1V1 GODDESS JAINA by meatbeater


By: meatbeater
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2021
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globes at 1 is a trap, you can use all your spells to instaclear waves and you GAIN mana because of arcane intellect being broken, which means you can take LINGERING CHILL giving you a 6 second slow you can practically constantly reapply letting you and your team kite for days, especially good if you have sustained damage ranged heroes like valla or falstad
at level 13 you can take knights camp in 6 seconds with icy veins
with water elemental you become dangerous 1v1, even further so with the 20 upgrade
in teamfights let your tank lead most of the time and follow up their cc, generally can't flank enemy team at full health, but you can oneshot every squishy 1v1 at 20
you can take shield at 13 if you really need it, but otherwise the build doesnt change
best tanks to pair with are etc and stitches

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