Valla Auto-Attack MAX by Zoonautic

Valla Auto-Attack MAX

By: Zoonautic
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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Rancor Top

Okay so rancor increases your attack speed, very nice = 15% increased attack speed at 10 stacks woop woop!

Manticore Top

So you are now hitting your target faster because of rancor's 15% increase attack speed, and now every 3rd time you hit that same person (or object - woo siege power) you will hit for 50% more damage!

around level 20 that means hitting for 230 normally but having it bumped up to like 345 on that third hit!!!

Searing Attacks Top

Ok lets pile on some more damage - 50% on top of manticore's 50% ... oh snap you just hit for like 450 damage at level 20 from an auto attack!

TIP : I noticed for abilities like these "Active" abilities - so abilities you in other words have to toggle, or click to activate, you can JUST PRESS THE NUMBER "1" KEY and it will be toggled! No dragging that slow mouse over to click!

Rain of Vengeance Top

Okay I choose this over Strafe because Strafe makes you not be able to do the normal auto attacks you have specialized in while its being used.

Giant Killer Top

Indeed now an appropriate name because you have just added an unknown amount of extra damage to your basic auto attacks - take down those tanks with huge amounts of hp and clear the way for your team to the enemies nexus!

whats 1.5% of an 8,000 hp tank? lol idk but that sounds like a lot of extra damage! Let me try to do the math anyways -

= 115 extra damage per auto shot to a tank with 8,000 hp!?!

Executioner Top

Ok so I chose this because I didn't want to have any regrets in choosing a full maxed out auto attack damage build.

This will come super handy when your team is trying to down a bunch of heroes that are trying to escape.

so say at your max you are hitting a tank with all abilities activated for say 500 dmg?

Ok so now that tank is trying to get away so he can heal and regroup his team and charge again, but one of your teammates puts a slow or some kind of CC on him to prevent this.

You should now be doing like 500 + 40% dmg (math time uh oh) = 200 extra damage = 700 total damage from one auto attack

Nexus Frenzy Top

Ok now we will add 20% attack speed, o a total of 35% boosted attack speed if you have 10 stacks of hatred, so this is where your Manticore ability will be truly shining.

And also it adds a 20% increased distance you can fire those auto attacks, making you deal tons of damage before your enemy even gets to you, or increasing the distance they have to run to get away from you, and good luck with that because Valla still can use the basic tumble ability to slide to her opponent and she has 10% increased movement speed from the full stacks of hatred = GG (good game)


This is my first build I have ever made on a game like "HOTS" - please tell me how insightful or how just plain wrong you think this build is, or how about how fun this particular build is to use?

Anyways thanks for reading all of my scribbling and maybe i'll see you guys in a later post!

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