Sombra V.3 (Complete Concept) by Rexx

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Sombra V.3 (Complete Concept)

By: Rexx
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2019
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Sombra V.3 (Complete Concept)

Notorious Hacker

"Everything can be hacked... and everyone."


Before taking up her current alias as Sombra - Olivia Colomar was among the many thousands of children who ended up orphaned as a result of the Omnic Crisis. Yet Olivia was a gifted child; at a rather young age - Her understanding of how to utilize computers and execute high levels of hacking was something that not only would save her but also lead her into being welcomed into the Los Muertos gang in which she found a home and begun taking on jobs that among many things; Included hacker attacks up on the government of Mexico which rapidly spiraled out of control and had Olivia descend into a tangled web filled with corruption and secrets which made one thing more clear than anything else - Knowledge is power.

After snooping around too much - Olivia was eventually found out and had to go into hiding. With help from the Los Muertos, she received a cybernetic graft and was "reborn" as Sombra. With her newfound alias and cybernetic improvements which allowed her to stay constantly on the move all the while executing her crafty hacker crafts; she became a force that many sought to both stop and hire. This all eventually led to Sombra getting involved with the criminal organization Talon where she to this day still works and along with this group; Have executed numerous actions which has led to more uproar around the world. One of her most recent actions which only solidified her intentions in life was when Sombra alongside Talon members Reaper and Widowmaker infiltrated Volskaya Industries in order to get a hold of Katya Volskaya. Yet once she had Katya in the palm of her hand, she instead struck a deal for her own benefits with her and let Katya go - Lying to her Talon companions about the end result of their infiltration.

As the Nexus lords called upon Sombra - It was utmost uncertain what their intentions was by bringing her to their realm. Some of the champions from the Nexus that hails from Earth speculates that perhaps Sombra somehow with her cybernetics and talents made her own way to the Nexus seen as how she knew that certain members of Overwatch had vanished recently. Having now found them in the Nexus and being part of an entire new world; Sombra readies up to see what information that can be extracted and abused within the Nexus.

Role description:

Sombra takes up the role as a Ranged Support who specializes in shutting down enemy units, structures and players while also assisting her own team in terms of providing information and being able to utilize her cybernetics for more than just harassing the enemy. Her Hack ( Q ) ability has an extremely wide set of uses and can be used to manipulate even the battlefield itself.

Baste stats:

- Base Health: 1498 (+4 % per level)
- Health regen: 3.01 (+4 % per level)

- Mana: 500 (+ 4% per level)
- Mana regen: 3.68 (+ 4% per level)

- Movement speed: 100%

Basic attack:

Sombra attacks at a range via the use of of her Machine Pistol

- Base damage 29 (+4 % per level)
- Attack speed 6
- Attack range 5.5

Combat Trait

R - Opportunist
Passive: Sombra channels / captures objectives 25% faster than other heroes.

Activate: Grant yourself and allied heroes vision of all hostile heroes bellow 20% health for 4 seconds.

Enemy heroes will not be alerted to that Sombra and her team has vision on them.

Mana: 0
Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

Primary Abilities

Q - Hack
Do a 0.5 second channel to hack your selected hostile target. This can be done to a multitude of targets with different effects:

Hostile heroes: Silence them for 2.5 Seconds and deny them to channel / collect / contest / capture map objectives while silenced.

Hostile minion: Convert them to Sombra's side.

Hostile Merceanry (Non-boss): Turn them against their own team for 8 seconds.

Hostile Tower, Fort or Keep: Shut down the structure, denying cannon fire for 6 seconds.

Hostile Fountain: Deny the use of the fountain for 30 seconds.

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 10 Seconds.

Range: 9
W - Thermoptic Camouflage
Activate to become Unrevealable for 2.5 seconds followed by entering Stealth and gain 15% movement speed while the stealth lasts. Standing still for 1.5 seconds during stealth will grant Invisible.

Upon breaking Stealth: Sombra will gain a 75% increased basic attack damage for 3 seconds.

