Valla hard hitting auto attacks by Quickdan

Valla hard hitting auto attacks

By: Quickdan
Last Updated: May 30, 2015
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Build: I hate heroes

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas Even if he catches you with his root, he won't be able to stay with you as you vault away. Easily kitable.
Diablo With no real way to reach you, you are able to kite Diablo for days on end.
Li Li LiLi will not be able to live through your barrage unless she flees at the very sight of you. very squishy as well, too easy of a kill.
Malfurion Similar to LiLi, except he will never get away from you.
Sgt. Hammer Easy pickings. This tank may hit like a hammer, but her slower rate of fire means she is easily out-dpsed.
Thrall With only the wolf being able to catch you, Thrall will have no chance against you and your kiting.
Tyrande Easily out damaged and will stand little to no chance against you.
Kerrigan Only dangerous if she catches you in her combo, otherwise, you can kite and kill her very quickly.
Stitches Stiches want to play with sticks... and play he shall. Avoid the hook and your good... even then, you should be able to easily vault away.
Zagara Avoid that W ability and your golden. Dies very quickly.
Jaina She can do some damage, but you should be able to out damage her.
Rehgar Rhegar himself isn't too bad, very easy to kill and won't be able to hit you due to kiting. But that ancestral heal could be clutch to saving his friend.
Tassadar That shield is annoying and he can easily escape, but despite those two, he can be killed fairly quickly.
Muradin His jump and stun could very well be the death of you, avoid them and not even his avatar form will save him, as he then takes even more damage from giant killer.
Sonya That jump will scare you half to death from the barbarous scream by itself, but she also has that chain to stay with you. Avoid those and she is easily kitable.
  No Threat
Anub'arak If you can avoid his stun spike and burrow charge, then he is easily kitable, and therefore killable.
Raynor I call Raynor and Valla the "auto attack siblings" because they both rely on auto attacks. Just depends on who initiates the fight and who has a teammate with them. Even then, Valla should win due to higher rate of fire.
Tychus Similar to Raynor, but a little more scary as he can easily stay with you due to his charge. And, like you, he gets stronger the longer he shoots at you.
Nazeebo His damage output can be scary combined with his damage over time effects. You should be able to kill him every time, but at the cost at most if not all your health.
Nova If she ambushes you, then you are as good as dead due to her huge burst and your low health.
Zeratul Similar to Nova in that he ambushes you to kill you quickly. If you think Mr.Tul here is near you, then stay close to some towers to deter him from ganking you.
Illidan You are squishy, so Illidan can kill you fairly quickly, with being able to also stay with you because practically all his abilities counter you.
Valla Mirror is obviously dangerous. It will all depend on who begins the combat. If she is not a mirror Valla, knock her threat down a few levels, maybe even into green as she won't have the damage output that you have.

About this build Top

This build is centered around soaking exp in the early game and ganking heroes late game. It does a ton of damage to anyone, squishy guys because they are squishy and tanks because of . I kill anyone with full life in about two seconds because of just how much damage output this build has.

Early Game
In the early game (levels 1-9) you just soak up the exp form minions, attacking enemy heroes if they are foolish enough to get in range, but do not chase them! As soon as they flee, break off and continue soaking. You are not ready to kill everyone quite yet.

Mid-game (levels 10-19) you are generally doing the same thing as early game, but now you can go chasing enemy heroes (once you get and/or ).

Late Game
Late game (levels 20+) is where you really shine. Your damage will soar and you will be on a nonstop killing spree. Target their biggest tank, pop out your searing attacks, and watch his hit points fade like he doesn't have any (mainly because he doesn't after a couple seconds of you filling him with bolts).

Abilities Top

Q ability- - A fantastic little ability! When a hero is low after you fill them up, you can shoot one of these, which seeks the nearest target, which will hopefully be the fleeing hero. With the damage you do before they flee, this should be able to finish them off.

W ability- - Really huge ability when you are soaking exp. It clears hordes of enemy minions by doing a ton of damage to all of them. Great finisher for low healthed enemies or catching stealthed Novas or Zeratuls.

E ability- - Possibly the best ability you have, despite doing no damage. It is a fantastic move that can be used offensively to secure kills, or defensively to keep you alive. All around fantastic move.

R ability- or - This one I feel like is more of a personal preference. I personally like strafe because you can chase enemies down all the while doing a huge amount of damage to them. Rain of vengeance does have the strength of stunning enemies for a short bit, but I feel like it is too weak, especially compared to strafe. But, you are not reliant on your ultimate, let alone your abilities, so this one is completely your choice.

