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Title: Agent of Overwatch
Role: Ranged Assassin
Franchise: Overwatch
Price: 750 Gems | 10k gold

Atk Speed8.00 per second
Lena Oxton (call sign: "Tracer"), is both an adventurer and an irrepressible force for good. With the ability to alter her own time at will, she fights the good fight wherever she goes--even the Nexus. Don't worry, loves. The cavalry's finally here. Tracer is FREE to purchasers of Overwatch™: Origins Edition

Explore Tracer’s abilities including: combat trait, base abilities, heroic abilities, and abilities gained through talents. You can also find Tracer’s talent tree at the bottom of the page.

Combat Trait
Tracer can Basic Attack while moving, and after attacking 10 times she needs to reload over 0.75 seconds. Tracer can manually reload early by activating Reload. Tracer gains 10% life steal on her Basic Attacks.
(Q) Blink
Teleport to the target location.

Using this Ability does not break cloak.
(W) Melee
Deal 220 (+4% per level) damage to a nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes. Gain 6% Pulse Bomb charge when using Melee against an enemy, and 12% against Heroes.
(E) Recall
Tracer returns to the position she was at 2 seconds ago, refilling her ammo, and removing all negative status effects from herself.

Recall Duration: 1.25 seconds
Heroic Abilities(Granted at level 10)
(R) Pulse Bomb
Fire a short range bomb that can attach to an enemy if it hits them. The bomb explodes after 2 seconds dealing 288 (+6% per level) damage to them and 144 (+6% per level) damage to other nearby enemies.

This Ability is slowly charged over time by dealing damage to enemies with Basic Attacks and Melee.

Tracer Talents
1 (?)
4 (?)
7 (?)
10 (?)
13 (?)
16 (?)
20 (?)

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