You can re-activate this ability to manually exit stealth. Stealth is broken upon issuing a basic attack command onto a hostile unit, taking damage or starting a channel. Hack can be cast from stealth but will break the stealth.

Mana: 45
Cooldown: 9 Seconds. (Cooldown starts once Sombra exits stealth)
E - Translocator
Place a permanent translocator at your targeted location which will give vision withing 2 range of itself. Re-activate this ability once the translocator has been placed to instantly teleport back to the translocator. This will destroy the translocator when you return to it. Hostile heroes can spot and destroy the translocator.

The Translocator can be tossed a short distance, allowing Sombra to throw it over terrain. A translocator can be placed while in stealth without losing stealth.

Mana: 30 (Place Locator)
Mana: 30 (Activate Tanslocator)

Cooldown: 14 Seconds. (Cooldown starts upon activating Translocator / If the Translocator is destoyed)

Range translocator toss: 10

Secondary Abilities

1 - Systematic Hack
Cast Hack on an allied unit - Doing this will refund the manna spendt on Hack.

Allied heroes: Remove a Crowd Controlling effect on them.

Allied minions: Empower them by granting the hacked allied minion 25% more damage and health. Hacking a Leader Minion (Wizard Minion) will cause for it to instantly drop it's globe to Sombra's team - Negating the enemy team the globe if the minion dies.

Allied Mercenary (Non-boss): Increase their damage and attack speed by 25% for 8 seconds.

Allied Tower, Fort, Keep: Increase their rate of fire and damage by 25% for 6 seconds.

Allied Fountains; Increase their effect by 25% and cause for a hacked allied fountain which get's used to only have half of the usual "refresh" timer. This lasts for 30 seconds

Mana: 60 (Effectively 0)
Cooldown: 10 Seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Sombra instantly emits an EMP which will apply a 100% more potent Hack to all Allies and Hostile units within range.

Mana: 100
Cooldown: 110 Seconds.

Raius: 6
R - Talon Ambush
Call inn Talon enforcers; Causing every single bush across the entire map to have talon enforcers be dropped down into them for 15 seconds before they retreat. During these 15 seconds; All hostile heroes who comes within 3 range of a bush will be shot at and take 129 (+ 4% per level) damage each second they remain within the 3 range. Moving within 1.5 range of a bush will cause for the enforcer(s) to fire of a power-shot that deals twice the damage and which also knocks the hostile hero a short distance back.

Talon enforcers have 1019 (+ 4% per level) health but are not revealed when they attack - Meaning that they must be hit by skill-shots / area of effect abilities or be revealed to be granted vision upon as they knock nearby hostile heroes away from the bushes. Talon enforces can be crowd controlled.

Mana: 90
Cooldown: 80 Seconds.


Level 1

No escape:

Opportunist now allows Sombra and allied heroes to see hostile heroes bellow 30% health up from 20%. In addition the cooldown on Oppotrunist is reduced by 10 seconds.

Marked targets:

Sombra reveals enemies she basic attacks for 5 seconds. Revealed heroes who is under fire from Sombra takes 10% less healing.

Constant intel:

Opportunist's active function will now pulse and be active for 1 seconds for each 3.5 seconds Sombra actively spends on capturing / channeling an objective. This 1 second version of Opportunist reveals hostile heroes at or bellow 35% health.

Level 4

Focus Fire:

Sombra deals 3% more damage to a hostile unit for each 2 seconds she holds active basic attack fire on said target. This effect can ramp up to a 30% increase in damage. The bonus is lost once the focused target is not shot within 5 seconds. Only one target can be under the Focus Fire effect at once.

Assassin's momentum:

Sombra can now move while basic attacking.

Illegal modifications:

Increase your basic attack range by 1.5 and cause for your basic attack to deal splash damage right behind whatever target you are shooting at for 75% of the basic attack damage dealt to the main target.

Level 7


Using Hack on a structure will reset it's cooldown.

