Kings never die [In-depth guide] by Serpiente

Kings never die [In-depth guide]

By: Serpiente
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015
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Build: Good solo Q build

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Threats to Leoric with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Azmodan He has little escape from you, drain life and skeleton walk to keep him down.
Abathur He is very easy to kill if you find him, and he only tickles you if he is against you in lane.
Murky He is a twig to you, make sure to break him. Do not use Drain life until he is done with his bubble.
Nova Use your swing to detect her, then finish her off with drain life.
Gazlowe Not super difficult to lane against with your big aoe swings, but he is difficult to kill with his turrets nearby, if you catch him away from his turrets he is dead.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Malfurion Your attacks are too slow to kill him, and he is also able to keep taking your damage with his sustain.
Brightwing Difficult to solo kill with his polymorph and shield/heal, and at lvl 10 BW can just blink away from you.
Kael'thas Able to cancel your Drain hope ability with his gravity laps.
Tassadar Usually not a good idea to initiate on a Tassadar with his amazing shield and invisibility to slip away from your drain ability.
Falstad Another hero that is very hard to kill, because of his dash and flight.
Sylvanas A good Sylvanas should be able to dodge you pretty easy with Haunting Wave.
Anub'arak Able to burrow strike away from your hands.
Zeratul Annoying guy, he can poke you a lot fairly freely with his blink.
Thrall Stun+a lot of damage is bad news to The King, get away with your wraith walk ASAP.
The Butcher This guys is one of your biggest threats with his healing, huge right click damage and charge. Stay away!
Johanna She lives longer than you in fights, do not target her.


If you play everything right, and don't go balls deep, you can stay alive for a very long time and deal good damage to single targets with your drain hope ability, and your swings.

Explaining build and talents Top

Use Drain hope as an opener. From there use basic attacks and use the wraith walk to catch up and body block when they chicken out. After LVL 4 the Drain hope ability is your best friend, it allows you more survivability in or out of lane. Also very helpful for Ganking into Mid-Lane or onto objectives.

The ability Drain momentum allows you to escape while healing. SO if you get into a sticky situation then you can pop this on a pursuer and turn on them once you get back up or walk to safety. Also will keep you alive when channeling wraith walk.
I like going for ''March of the Black King'' when I know that I can almost every time hit a lot of enemies with it, pairs up really nicely with Zagara's devouring maw ultimate, zeratul's void prison and other stuff that gathers enemies up for you.

Also this build doesn't depend on a support healer you can end up with too many random people in a solo queue and this will allow you to get all aspects you need to tank the enemy team efficiently. If you have a healer like Brightwing or Reghar they both can maneuver and heal very well.
- With a support healer you can go with Imposing Presence Imposing presence Instead of Consume Vitality Consume Vitality.

Good luck

Regarding entomb. Top

Going for the Entomb ultimate is better if you have a ''guaranteed'' lineup, meaning that you know atleast one hero that work well with your ultimate, best ultimate for hero league or with that one friend. Heroes like kael'thas, Jaina, Sylvanas or even a Falstad as long as he goes with the laser ultimate. You are basically looking for heroes with massive aoe-damage when going for entomb.

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