(Team Curse) Crs Grim Jaina DPS Guide by Crs Grim

(Team Curse) Crs Grim Jaina DPS Guide

By: Crs Grim
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2015
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CrsGrim plays professionally on (TeamCurseGaming) as their Support/Mage player. He has over 200games played with Jaina and there's no sign of him stopping anytime soon. Theorycrafting and fantasy drafting is his most admirable trait and helping his team always brings a smile to his face. Watch the video below to learn more about CrsGrim and the Team Curse family. Check out his other guides to learn more about the Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. If you like his guide make sure to give him a up-vote and feel free to show your support in the comment section down below.
Jaina is Heroes of the Storm's first dedicated frost mage. Being adept in the art of crowd control and displacement Jaina excels at chasing down run away heroes. Her lack of escape abilities is compensated by her massive instant burst damage. Beware on the battlefield of this destructive bone chilling mage.

The accomplished wizard Jaina Proudmoore is the onetime ruler of destroyed Theramore, and the current leader of the wizards of the Kirin Tor. The daughter of Daelin Proudmoore -- the monarch of the coastal kingdom of Kul Tiras and grand admiral of the Alliance during the Second War -- Jaina was a brilliant student of the ways of magic from childhood. She first studied under Antonidas, the archmage who led the Kirin Tor, a council of wizards living and working in the mystic city of Dalaran. During her early adulthood, Jaina struggled to prevent the spreading of a mysterious plague of undeath that would initiate the Third War and send her longtime friend and romantic interest,
Prince Arthas Menethil, down a path of unmitigated darkness. As the war escalated, Jaina gained the trust of Thrall, the warchief of the reformed Horde, and became a key player in uniting the races of Azeroth to work together and stop the Burning Legion. At the war's end, Jaina governed Theramore Isle, focusing her efforts on improving Horde-Alliance relations. She was an assiduous peacemaker, particularly during the Northrend campaign, when she struggled to defuse tensions between Garrosh Hellscream and Varian Wrynn, and then tried to appeal to the humanity of Prince Arthas after he had truly become the Lich King. Jaina's stance on peace -- and her very being -- changed when Garrosh Hellscream, who'd become warchief of the Horde in Thrall's absence, obliterated Theramore with a mana bomb. As the new leader of the Kirin Tor, she has both the power and the determination to make Garrosh pay for the blood he's spilled.


YES: Winter's Reach

The extra range allows you to scout bushes and contribute in team fights from a much further-safer distance.

NO Lingering Chill: All your spells already each add chill, increasing its duration is useless.
NO Deep Chill: If you cant kill the enemy with the normal 25% slow, dont bother chasing. Just mount up.
NO Conjurer's Pursuit: Its dependent on you getting to the wizard within the minions, very risky.

Spoiler: Click to view

YES: Envenom

It cannot be avoided or body blocked and weirdly it stacks with Northern Exposure and helps contributing towards the "Shatter Combo".

NO Frost Shards: Tanks are in the front line taking initial hits. They take Frostbite not the squishes.
NO Snowstorm: Players are already capable of dodging the second hit. (heroes will be moving constantly)
NO Arcane Intellect: Conserving mana is an essential aspect, you will know when to use, what spell.

Spoiler: Click to view

YES: Frostbitten

Helps contribute to the "Shatter Combo" and greatly increases damage.

NO Ice Floes: No team will stand so close to get hit by it.
NO Frost Armor: Can trigger off someone with low attack damage ex( Malfurion).
NO Ice Lance: A lot of conditions need to be applied for this to work.

Spoiler: Click to view

YES: Ring of Frost

This does requires synergy and proper timing between you and your team, but the reward is exceptional. Cast Frostbolt before, to guarantee its root.

NO Summon Water Elemental: Has a low health pool and low damage.

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YES: Icy Veins

Further increase your burst damage and helps with your mana.

NO Sprint: If the enemy team has a high-initiate comp ( Tyrael Illidan Sonya) this may be a requirement.
NO Improved Ice Block: If you have quick fingers you can Improved Ice Block an incoming Leap Judgment.
NO Storm Front: This talent is sub-par since all your spells have different ranges.

Spoiler: Click to view

YES: Northern Exposure

The damage increase + Frostbite gives you the burst to take down a single hero. (4v5) is practically a won team fight.

NO Snow Crash: Players already dodge the first wave, no sense in improving it.
NO Numbing Blast: Situational, requires target to be chilled already.
NO Ice Barrier: Your survival is already guaranteed by your safe range play-style and your healer.

Spoiler: Click to view

YES: Bolt of the Storm

Capable of being used in offensive and defensive maneuvers.

NO Swift Storm: At this moment in the game, your team is moving together and your tank will lead the pact.
NO Cold Snap: Players will not stand still so long to get hit by the second tick.
NO Wintermute: This talent puts more power in a summon that can be killed easily.

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Lane and casually push it while being aware of possible ganks on you, often using spells to scout nearby bushes, staying near the proximity of a Moonwell for mana. Make sure not to push the lane too far, so you can soak the experience from a safe distance. If there is a Abathur in your team, Jaina can roam between lanes ganking. This moment in the game is where you analyze quickly the opposing teams play-style. Who do they like to engage on? do their main damage dealers play passively? ...etc

As mid game approaches, a growing focus is put on objectives, regrouping with your team becomes a priority and ganking a single player becomes less favorable. Always let your tank be the first in front while mounted.

