Where the real Voodoo begins! New #1 Battle-Tested Nazeebo guide. (UPDATED TO LATEST PATCH/META MON!) by Torchbearer

Where the real Voodoo begins! New #1 Battle-Tested Nazeebo guide. (UPDATED TO LATEST PATCH/META MON!)

By: Torchbearer
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2016
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Build: Where the real Voodoo begins! New #1...

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Nazeebo Everythin' else be easy, mon!
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Zagara Lane bully, will give you troubles early game while trading damage - She becomes less and less frightful as the game progresses.
Illidan Mechanically counters your spells, can be killed if you have Gargantuan up though! (He is actually weak VS Gargantuan, otherwise just run like a little girl!)
Falstad Can gank and overpower you from behind/bushes. (Be very careful not to overextend in lane with Falstad in the game)
Tracer Annoying, hyperactive zip-zap Hero that counters your spell mechanics! (Not much to do here, ladies!)


I'd like to start this guide with a notice, that even though a -lot- of Nazeebo players will not agree that this is the superior build to play i still urge you to go through the guide, test it out on your own, dear reader and come to your own conclusions as i have done the same before creating this guide to help all you newly started Voodoo Shuffle Warrior Rhasta Mastas with your high level Zeebo games mon! Make no mistake mon, this -is- the best way to play your Witch Docta.


This build heavily focuses on the usage of Zombie Wall and tries to emphasize on the superior DPS done by Zombie Wall compared to the underwhelming Spider damage build or the -very easily dodgable- Explosive Frog ability. Notice how Zombies do 84 damage on Level 20, while spiders do a measly 24 - both apply poison.

First thing i notice in bad Nazeebo builds is that people are under the impression that there's a lot of spiders in their spider build (While there are only THREE in fact, 6 with 3 spawning very slowly with Spider Cluster). <--- Now i'm sure a lot of people would be well-intimidated by this build you guys have created (Especially the neighbor lady next door! Hell, even your girlfriend might squeal. Ew, spiders! right?!), but all jokes aside: Put against and in contrast with other Specialists in the game, annihilating the battlefield with their ultra-super-sonic rays and orbs of death and destruction, compared to all that - you're left with a bunch of measly little spiders that can't even get to their target in time, they're like drunk taxi drivers in NY! (They are cute though, i'll give them that!)


I apologize for my terrible guide-crafting skills, I haven't been able to put everything in pretty little colors, but don't judge a book by it's cover! Judge it by how many people it helps you kill!

So we're basically taking all the zombie talents and utilizing them to the fullest, so you can have your own army of pissed off, caffeine starved dead people freshly dug from their graves on an early winter morning, (So they're even more grumpy than usual, especially if they're old people corpses!)

You might ask a few questions mon, like: "WHY?!" "WON'T I RUN OUT OF MANA?!" "ISN'T HARDENED FOCUS BAD?"


We take Spider Cluster to up our early game and be a bit more helpful to our team in early game, because Nazeebo is very weak stat and damage-wise early game. It also helps us collect more minion kills for our Quest Passive.

We take Zombie Wall cooldown reduction 2nd AND BEFORE YOU ALL GO CRAZY, HEAR ME OUT MON!
Zombie Wall CD becomes amazing as the game progresses and even before it does - it allows you to catch people more frequently and fend off against gankers, of course at this point getting the spider/wall duration is better, but for the later parts of the game this is gonna be priceless as we get to the big moment of this build!

We take Gargantuan, i don't like the other ult but if you like it then go for it, i just think it immobilizes you - makes you lose vision of your Hero which is crazy bad and a lot of people overlook that weakness from Ravaging Spirit. Always take Gargantuan - it helps you fend off people too and become more tanky and annoying.

Now - here it is. the Dead Rush + Hardened Focus combo, where the real voodoo starts! We take both of these and shift our playstyle from going inside and spamming our spells to CONSERVING MANA, KEEPING A LONG DISTANCE BETWEEN US AND THE ENEMY TEAM, WHILE -ONLY- USING ZOMBIE WALL SPELL FROM AFAR with our health being over 80%+ (You don't even need to trap people in it anymore), If your health is low then get some healing from the healer or shift your playstyle to going close and trapping people in walls again, with the lowered cooldown you'll be able to keep trapping people non-stop. Zeebo's passive also gives you the ability to sustain yourself above 80% Health if you can't go back to base or if your Hp/Energy Refill is on cooldown.

And NO - you won't constantly be taking damage below 80%, because you will stay miles away from the enemy team and covering your corners by using Zombie Wall as a deterrent, instead of going in and trying to trap people (Which results in you taking heavy hits most of the times, one of the reason i decided to change my build from the standard one - you always end up forcing your team in a bad position)

The idea here though is that you spam zombie wall outside of enemy range, the zombies disengage and rush in to do 3x TIMES, yes, 3 times more damage than your 6 spiders would've done. There are 5 zombies, keep in mind - all instant. Also - by not taking Gidbinn we allow our Zombies to pop out even faster from the Wall, making only a slight delay until they're out and hunting for brains to eat. With the reduced CD and Hardened Focus active, you have only a 2-3 second interval between Zombie Walls, there's almost always 5 zombies out there poking and dealing damage to the enemy team, towers or other buildings and if it gets too bad they're even forced to start killing them to survive.

No comment on getting Blink, only take improved Gargantuan if they haven't tried diving or ganking you in game even once (Which is rare, but still happens), otherwise always take the Blink ability and be sneaky with it! Sneakyyyy Charlie... Snnnneakky!


TRY OUT THIS BUILD FOR YOURSELF, I have been doing insane amounts of damage to both players & structures with it and i am currently sitting around Diamond 3 - Masters, easily climbing still with a slow pace utilizing the same build whenever i get to play Nazeebo. (I don't have time to play very frequently)

ENJOY IT MON, LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK TOO, BUT TRY IT FIRST! May da voodoo never abandon you!

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