HotS Hero: E.T.C.


Title: Rock God
Role: Melee Tank
Franchise: Warcraft
Price: 300 Gems | 2k gold

Atk Speed1.25 per second
The Power of the Horde incarnated by brutal rhythms and blistering guitar riffs into the most elite tauren chieftain to ever headbang across the surface of Azeroth. Don't bother putting on socks. He's just going to rock them off anyways.

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Fyndler | April 21, 2015 6:57pm
This hero is just... All that trolling lol
Enoch (2) | February 21, 2015 12:26am
The fact he's banned so often in ESL games at the moment should say a lot. He's one of the best tanks in the game, hell maybe just overall best characters. Absurdely high life, a gap closer that stuns, an AOE, a self regen, and either an AOE stun/root that lasts for en eternity or the ability to go anywhere on the map. He's like Shen on steroids. lol

A Rock god.
UnknownPandr (1) | March 2, 2014 1:38pm
Forces enemies to dance.

I will always get Mosh Pit.
MadDanny | March 2, 2014 12:49am
So much CC. It's obvious this is Blizzard's persona of being trolls.
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