Zagara Split Push Build by Sugimori

Zagara Split Push Build

By: Sugimori
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017
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Build: Zagara Split Push Build

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Threats to Zagara with this build

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Falstad Can easily use his global flying skill to come after you at any point, be careful and watch the map.
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Nova Heroes with invisibility and heroes that generally have a good ganking ability will be your biggest threats

Introductions Top

Hi, my name is Sugimori! I have a Youtube channel, and a Twitch channel where I play some video games like Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and Overwatch mostly. I am and always have been an analytical gamer trying to discover the best builds, and hate playing the meta. In my opinion, if the enemy knows what I will build due to what the meta dictates then the enemy will have the advantage. Off stream I like to play games like Dota 2 as well, so I have no shortage of MOBA experience and many times inspiration comes from Dota as well. More guide stuff to come in the future.

The Build Top

Split Push

This build has Zagara doing what she does best, taking forts. Forget about team fight builds with Devouring Maw. For most of the game you will be playing alone, if your allies don't know how to play Zagara, they will complain, mute them as soon as possible. With this build, it is very likely you will be MVP or will at least be up there on that final screen for sure.

After you get Nydus Network at level 10 the following is what your strategy should be:
  1. Find an uncontested lane.
  2. Set up creep tumors near the buildings you want to take out and drop a nydus worm down.
  3. Blow all of your abilities on the building including Envenomed Spines.
  4. Hop back into the Nydus Network and have your ability cooldowns/mana regeneration sped up
  5. Assess if you should continue assaulting this lane or move to another.

If at any point you feel as though the enemy might be coming after you, get back in the Nydus Network and go somewhere else! You will be a high priority target because you are being more valuable than the rest of the people on your team.

Why Split Pushing is Valuable Top

If you watch me stream on Twitch, or you watch videos of me playing specialists on Youtube you will probably hear me talk about this a lot when my allies get mad about the fact that I am not on the "objective." The true objective in the game is the core. Period. It does not matter how the core dies, as long as it does. If your hero is a split pusher (e.g. Zagara, Probius, Sylvanas, etc.) then it is most important that you DO NOT JOIN YOUR TEAM FOR THE SILLY MAP GIMMICK unless it aligns with what you are already doing (e.g. collecting spider gems), or if you absolutely must to stop the other team from winning right then and there.

The value that you provide is that the enemy team must make a choice. This is especially effective if the enemy team is unorganized like in a solo queue game where the communication is less effective and potentially salty. There are a couple things that may happen when the map gimmick appears:
  • If they decide to 5-man at the map gimmick against the 4 people on your team they have a better chance at winning the objective (this is where your uneducated teammates will start complaining about you). The objective may do some damage to your buildings, but you as the efficient split pusher will likely do much more damage to their forts, netting your team value overall.
  • If they decide to send one person to kill you, and 4 people to fight the objective, there will be fairly neutral value added or lost to your team. If the person successfully kills you, they might lose a bit of health on their forts/towers but gain experience from killing you. If they don't successfully kill you, and you instead manage to kill them (rare occurrence as you aren't built to battle other heroes, you are meant to battle buildings) then you are lucky and gain experience and plenty of building damage, while there is also an even fight happening at the map gimmick (large net value for your team).
  • If they decide to send more than one person to kill you, they will kill you. And that's a good thing, you want them to do this because your team will win the objective as long as they aren't completely hopeless. Of course if you see them coming, or you don't see 5 enemies at the objective, you want to try to get out of there and move to a different lane via Nydus Network if possible. Since they are trying to kill you, your team should easily capture the map gimmick objectives and cause damage to enemy buildings which is a net value for your team.

Tl;dr the above list shows that in almost every situation split pushing during a map gimmick results in a net positive for the team. And in most cases you are able to do more damage with your roaches, banelings, and hunter killers/mutalisks than the team would do if all 5 were getting the immortal to knock down 1 tower and 1 gate (which is about the amount of damage all map gimmick objectives do).

Other Options Top

Level 13

This is a better talent than Protective Coating if you are worried about spell damage. This pick will depend on the team lineup that you are fighting.


Here are some other options that might be better if they were buffed in some way, but until they are, do not pick these talents:

Level 4

This seems like a cool talent until you realize that it simply splits your attack damage in 3 to hit 3 targets. If this talent were to do, say, 75% of your original damage and attack 3 targets, this talent might be an easy pick. Until Blizzard buffs it, go with Envenomed Spines which lets you do all 100% of your damage + more!

Level 16

The only thing this talent does is cost you mana. With this talent you are able to get out a second hunter killer right as the first one is dying. With Mutalisk you can potentially have 4 mutalisks out at the same time doing 175% of the damage a normal hunter killer does (bouncy glaive wurms :D) and they last for an insane 45 seconds as opposed to a hunter killers puny 8 seconds). The choice is crystal clear until Blizzard gives this talent something useful.

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