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Vampiric Valla

By: Krazy
Last Updated: Nov 2, 2015
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This is the Valla build I go in pretty much every game. It is predicated first and foremost on high damage and mobility for chase potential, with regeneration from Vampiric Assault for sustained damage, and then burst damage from the combination of Frost Shot and Executioner.

Rancor at 1 I think is pretty essential, the overall damage potential from this one ability is pretty immense. Although you may be concerned about your hatred stacks being interrupted in a team fight, overall it doesn't matter--if you aren't making the team try to control you through your damage, you're not doing your job as Valla. For that reason, having a little bit of extra range on multishot just isn't worth it.

Vampiric Assault over Manticore is probably surprising to some, and one potential big point of contention. Although Manticore does have incredible potential, it forces your healer to really be on their game the entire time. Now if your healer is pro, maybe you can get in a Manticore, but personally I still think the versatility in positioning that Vampiric Assault gives you makes up for the occasional boost in DPS from Manticore.

Hot Pursuit lets you chase enemies without using your e, giving you the chance to use your Vault for escapes. The appeal of this is hard to overstate. I know that Searing Attacks is very popular, but I still find the mobility advantage of Hot Pursuit to be preferable.

Rain of Vengeance and Strafe are both fantastic ultimates. My go-to tends to be Rain of Vengeance just because everyone and their mother has a good stun anymore. If there's a Sgt. Hammer, Tyrande, Tychus, The Butcher, or Sonya, I tend to feel like you're more likely to get something out of Rain of Vengeance than you will a Strafe that will either be interrupted or ignored through regeneration.

Frost Shot builds on Hot Pursuit so that you don't have to be chasing heroes alone, instead you can set up enemy heroes to be ganked by your allies. Frost Shot also synnergizes with your Executioner, which means that in a few levels and into the late game the damage output from Frost Shot + Executioner will feel greater, with better mobility, than getting Giant Killer and Blood for Blood.

If there is any chance that you won't be constantly ganked, then at 20 the capstone of the entire build is Nexus Frenzy -- if you can even get off a few shots, you will usually be at full life due to the lifegain of Vampiric Assault so you will ideally need fewer escapes. That being said, there may be a few situations where you really just have to grab Bolt of the Storm, but that's a judgment call you'll be able to sense based on how many times you've died before the level 20 mark. If you have a negative K/D, and it's because your team just can't hold a position, then Bolt might have to be the answer. In all other scenarios, though, the damage output and mobility gained from Nexus Frenzy is phenomenal.

Hope this guide helps!

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