attack. Which coupled with all his previous picks he is damn near impossible to kill, and he is putting out a heck ton of damage towards the enemy team.

All in all with this build, i feel you have the best chance in most of the scenarios you will be in with Leoric to maximize his potential and win games.

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