Hand of knowledge:

Using Systematic Hack on a non-structure reduce it's cooldown by 33%.

Systematic link:

Hack will now connect between two target and will hack a secondary target near your main target 0.5 seconds after the initial hack is cast. A secondary hack has half the effect of the original hack and will prioritize to land on a equal target of the same team (From Allied hero to Allied hero OR hostile hero to hostile hero, etc) and will as such only jump between different type of targets (Heroes / Minions / Mercenaries / Structures) on different teams should NO other "matching" unit be within range.

Denied Negotiations:

Hack can be cast on Mercenaries to instantly capture them. A hostile hero under the effect of Hack can not capture nor will contest a Mercenary point.

Level 10 - ( Heroic Abilities )


Talon Ambus.

Level 13

Latest tech:

The unrevealable state upon activation now lasts for 4 seconds.

Fleet of foot:

Gain an additional 10% movement speed while the empowered stealth is active and reduce the cooldown on Thermoptic Camouflage by 3 seconds.

Mirror Coating:

The Translocator can no longer be destroyed and is unrevealable no matter what - This effect breaks if the Translocator is placed within hostile Fort, Keep or Core Range; In which case it will become revealed and can be destroyed.

Material reconstruction:

Activating the Translocator will clear Sombra of any damage over time effects, slows, roots and will also shake off abilities which has the possibility to tail a target across greater distances. (Like ranged basic attacks and Pyro Blast)

Level 16

The Null Zone:

Sombra recharges her basic abilities 0.3 seconds faster per hostile hero within 5.5 range.

Technology to Rebuild:

Hacking an allied structure will cause for it to restore 20% of it's missing health over the course of the hack benefit duration. A structure can only be "repaired" this way by hack once every 30 seconds.

Mess with the best, die like the rest:

Landing Hack from Thermoptic Camo will extrend the Basic Attack empowerment duration by 6.5 seconds and increase the bonus from 75% to 125% increased basic attack damage. Should a hostile hero die to Sombra during this 9.5 second period of empowered basic attack; Sombra will heal up for 20% of her missing health.

Level 20 - ( Storm Talents )

Hack the Planet:

EMP has it's cooldown reduced by 4 Seconds per unit that got affected by a Hack. EMP now also instantly removes the shields on a hostile Core.

Heavy Assault:

Talon Ambus now also lands a Heavy Assault in all lanes near your current deepest wave of minions. The Heavy Assault lasts for the same 15 seconds and will do twice the damage of Talon members inside the bushes to hostile units within 5.5 range. It constantly moves with the minions it is assigned too, will prioritize heroes over anything else and soaks experience for Sombra. Heavy Assaults have twice the health of a Talon enforcer and can be Crowd Controlled.

Inside job:

Hack can now be used on the Enemy's core and will now instead make it so that when a hostile structure is hacked; It will instead gain the benefits an allied structure would get - Yet the hacked structure will while hacked; open fire on it's own team.

Strings on you:

Hack gains an additional charge and will now turn hostile heroes against their own team for 1 second after the silence effect ends. During this 1 second, ability usage will be focused.

Skin suggestions

Like most heroes from Overwatch - They pretty much already have their base skins prepared with additional base tints but still; For reference - This is Sombra's main appearance:

As for a secondary skin; I do like all of her Epic skins from Overwatch and all that jazz but would love if they could "Extend" some on her Rime skin. Usually they do make a second original skin for Hots but I just love the Rime skin and would love to have it in Hots - Mostly a more Red / Orange tinted version.

Base Rime for reference:

Other concepts & More

I will list here once more of my concepts is made. Some of these concepts may also look familiar but that is because I am also "Rexx" whom has posted some hero concepts on the EU and US side forums for Heroes of the Storm.

This Sombra Concept is a re-construction of my very first hero concept from back in 2016 which was of Sombra (Bragging rights; I made that first Sombra concept the same day she dropped on the PTR and I was the first one on Heroesfire to concept Sombra) But times have changed and so has Hots so I decided to go back and re-work some of my outdated concepts; beginning with the lady that started it all.

