Wamk's Damage Rehgar by Onewiththewamk

Wamk's Damage Rehgar

By: Onewiththewamk
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2015
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Build: Damage Rehgar

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Intorduction Top

This Build focuses on high damage every few seconds. It also allows you to still heal effectively.

Talent Choices Top

Trait: Replaces mount with spirit wolf, While in spirit wolf you move 30% faster and your next basic attack from spirit wolf deals 100% additional damage. Using abilities or attacking breaks spirit wolf.
Level 1: Empowering charge, Gives target of shield's next 3 basic attacks +25% damage.
Level 4: Focused attack, Every ten seconds your next basic attack deals 50% additional damage, each basic attack reduces cooldown by one.
Level 7: Searing attacks, For the next 5 seconds your basic attacks deal +50% extra damage each attack costs 15 mana. Cooldown of 25 seconds
Level 10: Ancestral Healing: Heals for a huge amount of health, almost fully heals target. Bloodlust can be picked up instead, but I personally find that the heal is too good.
Level 13: Feral Lunge, When attacking from Spirit wolf you lunge a short distance and the damage is increased from 100% to 200%.
Level 17: Blood for Blood, Steals 15% of targets max health and also slows them by 30% for 3 seconds.
Level 20: Farseer's Blessing or Fury of the storm. Farseer's increases healing and adds an aoe to it. Fury of the storm makes your attacks bounce to 2 additional targets for 50% damage. Down to personal preference, Farseer's blessing is the safer choice.

Play style Top

Combo: Start by applying your w to yourself, activate searing attacks, activate spirit wolf then attack the enemy. Use blood for blood immediately after attacking, continue to attack the enemy, use your w and spirit wolf whenever they are off cooldown.
-Use Earthbind totem to slow when needed.
-Heal allies with q when needed.

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