Zagara Super Creep Build by KingWut117

Zagara Super Creep Build

By: KingWut117
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016
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Malfurion Pretty much anyone with really easy quick AoE like malfurion, if they pay attention can really screw this build over.
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The Build? Top

Well, as you might guess from the name, this build focuses entirely around maximizing creep spread. I like using this build because it can make Zagara an unstoppable pushing machine in the late game, while keeping her safe from gankers and giving lots of vision throughout all stages of the game.

P.S. this is my first build guide attempt

Tactics Top

Unless you have them on the run, do not try to engage the enemy directly with this build. Unless you have support from your allies, this build falls to many assassins. Your best bet is to run as fast as possible on your massive fields of creep.

NEVER. STOP. USING CREEP TUMORS. If your creep tumors are off cooldown, you are doing it wrong. It even helps to place a few redundant tumors several units away from each other to help save them from large AoE effects.

Always put pressure on the enemies' base, but make sure you have an escape route. Cover jungle exits on your lane with scout tumors, and make sure your escape path is totally infested. Once you hit level 10, keep a nydus worm in the hall of storms, and use the remaining 3 to keep dominating the pushing game. In an emergency, if gankers are coming up from behind, pop a nydus worm and peace right out of there.

The T5 talent is more a matter of preference than anything, I like chosing the drop pod buff because if you can land the skill shots it can deal pretty god damage in team fight situations, and it can really decimate waves if you land it right.

Above all, staying alive is the name of the game, try to keep your downtime as low as possible and always keep the pushing pressure.

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