[Valla] AutoBuild Monotarget by Erezi

[Valla] AutoBuild Monotarget

By: Erezi
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015
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Build: Valla Godess of hit and run

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Choices Top

Firstable in my opinion on Haunted Mines you better go for a SPELL BUILD ( check at the end of this chapter) than AUTOBUILD because AUTOBUILD is more effectiv late game than early . This map is more about early game and push so a SPELLBUILD would be more effectiv here . Just saying

Tier 1 : Attack speed is the key !

Tier 2 : You can pick Vampiric Assault if you are playing mostly alone but Manticore is a big part of you DPS

Tier 3 : I like the Searing Attacks for some burst dmg but it will cost a lot mana and you will need your mana so Hot pursuit is nice to get some moovement speed to keep your crazy hit and run

Tier 4 ( ULITIMATE ) : Situational , Strafe will give you tons of dammage . Rain of Vengeance will give you some burst and control , not bad at all if you wanna combo with some other CC in your team

Tier 5 : You will wait the Giant killer talent all game long ! From this moment you are a tank killer , abuse it ! If no tank in the enemie team just pick Frost Shot ( wont happen often )

Tier 6 : Blood for blood is the best way to kill the tank who's running after you , 15% max hp + some moove speed , this is really powerfull but if you are against 2 aoe assasins ( like Kael+Jaina for exemple ) picking Tumble seems to be a good idea to be abble to dodge more spells

Tier 7 : You will always choose between Nexus Frenzy ( Awesome dps buff ) or Bolt of the Strom ( Awesome escape cooldown )

ATTENTION : If you are not abble ( yet ) to hit and run LIKE A BOSS don't play this build and go on a classical SPELLBUILD ( Composite Arrows / Puncturing Arrow / Repeating Arrow / Ult of your choice / Frost Shot / Tumble / Bolt of the Storm )

Gameplay Top

Here we are , This ******* Anub wants you and wont let you go !

The first thing you have to do is PLAY HOTS enought to know the spells of each champs and their cooldown(aprox)

So Anub is chasing you , DON T WASTE YOUR Vault ! You will need it to dodge a spell or even jump in a better place to start your hit and run .

Attack Moove Attack Moove Attack moove..ect The perfect rythme is you attack speed rythme !

Hit and run doesnt mean that anub will never tuch you , it means that you ll keep mooving and kill him before he does !

When Anub will take aprox 50% hp from you use your Blood for Blood to steal him 15% of his MAX HP which is aprox 40% hp for you and steal some MOOVEMENT SPEED . This moovement speed will allow you to replace yourself in a better position ( you can miss one or two auto at this moment ) .


Check once if your dmg spells doesn more dmg than an auto on this Anub , if it does use a spell instead of auto between two moovement clicks if it doesnt don't use them !

2 reasons why no spell while H&R :
-the first is you will need your mana as i said before
-The second is you will need your spells to kill him

I explain : The moment he will realise than you are killing him and he wont kill you he will choose to run away . At this moment (20% hp aprox) you will need 3 autos and all your spells to kill him

When do i use my ultimate ?
Rain of Vengeance must be used if you get caught by one spell you were supose to dodge or just to finish this tank chasing you with a SURPRISE STUN BURST OF THE DEADLY DEATH ( mostly called SURPRISE ***********ER )

Strafe must be used if more than one people is chasing , it will allow you keep mooving and dealing dmg on all the targets . IF their is just this ******ed Anub ( yeah i hate Anub ) chasing you keep your Strafe to kill him when he will run away ( more range than autos so far )

ADVICE : Use your brain , sometime it's more effective to not auto so you can get a better spot to auto and being safe .

Ofcourse i can't tell you what to do in every situation but i trust you guys to find out what to do !

I hope this guide will help you playing my favorite champion annnnd see ya guys rank 1
ps: Sorry for bad english i hope you understood most of i said !

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