Ganking becomes practically non existant in the late game, team fights erupt at anytime and anywhere be prepared conserve your mana and keep spells off cooldown. A single team wipe can determine the outcome of a game, make sure throughout the game to push 1 lane, so your team can take advantage of the team wipe and end the game. Mistakes at this moment in the game cannot be afforded.


Using Improved Ice Block allows you to skillfully block unavoidable incoming ultimates from certain heroes. Down below, you will find those ultimates that give Jaina a hard time.

When to use Improved Ice Block:

Top - The Hunt
Precision Strike

Sprint is also a secondary options, for opposing team CC that you are able to avoid. I suggest practicing with it before picking up the skillful precision of Improved Ice Block

When to use Sprint:

Top - Nuclear Blast (Deprecated) -Low - Apocalypse
Shock And Awe

How-to bug the knights:

Me and my team came across this bug after extensive testing a few weeks before the implementation of Custom Games. We finally decided to release this secret in hopes to make your Heroes of the Storm matches more favorable :) Currently only possible on Garden of Terror, you can position yourself accordingly to bug out one of the knights so he moves back and forth not attacking you.

STEP #1: -Get to the absolute corner.

This is the final result as you can see one of the knights is moving back and forth not able to pass through. Its preferable to do knights with your teammates nearby. This is of course also possible on the enemy knights as well. Just make sure to cast Frostbolt as often as you can in bushes, since you are invading.

STEP #2:
-Auto attack a knight, wait till they clump up and start attacking you, then cast Cone of Cold+ Blizzard on them.

This process will save you a massive amount of Health Points and the ability to do camps at a much lower level then intended. This bug can be enhanced with Abathur casting Symbiote which enable you to do knight camps at an even earlier level.

How-to clear the mines effectively:

Always clear the group of skulls located in the center of the mines first since they are always 6 on left and 5 on the right. I suggest auto attacking to aggro them to you and cast Cone of Cold to instantly clear as many as possible. Clearing these two groups will land you always 22 skulls.

Next you will want to clear the groups closest to the entrance you took. During this your team should either be clearing Knights/pushing lane or helping you clear the green section of the map. This will give you a 46skull Golem/Knight & Giants pushing in lane. If you feel brave go ahead and steal the enemy giants, highly suggest to do this if you have 2 assassins on your team.

Jaina spell kit allows you to burst an individual in a very short period. Similar to frost mages in World of Warcraft. The window gap is very short to make this work (2sec) where you combine spells that stack. Down below you will find the rotation for it.

Casting Frostbolt applies the Frostbite debuff. Now the target is slow enough, so you can cast Ring of Frost as soon as you see the animation, cast Blizzard, as the ring/blizzard is about to hit cast Cone of Cold which applies Northern Exposure then Envenom. Practice makes perfect.

Spoiler: Click to view


Judgment- Smite- Blood for Blood
The combination of those spells can do massive damage to Jaina and chase afterwards, very annoying.

The Hunt- Dive- Blood for Blood
Does very low damage, but its consistent, and Jaina cant run away with it.

Howling Blast- Envenom- Death Coil
Very high burst damage done very quick, but Jaina can escape and kite.


If you want to see the Jaina guide in action, your in luck. Below you can find my channel, where I stream on Twitch. If you'd like specific strategies and mentality that goes into a competitive Heroes match, just let me know and I will cover it.


Mouse: I am not a big fan of having a wireless mouse when it comes to gaming. I still notice a slight lag/delay in my action, so I suggest picking up a CM Storm Havoc mouse it has adjustable DPI, which I find important when switching from Support to Bruiser in Heroes of the Storm. The grip it provides prevents your fingers from sliding and slipping, the entire mouse body is coated in a layer of rubber for more stability. Havoc provides large storage which allows you save all macros you program in, and lets you quickly switch between 4 profiles anywhere even without installing application.

Headset: If your looking for good quality material and high performance in a headset, A50 Wireless Headset, is the way to go. Its very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly since its Wireless you can move around your room without being restricted by a wire.

Desktop: This is my precious of all my possessions. The Alienware X51 is a powerful PC ready to not only take on your fiercest gaming challenges, but whatever else comes your way. Email, shopping and social networking are a breeze on the X51. You can also choose between Windows and Ubuntu operating systems to manage your system your way.

Keyboard: This is the king of all keyboards for Heroes of the Storm. The NovaTouch TKL, utilizes a patented hybrid switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability. The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce & chatter for a frictionless experience.


Q; How often do you update this guide?
A: I update it on a daily basis as I get new information.

Q: Could you help me with my guide layout/code?
A: It would be my pleasure to help you in any way possible, simply tell me what you need help with, by asking in the comment section below.

Q: Do you suggest any other gear?
A: There is other gear, but what I suggested is the best suited for Heroes of the Storm and personally I think PC gaming.

Q: Are you available for a match of Heroes ?
A: Sure, just leave a message in the comment section below with your BattleTag.

Q: What does Envenom stack with ?
A: In regards to Jaina, Envenom only stacks with Northern Exposure.

Q: Would you change something about Jaina ?
A: I would replace Sprint and Improved Ice Block with Blink instead, and have a 40% slow debuff applied to her afterwards for 4sec. (so its not op)




Jaina is a really enjoyable hero to play, hopefully through this guide you have learned a few things about this awesome mage and hope I enticed you enough to give her a shot.
Wow, you made it all the way down here, you must really like Jaina! If you liked the guide, please do give it an upvote! Also leave any suggestions in the comments and your thoughts will be taken into consideration for future edits.

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