Wulfscar's Illidan Build - Survivability by Wulfscar

Wulfscar's Illidan Build - Survivability

By: Wulfscar
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2015
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Build: Wulfscar's Illidan Build - Survivability

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Wulfscar's Personal Illidan Build Top

This build is great for those Illidan players out there that are having issue of being taken down too quickly in battles.

[Level 1] Shadow Shield provides a very useful barrier when you use Evasion.

[Level 4] Immolation provides the user with a great ability that is very viable in team fights or defending/pushing against large minion waves being that it damages enemies around Illidan.

[Level 7] First Aid provides a self heal which is extremely useful if you are not near your support or your support is Out Of Mana (OOM).

[Level 10] Metamorphosis is a great damage/attack speed increasing move which is great for swiftly dispatching enemy heroes or structures.

[Level 13] Sixth Sense will add even another level of survivability - being extremely useful in team battles or solo battles against other Heroes.

[Level 16] Blood for Blood provides a health siphoning ability which can either double as a heal and/or as an extra damaging ability.

[Level 20] Bolt of the Storm provides a great ability when used to either disengage from combat after suffering massive damage or chasing an enemy hero to provide the last hit on them.

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