Valla god mode by gebbo

Valla god mode

By: gebbo
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014
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Build: Big damage.

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Tier 1 talent (Siphoning arrow) Top

Siphoning arrow is the way to go combined with the tier 3 talent 'Repeating Arrow'. U are able to heal up a lot in a couple of seconds by going for 2 'Siphoning Arrows'.
Some may go for Composite arrows as tier 1 talent, however I think Siphoning Arrow is better because of the survivability.

Tier 2 talent (Vampiric Assault) Top

Vampiric Assault is my personal preference, otherwise it's Puncturing arrow. The problem with puncturing arrow is that it will be quite mana heavy to use often, so it is stronger late game, but not so strong early.

Tier 3 talent (Repeating Arrow) Top

Repeating Arrow is really strong in combination with your tier 1 talent. you can do burst damage on a target with 2 arrows. also good to finish people off or gain vision. It has saved my life many times.

Tier 4 talent (Rain of Vengeance) Top

This is really depending on your situation. If you are with a 5 premade, good communication and good positioning, go strafe. otherwise always go Rain of Vengeance, u can make soloplays a lot easier, and play more solo. This is depending on your skill level so beware. Rain of Vengeance also gives you an extra escape ability, which is nice, because you can stun people off you and run away.

Tier 5 talent (Frost shot) Top

This talent is very good for teamfights, and is also aimed at the combination of your tier 6 and 7 talents, because u will just do massive AoE damage. also good for chasing enemies.

Tier 6 talent (Executioner) Top

This is where the big damage comes in, because u can slow everyone with your Multishot u basically do 40% extra damage for a couple of seconds, if you have a team with a lot of CC/Slows, this talent will just make your damage incredibly high.

Tier 7 (Fury of the Storm) Top

This is pure personal preferrence, I like doing AoE damage, but whenever the enemy team is stealth heavy, I go with Bolt of the Storm so I can escape easier. It's just whatever you like. Storm of Vengeance isn't really worth taking since the 3rd and 4th stun almost always get dodged.

End Top

This was just an overview of talents I found good working in combination of eachother, all feedback is welcome and I am definitely not a pro HotS player.

Also keep in mind, I don't speak native English so I am really sorry if there are grammatical mistakes.

All feedback welcome!

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