Unstoppable Sylvanas by delf295

Unstoppable Sylvanas

By: delf295
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015
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Build: Assasin + Pusher Sylvanas

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Why do I think these talents are best? Top

Talent no.1 With the wind - Enables you to push and disable structures from even further distance.
Talent no.2 Ranger's Ambush - You won't be able to use Q in teamfights that much, especially if you fight in the jungle, so that's why this talent. Use it wisely.
Talent no.3 OP pushing. Each enemy explodes and does dmg to structures and minions around him.
Talent no.4 Wailing Arrow for teamfights or Possession for pushing. Both is pretty good. Pick Possession if you are constantly pushing.
Talent no.5 Splinter Shot Attacking / pushing your enemies even more.
Talent no.6 Windrunner You can refill Withering Fire's stacks on your second use. Also you can use the teleport twice to catch an enemy or for escape, damage.
Talent no.7 Depends on your ulti.

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