Other hero concepts I have made: This list is now shortened and only contains my most "recent" concepts as I will begin re-working my older ones. Please see my Profile if you want to see my older and worse concepts. (I currently have a total of 40+ concepts on my Profile)

(Assassin) Huntsman Blake (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Alleria Windrunner (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Modera (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Aegwynn (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Xevozz (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Donna Chastain (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Tethys (World of Warcraft):

(Multi Class) Mr.Evil (World of Warcraft):

(Multi Class) Vindicator Maraad (World of Warcraft):

(Warrior) Deathwing (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Wilfred Fizzlebang (World of Warcraft):

(Assassin) Taldaram (World of Warcraft):

(Bruiser) Eyir (World of Warcraft):

(Multi Class) Brigitte (Overwatch):

(Assassin) Richard Ashendale (Blizzard):

(Multi Class) Rachel Ravensdaughter (Blizzard):

(Specialist) King Togwaggle (Blizzard):


23.04.2019: Old concept from 2016 re-constructed and re purposed into Sombra V.2 - Published.

24.04.2019: Fixed some grammatical errors and moved some text that had seemingly been displaced.

Sombra updated to V.3 thanks feedback from people on sites / forums (Reddit, Facebook Groups, etc)


- Health Buffed: from 1360 to 1498

- Health Regen buffed from 2.89 to 3.01


- Passive changed from Personal Vision on hostile heroes bellow 100% health to allow Sombra to interact with Objectives 25% faster than other heroes.

- Active changed to allow Sombra and allies heroes to see hostile heroes bellow 20% down from 50%

- Cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds.


- Functionality adjusted; No longer can interact with Objectives / Neutral Mercenaries. Silence function on Hostile heroes now also prevents interaction with Objectives.

Thermoptic Camouflage:

- Adjusted functionality: No longer grants a permanent Unrevealable status. Movement speed bonus reduced from 25% to 15% while the Stealth is active. Now grants 2.5 seconds of Unrevealable upon activation instead of 4 seconds that only would knock her into a normal stealth.

- Mana increased from 35 to 45

- Cooldown increased from 6 to 9 Seconds.


- Mana changed from 45 Baseline to 30 Mana upon placing a Translocator and 30 Mana to activate it.

- Cooldown increased from 8 to 14 Seconds.

New Ability: Systematic Hack.

- All previous Allied Hack functions is now slotted into this side-ability for hack.

Talon Ambus:

- Enforces has been given health and can now be killed and crowd controlled.


Level 1

No Escape:

- Health threshold for reveal adjusted and now reveals heroes at 30% health or lower down from 75%

Constant intel:

- Entire functionality re-adjusted.

Level 7

Hand of knowledge:

- Adjusted to affect Systematic Hack; No longer resets the Cooldown but instead educes it by 33%

New talent added:

Denied Negotiations:

- Hack can be cast on Mercenaries to instantly capture them. A hostile hero under the effect of Hack can not capture nor will contest a Mercenary point.

Level 13

Latest tech:

- Adjusted functionality to affect the unrevealable status.

Fleet of foot:

- Now grants 10% additional movement speed down from 25%. Cooldown reduction increased from 2 to 3 seconds.

Mirror Coating:

- Changed to make the Translocator Unrevealable and indestructible; This perk is lost should the Translocator be placed underneath hostile structures that grants vision.

Level 20:

Heavy Assault:

- Heavy Assaults now have health and can thus be killed and crowd controlled.

Among the many people on different community and fan sites / pages that gave me constructive feedback as to the update now done to this concept; I would like to specially thank Redditor's " lifeeraser " and " Logid_87 " for giving some of the best feedback to my concept. Among the many who did; these two had some of the most insightful comments and provided the basis behind a good deal of the "Core ability" adjustments done in this update.

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