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Solo Queue Build

By: DistantFive
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2015
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Build: Solo queue build

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Threats to Leoric with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Azmodan Get close with wraith walk, use drain hope. Then to make sure there is no escape use skeleton swing.
Abathur If you can find him, he will be an easy target and laning against he wont do anything to you.
The Lost Vikings You can hit all three or one at a time. with drain hope. Just watch out for Eric harassing you with stones.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Malfurion Your attacks are slow and damage isn't the greatest he will just heal as fast as you deal damage. Play it smart against him.
Brightwing If she is by herself the poly-morph is the issue, other than that you can chase her and kill her before she blinks. But watch her health cause it will keep healing it self.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Johanna She will last longer in a fight. If you are 1v1
The Butcher He moves faster and hits harder if he has a healer and you have a healer he will win.

Combos and explaining the build. Top

You can walk in high and mighty. Use Drain hope as an opener. From there use basic attacks and use the wraith walk to catch up and body block when they chicken out. After LVL 4 the Drain hope ability is your best friend, it allows you more survivability in or out of lane. Also very helpful for Ganking into Mid-Lane or onto objectives.

The ability Drain momentum allows you to escape while healing. SO if you get into a sticky situation then you can pop this on a pursuer and turn on them once you get back up or walk to safety. Also will keep you alive when channeling wraith walk.

I like entomb because it is a more focused force wall. I am a player who uses force wall on Tassadar and not Archon in most situations. This can separate an enemy group so well, and with some practice can be used to block enemies from allies escaping.

Also this build doesn't depend on a support healer you can end up with too many random people in a solo queue and this will allow you to get all aspects you need to tank the enemy team efficiently. If you have a healer like Brightwing or Reghar they both can maneuver and heal very well.
- With a support healer you can go with Imposing presence Instead of Consume Vitality. This allows you to go more aggressive as well as you can switch out your lvl 10 ability to March of the Black King instead of Entomb

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