Zagara the Queen B by Waaargh

Zagara the Queen B

By: Waaargh
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2015
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Build: Zagara the Guerilla Bug

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Introduction Top

This guide is a work in progress, based on alternative interesting builds to the popular Tier List builds. For now I will just cover Blackhearts Bay.

Blackheart's Bay Top

I desperately wanted a win today and as it was BB I wanted to actually look at the talents and what was useful on this particular map.

Bombardment makes it so sieging a base becomes less relevant and turning in coins and controlling the area becomes of much greater importance. For that I wanted to try a different approach.

Tier 1: Centrifugal Hooks allowed me to harass opponents turning in, from a long distance away.

Tier 2: Tumor Clutch lowers the cooldown of my active passive, helping me regrow tumors fast and spread creep.

Tier 3: Endless Creep improved greatly on the teams LoS and made the tumors live through some AoE.

Ult: Devouring Maw to aid in teamfights.

Tier 5: As of lately I have grown fond of Giant Killer. It allows Zagara to damage with more than just the hunter killer.

Tier 6: Metabolic Boost was something of a test. However with creep covering most of the fighting area and lots of turns and hiding places, I quickly found out how powerful this makes Zagara when prepared the area. She can keep skittering away from pursuers. It also allowed me to hunt down a low health Sylvanas through the combination of Giant Killer and 40% movement speed on creep.

Tier 7: Tyrant Maw goes well with the ult.

That's all for now Folks Top

I'll be back.

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