Passive/D ability- - This is the bread and butter of Valla. Increasing attack speed (with the first talent), attack damage, and move speed, this ability buffs Valla up to succeed the longer she is in a fight. Now, I initially thought that Hatred was good, but you wouldn't be able to get full value from it as you need to hit guys 10 times. Man was I wrong. Valla has a ridiculous attack speed that is buffed the more you shoot, she gets that max hatred very quickly. Not quickly enough to kill any single hero, but still very quickly.

Counters to the other talents Top

Tier 1
- If you are playing Valla and relying completely on , then you are wasting the use of Valla and need to play something else. She uses Hungering arrow as a finisher, not her main use ability. She almost always has enough mana to use all her abilities 5 times over. That may or may not be an exaggeration, I am not sure.

- Similar to the cost effective materials, this is a waste of using Valla. If you need to heal so badly (which you don't), then you can get at tier 2, then you are at least using your best ability- auto attack.

- Another waste, as it relies on using an ability, which Valla does not use to kill with. The only great thing this is for is for making sure you can finish off fleeing heroes, but hungering arrow does a fine job of that already.

- Another big waste of a talent. You gain hatred quickly enough with your basic attacks, you might as well gain something more from it rather than let hungering arrow give you 3... oh yeah, you already have the max 10... making this talent a waste.

Tier 2
- This talent is actually fairly decent as you attack very quickly, giving you quite a bit of health over time. But, will capitalize your damage in a way that vampiric assault never will.

- With how you use , this talent isn't too bad actually as it makes sure you can catch the fleeing hero with your shot. But, manticore still blows it out of the water as you get that extra boost in damage so they hopefully don't even have the chance to flee.

- I honestly don't really know what Blizzard was thinking here. "Hey, lets give our already great AOE, even more AOE!" maybe? is already a great enough ability, it doesn't need a grenade or three to make it even more amazing, while manticore will help with killing heroes much better because multishot is more of a finisher anyways.

Tier 3
- How do I put this gently.... NO! With a hero like Valla, you never EVER take down the chance to get . No amount of caltrops will ever deter me from that statement. Vault already gives you enough break away-age that the caltrops will be more so a minor annoyance for the enemies rather than a deadly threat.

- If searing attacks was not a talent here, then I probably would take this one, but searing attacks is a tier 3 talent, so that is the choice. That movement speed will definitely help with catching fleeing heroes though.

- You know, before I knew searing attacks was a good talent, I actually did choose this one once. - - ?? Yes please! No thank you... Hungering arrow is not the thing you are using and you will almost never use vault enough to make this talent worth anything. Real waste of a talent.

Tier 4
We will skip this as I talked about the two ultimates in the previous paragraph.

Tier 5
- similar to , I took this before I figured out that giant killer was good. Being able to slow your enemies and capitalize your advantage that you easily out damage them is amazing. But not as amazing as doing an extra 1.5% of a tank's life worth of damage. Giant killer is the ability that allows you to kill tanks just as quickly as the squishy assassins.

- Not a bad talent... if it wasn't up against giant killer, you could keep the 10 stacks of hatred for more than 1 second, and Valla ever needed to heal while in combat... Any form of healing while attacking really is a waste on Valla, as if you get caught up in a fight where you take damage, then your going to either die or kill, nothing more. No time for healing.

- No... just... NO! Spell shield is one of the worst talents you can get. Sure it helps when Nova crippling shots you and THEN snipes, but you still take a TON of damage from those combo burst characters.

Tier 6
- Not a bad talent... just one small, little, tiny problem. You have no way to disable targets. This is a complete waste unless you are in a team fight and Malfurion drops down and hits your target with it.

- Amazing talent, really. Too bad it is up against two other amazing talents. This means you will always get away from sticky situations if you have fast enough reactions. Unfortunately, can also make sure you escape while at the same time healing you.

- What were you planning on when you took this talent? Tanking? Seriously? As a freaking assassin? One of the squishiest ones out their as well... Quit Heroes of the Storm. Now.

Tier 7
- I never saw a need for this talent. You are hitting everything anyways, why do you need to hit... everything? I'll test this talent out and edit this guide if I change my mind, but for now, I would not recommend this talent.

- Your already missing with the second beast, now you want to miss with 3? I find this as a waste of a talent. I think it should be change to double the stun time or do more damage, not double the dang beasts...

- With having , you really do not need this amazing talent. You already have a way to escape combat.

(for why I pick it)- I pick nexus frenzy so you can do max amount of damage with your auto attacks. This allows you to attack at a relatively safe range and attack faster as well, making your already fast kill time even faster.

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